The recent weather can be said to be cold and hot. Many women have been in a dilemma in the dilemma. Don’t worry, there is a single product that allows you to have both, that is -windbreaker. Why can the windbreaker make you both grace and temperature? If you continue to look down, you will know.

The style of the trench coat and coat is similar, but the texture is thinner than the coat. This is very suitable for wearing in the nearest weather. It looks good and does not make people feel sultry. Although the trench coat can make it stylish while keeping warm, this sense of fashion is not wearing it randomly. We ordinary people want to wear a sense of fashion. We can refer Essence

“Three Wood Blogs” is a highly well -known and more popular wearing blogger in recent years. Although wearing a blogger thousands of million, the Sanmu blogger has a unique method of dressing on the trench coat. Not only is it fashionable It is also suitable for our daily commuting. Even ordinary people, referring to her method of wearing can make her wear temperament a lot.

1. Analysis of windbreaker piercing

Point 1: Highlight your body


In the trench coat of Sanmu blogger, her dress will not only reflect the bloated feeling, but can also feel the fashion of the trench coat. This is not only the reason for the style of the windbreaker itself. A key role. In her trench coat, she often showed her slender waist, and this often needs only one belt.

Because the belt is closed in the trench coat, the volume of the waist will shrink visually, which will produce a contrast effect, which can not only shape the slenderness of the waist, but also perfect the unevenness in our figure. At the same time It will also make our match look full of fashion.

Key points 2: settling inward

Everyone knows that the version of the windbreaker is a loose category. You can put it on a variety of internal colors, but if you want to wear a sense of fashion, you can’t wear it casually. If you look closely at the trench coat of the Sanmu blogger, you will find that she chooses some tight or waist inside, and these inside can not only set the whole person tall, but also elegant her temperament.

Therefore, in the wear of trench coats, if you want to wear a sense of fashion, you need to pay attention to the choice of inside. The windbreaker is strong, and the internal windbreaker with different styles will have different effects.


Key points 3: color matching coordination

Sanmu blogger fits more people’s lives on the wearing of trench coats. Therefore, in the color matching color of the trench coat, the color she chose will look more coordinated, but she has a sense of fashion at the same time as daily. Therefore, in terms of selecting color matching, we can focus on stability and avoid some bold colors and choose some low -key colors to create a high -level sense of seeking.

2. Recommendation of windbreaker の wearing


(1) Highlight the good body: belt


In highlighting the figure, the belt can be said to be an excellent item. It has a lot of effects. While tightly tight clothing, it can also shape the X -shaped figure. At the same time, because of its production materials Different from the diversity of styles, it also makes it decorated.


Recommended NO.1: Black leather windbreaker+the same color outer belt


Black trench coats with large pieces of black will cause people to feel monotonous, but choosing a cortex black trench coat will make the trench coat a high -quality sense and less cheapness. Choosing the outer belt with the same color is that the overall dressing can look more uniform. The second is that the outer bundle is easier to use the texture of the trench coat to create an X -shaped figure.

When wearing, you can hold the upper part of the trench coat with a button, and open the lower part to open the lower half. This can give people a sense of sharpness, but it will not give people a sense of dullness because of the wrapping of the windbreaker. The matching method is a great way to cover meat for fat women.

Recommended NO.2: khaki trench coat+same color vest with inner bundle thin belt

This method of wearing the inner belt can make our trench coat show its original sense and lightness. Different from the method of wearing the outer belt, the inner belt is not worn, so the overall feels more casual and free. And choosing a thin belt can show the grace of our body curve.

(2) Demonstrate temperament items: Long skirt


If you want to show your temperament through the cooperation of the inside and windbreaker, the long skirt is undoubtedly a very suitable item. Compared with short skirts, the length of the skirt is more likely to show the charming and elegance of women, and short skirts are more showing a pretty feeling, and more long skirts and short skirts are more suitable for people. Essence

Recommended NO.3: White windbreaker+white silk jacket long skirt


White+white, there is an obvious flaw, which is too monotonous. However, due to the different materials of the trench coat and long skirt, the layered sense of the wind can also ease this monotonous. The silk long skirt and windbreaker also form a soft and hard contrast, which can show the charm of women. White clothing can also show a clean and refreshing feeling.

In the choice of long skirts, choosing a slit design on the skirt can make the overall dress more fashionable.

Recommended NO.4: Camel trench coat+brown checkered skirt


The trench coat itself has some neutral elements, and with a checkered skirt, it can biase neutralization in the direction of feminine. Women in the workplace can refer to this set of wear, which will not only eliminate the unique temperament of our women, but also give people a sense of maturity and sharpness. The elements of checkered elements also make the whole set of fashion more fashionable.

(3) Color scheme: Khaki+Blue

The combination of khaki and blue can make the dress look more neat, but simplicity will not make people feel lazy. For various occasions, it is not easy to step on the mine.

Recommended NO.5: khaki short trench coat+blue jeans

The length of the short trench coat can expose our legs without covering our legs. This is a wonderful way to show the legs for women who are not very slender in their legs. At the same time, the khaki color and blue phase are not very gorgeous, but they will show a sense of retro, low -key but temperament.

After reading the analysis of the above -mentioned analysis of the three wooden bloggers and some combination recommendations, have you already planned your own way to wear the windbreaker in your mind? With a plan, you have a certain understanding of the method of dressing. What you have to do next is to use this plan for our usual wear, and you will find that you can easily become fashionable when you wear it.

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