He went to the Christmas season a year

Christmas fixed tracks small series has long been able to predict

Christmas all year



Then bring the whole of Hangzhou for hot “Hello Hangzhou”

At the end of 2018 most different Christmas program listings

Between December 24 to 22

Hangzhou Jinsha Lake Street Day

Dimensional wall open

Christmas scene not only be able to experience a different dimension


Macross concessions station

King more exclusive pet food and energy lucky draw


Waiting for you to


Absolutely not to be missed this year’s discount brand

Shopping choice for years hoard goods

Overall retail as low as 70% off food and beverage 5 fold!


Efforts to Indulge yourself in a year

Taking advantage of the fast wave it to purchase their own good

◇ EIFINI (Yifu Li) ◇

This season EIFINI still will not disappoint

Perfect interpretation of the elegant urban women of grace and self-confidence

OL essential wardrobe for countless brands

Offer is as beautiful and clothing

December 22 to 24 clothing

Overall 6 fold

◇ MO & Co. ◇

MO & Co. Through the nostalgia and contemporary, creativity and art

Already stand out in a personalized Tide brand in

And quickly became the benchmark for fashion

MO & Co. The fans have to look at

December 21 to 25 in

the discount of


Ride from vintage classics to wear a single product

VM variety of styles

Urban women to provide a more diverse mix of independent choice

T sets the trend will be transformed into elegant and practical everyday dress

December 22 to 24

Overall 5 fold

◇ Selected ◇

Combines traditional and elite men’s fashion brand

In the winter with both men face value and warm

Buy become the first choice of countless men

December 22 to 23 in


Overall 50%

Not to be missed

◇ GXG ◇


It combines the contours of French fashion and clever

GXG become the leading brand in men’s fashion

It is in the black clothes of Science and Technology “Fast and Furious 8”

Give the left a deep impression

December 22 to 25

Overall 7 fold

◇ GGVV ◇

Europe has long been renowned quality menswear

With its exquisite tailoring and details

To every customer gentlemanly enjoy

The discount is very sincere

Between December 22 to 23 audience

Over 1,000 yuan to 1,000 yuan

And so on

◇ Balabala ◇

National brand children’s clothing Barabara


With colors and comfortable cut

To keep the child’s lively nature

Retaining the aesthetic and practical clothing

Overall 5.9 fold

◇ E · land kids ◇


British children’s clothing brand E · land kids

With tailoring and details England

Round the British dream of countless children

It also offers full warm this winter

Overall 4 fold

◇ Adidas ◇

Founded in 1949 the well-known sports brand

It has now become one of the world’s sports brand giants

In sports brand industry has become synonymous with fashion and quality

Its products are three bars with classic elements

Has become not go wrong fashions

Overall 8.5 fold

◇ ◇ Pull Back

Dating back more than 91 years of history of the country tide brand

We committed to “people-oriented, advocating campaign to promote health.”

As early as a few years ago back to power in Europe triggered a burst dressed in trendy

Guochao revival in recent years makes it back to public view

Tide brand to become the main force in the country

December 22 to 31

Overall 6-9 fold

◇ Charles Keith

It has a small ck title of charles keith

To design and full of modern design style


He won the esteem of many people in the industry’s attention and fashion family

Discount end of the quarter, the audience 5 fold

◇ UR ◇

In recent years, hot fashion women’s URBAN REVIVO

Each new season can bring new surprises

The plus discounts

Xiao Bian has been able to imagine the crowd packed the venue of the scene

The audience three fold

◇ I Do ◇

Wedding ring is the ultimate expression of the best token of love

I Do Weddings from the Western classic Q &

And its brand life can only customize a precious sense of

Young people also become the choice of expression Pledge of Allegiance

Overall 10%

Millet ◇ ◇

Born millet for the fever

As the light of domestic products

Both the value and strength of the Yen

Is the world’s fourth mobile phone chip has the ability of self-development company

