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Data line


It must also be complained that some brands of data cable are not durable (I did not say Apple). Therefore, the vast majority of people will buy some third -party brands of data cables, but the data cables on the market are full, and the price ranges from 9.9 to hundreds of yuan. What is the quality of these data cables?

Seeking Zhenjun finds the recent data line test report of the Shenzhen Consumer Protection Commission to see how the 20 data cable quality of the hot -selling brand is.

The test report found by Junjun was jointly entrusted by the Shenzhen Consumer Council, the Futian District Consumer Council, the Baoan District Consumer Council, and the Consumer Council of Guangming District. The detection data tells consumers which brand of data cable is better and value is worth it.

The results of the following test report are from the Shenzhen Consumer Council


The samples selected by this comparison test are simulated consumer purchases on the major e -commerce platforms. A total of 20 samples involve: Apple, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung, Pinlin, Anke, Anke, Anke, Anke, Anke , Sisi, First Wei, Netease Yanxuan, Gu Shanggu, Roms, Turas, Locke, Newman, Koffie, Suning Rich, Amazon Bisi, and Momes (the rankings are not divided).

▲ Tuyuan Shenzhen Consumers Committee

Test items:

Chemical safety, function and structure, performance, durability and other product quality and performance indicators such as transmission and charging rates.

(总评权重:有害物质测试5%;功能检查5%;结构检查10%;数据传输速率15%;充电速率15%;阻抗测试10%;插拔测试10%;机械弯折测试20%;线10%of the weight test; Apple MFI certification inspection does not take the weight only for reference.)

Test standard:

Refer to China and EU ROHS instructions, the US EIA Association standards, and US UL standards to conduct evaluation and conduct classification.


The Shenzhen Municipal Consumer Council selected 5 of the 20 models that meet the quality of the Chinese and EU ROHS instructions, EIA Association standards and UL standards.

Compare test results analysis

Safety: The test results of harmful substances meet the requirements

The test results show that 20 data cables perform well, and harmful substances such as heavy metal lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrobenzenezhenyl and polybine, and the test values ​​of four -type phthalate are lower than that of Chinese ROHS and EU ROHS limit requirements.

MFI certification: 2 models are not passed

Among the 20 products of this comparison test, 8 sample output interfaces are data cables of Lightning (lightning) joints. Seeking true science before

To purchase a third -party apple charging cable, you must recognize MFI certification


The so -called MFI refers to the English abbreviation of Apple Made for iOS, and it is an apple license symbol for accessories authorized by accessories manufacturers. Apple accessories certified by MFI have certain requirements for the quality and production process of its components, and Apple will not use the products that are not damaged for accessible to accessible products.

▲ By the way, the MFI logo of Apple has also been updated, Zuo Xinye Old

Moreover, a warning prompt may pop up after the non -MFI authentication accessory is connected, and it will even switch directly to the flight mode to affect the normal use of Apple products.

Find out the product’s outer packaging and instructions, and in the MFI authentication product database that is disclosed on Apple’s official website.

There is no MFI certification logo on the data cable packaging of Pin Sheng and Gu Shanggu


, And not reflected in the database. However, in functional inspections, when Pin Sheng and Gu Shanggu data cable are connected to Apple mobile phones to charge, there is no unrecognizable phenomenon such as pop -up windows.

Everyone will definitely have a strange accessory accessories. Pinjo has no MFI certification of this foundation. Ask True Jun to disclose: at the end of 2017, Pin Sheng had issued a lawsuit against Apple because of the monopoly of this MFI certification and even alarmed the country The State Administration for Industry and Commerce participated in the investigation. Unexpectedly, Apple first issued a prefabricated person, and the Pin Sheng Pin copied Apple’s data cable patent. As a result, everyone can also imagine that there is no Apple authentication from the winning accessories …

Duration and durability test: can meet 10000 requirements

After 10,000 cycles, the joints of the 20 products can be inserted normally. There is no significant change in appearance, and the durability of the charging joint is good. Among them, the 12 Type C line plug -in power meets the standard requirements. The difference between the plug -in force before and after the Lightning interface test is generally smaller than the Type C interface.

In the Type C interface, the smallest difference between insertion power is

Huawei data cable

The differences between the insertion force and the difference between the insertion force before and after the test are 1.1 n and 0.6 n, respectively, which is similar to the product data of other Lightning interfaces.