Computer highest straight down 400 yuan

Purifier straight down 100 yuan, the highest mobile phone straight down 400 yuan

View more discount brands fell

Women’s fashion


/ 2F /


December 22 – December 24


Overall 5 fold, 6.8 fold cap


Mind Bridge



The Sea Life

Overall two 6.8 fold

H’s zone +

Overall 7 fold



Lin Leila (lyne & leila)

Overall 6.8 fold, folded over 500 100 yuan

Quality Men

/ 3F /


December 22 – December 23

Overall 5-8 fold




December 22 – December 25

EASIESOFT on the Plaza



Children’s clothing boutique

NB new balance KIDS

Overall 6.8 fold


Paw in Paw

Taylan Nice


December 2108 12.22- January 1, 2019

Overall 5 fold, at least 688 yuan send beautiful umbrella

/ 4F /

adidas kids

December 22, 2018 – January 1, 2019

6-8 fold portion

Brand campaign


New 8-fold, 5-7 fold remaining


Cheap FMCG

/ 1F /


2 fold some of the goods


Audience full 2000 by 300

Actually paid full 3999 to send 359 hats, limit 10

More brands

nine Sun

The second half the audience

(The first member of the second member is not less than the retail price)

/ B1 /

Lao Fengxiang

December 23 – December 27

Gold Offer $ 30, jewelry over 1,000 yuan by 150 yuan per gram



Some of the goods buy one get one

How can a small Christmas carnival join cuisine

18 days of street food shops bring the end of the last wave of assists

More Star Dad ultra-high color values ​​of the new Christmas

Bring surprising new activities

More Offers decline

/ B2 /

Berry beast

December 22 – December 24 squeezed like a second cup half-price

Eight mixed

December 22 – December 25 Package A (blackfish shrimp Package) original price 49.5 yuan, 39 yuan at current prices blackfish shrimp dry pick vegetables + meatball + + + Huzhou chicken VITA Lemon Tea Package II (secret lamb Package) Price 70.5 yuan, 49 yuan price secret lamb spiced corned dry pick + + + morel osmanthus fermented vegetables +

Eat its home

14:00 -21 points Supply Christmas Luanxin pot dish 45 yuan price Price 36 (Single pot + + beverage potato cake)


Spicy flowers

December 22 – December 25 Christmas activities eat 100 to send 100 vouchers

Tous Les Jours (TOUR les JOURS)


December 22 – December 25 Christmas cake 8.8%

Zhou black duck (Zhou Hei Ya)

December 22 – 24 December Luya Great Neck cartridge 5 fold


December 13 – December 23 new season buy one get one every day 15:00 to close of business

Wasabi House

December 14 – December 29 12.24-12.25 pot store all except 4.8% discount on participation requirements come in the store (do not share with other offers)

Wyatt Coffee

December 22 – December 24 custom cake festival activities

Hi to lean meat

December 22 – December 25 Christmas Package 218 yuan (original price of 269 yuan cardiac care Pork meat + + + prawn meat of bovine cardiac care + miso soup)

Li Bai gifts

December 22 – December 24 Christmas Package 180 yuan (Li Bai pickled fish pepper vine prairie Duck + + + Ishinabe Chuan Xiang Pork small pieces of meat melon dessert + confluence, the original price of 208 yuan daily limit of 10 parts, not the other preferential share)

· Fresh green Dong (Mr · Dong)

December 22 – 24 December Christmas Eve package 268 yuan (dumplings 4 parts 2 parts cold dish + + + dessert hot dishes 5 parts 1 part original price 480 yuan)

/ 5F /

Hong world

December 22 – December 25 original buy one get one package worth 303 yuan (gift packages limited use from Monday to Thursday lunch)


Western-style Cantonese

December 22 – December 25 8.5%

God fishing

December 1, 2018 – January 17, 2019 which presented signs of consumer coupons bottom of the pot (use the next meal, valid for a month)

a long distance away

December 22 – December 25 your consumption I pay for the meal consumption themed raffle prizes can participate in content: the amount of consumption 5-8 fold. Winning rate of 90%