Mechanical bending test: All pass the limit requirements, but the highest curve and the lowest number differences are 32 times

This experiment is necessary. Everyone usually reads the data cable is the most damaged at the connection. The situation below is common. A lot of reason is that the design of the joint structure is not good for protection measures, resulting in easy damage.


This test condition is more stringent than international standards. The bending angle has increased from ± 90 degrees to ± 180 degrees, and it is not limited to 100 times. After 100 times, it will continue to bend until the product function fails.

▲ The tragic moment of the data cable



First Guard Data Line

The number of bending times is 9700 times, followed by Huawei (8900 times) and Apple (6500 times). Samsung and Newman are the least curved, both of which are 300 times. It should be noted that the bending resistance is related to the joint structure and is not directly related to whether the outer material is woven.

Someone must be surprised,

I usually see the most damage to Apple.


Seeking Zhenjun’s statement … Shenzhen Consumer Council keeps pace with the times. The detected apple line is a version of Type C-Lightning, which is the PD line we usually say. Gift that line.


Because this PD line supports large current, the wires are thicker and the workmanship is better … (the market price is more expensive)

Range test: all meet the standard requirements of weight testing


The standard requires the pulling of 40 n and the function of the test is normal. The 20 products selected this time can be easily achieved. The standard of this comparative test is higher. The maximum testing force is 200 N tension (about 20 kg), which is much higher than the weight of the mobile terminal device.

The results show,


Mimi, Amazon

The 13 products to withstand the tensile force to reach the maximum test force of 200 N, which is equivalent to suffering 20 kg of heavy objects, and the product function after testing is normal. The 7 data cables such as Apple, Pin Sheng, and Samsung bear the maximum tensile force of 150N -197N, which is equivalent to bear 15-20 kg heavy objects.

Internal structure: 20 different differences

In terms of internal structure of the data cable, 20 data cables are large. The internal cross -sectional area of ​​the data cable directly affects the speed of charging and data transmission. The larger the cross -section area, the larger the charging current, the smaller the impedance, and the smaller the heat.

The test results show,

Turs, Huawei, OPPO

The internal cross -sectional area of ​​the data cable is ranked among the top three.


The unit impedance is low, indicating that the data cable has better performance, high welding quality, good material materials, and the data cable is less fever and less energy loss during use.

First guard



The unit impedance is low, and the unit impedance of the Green Union and Apple is high.

In terms of other structures, Apple, Huawei, OPPO, Green Union, Netease Yanxuan, Amazon Bisi and Momers all have a complete protection structure. So as to resist tensile performance. The shielding layer can effectively block external interference signals during the data transmission process to prevent data from being lost during transmission.

In general,



The two data cables show well in the cross -sectional area of ​​the internal charging cable, or the protection structure and shielding layer, and stand out from 20 products.

Seeking Junjun believes that because Huawei and OPPO’s flagship phones use high -current charging solutions, in order to ensure charging safety and transmission stability, the workmanship of its charging cable will be more prominent.


▲ Screenshot of Huawei Data Line E -commerce Page

Buy and buy

Pay attention to the information on the data cable outer packaging

When buying data cables, consumers should pay attention to the information marked on the product’s outer packaging, such as: length, input and output interface type, rated current, applicable models, etc., and buy according to the function. It is the original data cable, which is the best compatibility with charging. Due to the expensive Apple, you need to choose a data cable product with the MFI logo.

If you want to implement the fast charge function, you should pay attention to the model that the data line claims to be adapted, or to buy the corresponding original line.

If you want to transmit it fast, you should choose the data cable of the USB 3.0 version

This comparison test found that the data cable of the USB 3.0 version is more than 3.5 times higher than the USB 2.0 version. Therefore, if you want to transmit fast, you should choose the data cable of the USB 3.0 or above versions.

However, the premise is that the connected device should also be compatible with the USB 3.0 interface. Due to power problems, the data cable transmission speed of the Lightning interface is lower than that of the Type C interface.

The weaving wire is resistant to bending, and the data cable should be avoided as much as possible

From the mechanical bending data, it can be seen that the bending performance is not necessarily connected with whether the material outside the data cable is outside the data cable. When using data cables, consumers should avoid frequent data cables; when the bending is needed, the corner of the bend should be reduced to avoid the discount, so as to reduce the data cable due to excessive bending caused by the damage of the internal structure and damage the internal structure. Risk that cannot be used.


If the charging cable is found to be broken, it is necessary to replace it as soon as possible to ensure safety.


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