December 22 – December 25 audience 8.8 fold (excluding drinks) and various other activities to enjoy


December 22- December 25 launch value of 243 yuan ① Christmas Package Christmas surprise package price Click here to send 188 yuan No. ②24 night safe fruit 2

King meal ◇ ◇

There is a lucky day called King meal Sands Lake Street Hangzhou

12.22 12:00 start

King meal waiting for you rob

Open public comment, search for “Lake Hangzhou Jinsha days Street”

1 yuan limit spike, give you unlimited favorite

Macross concessions stand alone Christmas with your pet eat days Street

(As of buying 12.23 12:00)

View all fell King meal

A grounds

99 Value Package

/ L2 /

Patio Restaurant

Value 188 Package

Forrest daguokui

Mustard greens daguokui

Korean barbecue



Chicken spiced corned egg packages

West puff tree

Vanilla flavor cookies cream puffs

Green Shing beef shop

Spicy duck gizzard

The (limited number of members of center line L5 to 12.24-25

Verification can receive a coupon to the store to use)

◇ ◇ burst pumping Gifts

To buy more “pocket” the go!

Members of the Jinsha Day Street blessed it

The same day the audience actually paid consumption accumulated over 1888 yuan

You can hold a small ticket at the scene to receive a scratch card

(3 per person per day limit collar)

Huawei mate20, Dyson hair dryer, millet, rice cookers ……

Red variety of network appliances waiting to be lucky you catch!

Event Location

L1 Eastern Atrium


⏰ Time


(Tips: ① Be sure to winning customers with winning scratch cards, consumer and small-ticket valid identity documents, to accept the award and registration information check the area to collect their prizes; ② drawn gifts random distribution, not the style / color selection, do not discount gift now)

◇ ◇ secondary yuan spree

In addition to preferential Macross station

Day Street is brought about a break-dimensional wall of the Christmas carnival

Time and space Dream

Cross-dimensional Christmas fantasy debut

Give you a different Christmas experience

Sizzling atmosphere with a cool glow sticks dance

High turn the audience of WOTA Arts

From “lovelive! “The” μ’s “

Cosplay Dance brings two jump

The second element is more popular anchor went to the site

Bring wonderful performances of songs

Lake Street this Christmas day double celebration shop

In addition to the Sands Day Street, Riverside-day activities of the street is not to be missed

Lake Street Riverside-day space-time Dream season of joy

December 22 – 24

Day Street to Riverside consumption of 1888 yuan a chance to draw

Dyson hair dryer, Dyson vacuum cleaner

IphoneXR, other manners as printed mug

The winning rate of 100%

Aurora roof open-air show will be staged mystery

More goddess Aurora Snow show

And “polar bear”, Santa intimate contact with viewing opportunities

December 25

Day Street Riverside six members will be free to experience classes commence!

Fencing, dance, hand-made fondant cake …… being under control

Seize the opportunity to ah!

/ Hours /

Monday to Sunday 10: 00-22: 00

/ Geo /

Jianggan District Jinsha Road 560, Zhejiang

/ Public transit /

Metro Line 1 Jinshahu Station exit A

Bus station: Sands Avenue intersection station Haida Nan

(373 Road, 374 Road, 384 Road at night line)









Overall 6 fold

December 22 to 24

December 22 to 24

December 22 to 24

December 22 to 24

December 22 to 24

Overall 5 fold

Overall 5 fold

Overall 5 fold

Overall 5 fold

Overall 5 fold

Overall 5 fold

Overall 50%

Overall 50%

Overall 50%

Overall 50%

Overall 50%

December 22 to 25

December 22 to 25


Overall 4 fold

/ 2F /

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24


December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24

December 22 – December 24


December 22 – December 24


/ 3F /

December 22 – December 23

December 22 – December 23

December 22 – December 23

December 22 – December 23

Overall 5-8 fold

December 22 – December 25

December 22 – December 25

/ 4F /

/ 4F /

/ 4F /


/ 1F /

/ B1 /

/ B2 /

Eight mixed

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