The happy Spring Festival holiday passed in a blink of an eye, and the finger was calculated. Yes, there are less than 2 months, we can stick to it!

During the period of waiting for the Qingming holiday, oh, not ~ the two months after the year, it was just the time when it was “warm and cold”.

The weather is uncertain,


The dress plan will always be disrupted by temperature

Essence “”


Today’s spring, tomorrow winter

“The situation may happen from time to time. It is estimated that the home is full of clothes that” only wear once, I don’t know if should I wash “.

Although we wear what to listen to, we can listen to ourselves.

after all,

There is no obvious seasonality of jewelry. In the season of messy dressing, they can even play a more important role!

Therefore, today is another issue that everyone loves to watch.

We turned the street shots and Bloggers for a few months, and found some high -appearance styles, which are basically daily versatile. Not only can it be worn from winter to spring and summer. If you are lucky, you can also wear it until the day of retirement.


After turning over a few months of fashion week, I found that no matter what style, fashionable star people are right to this kind of

Su Jin’s HOOPS earrings

Love is alone!

Although this kind of conventional is not conspicuous, it seems that it is easy to be ignored, but there are many bloggers wearing it.


This pure metal HOOPS earrings, the big mouth is ordinary, and the body is still very honest. In the face of a bunch of accessories, do you also like the editor, do you reach out every day or the metal Hoops?

What looks simple, pick it to the most difficult for you,


Edit I bought countless gold, silver, large circles, small circles, light, sinking … finally found the one that suits you best.

Edit the silver accessories I often wear,

This HOOPS earrings are really suitable for my big face. The modification effect is 100 points. And, the key is -very light! After buying so many years of accessories, I haven’t found such a “real name Hoops”, which was sent by friends!

Slightly larger circles, such as this one on the left,

The visual diameter is about 3cm, which has a modified effect on the face shape, which is suitable for most people.

Essence But the little friends who are more minded by your face should pay attention to that this size of the earrings may just be flat with your jaw corner, and it is easy to make the face more square. At this time you have to choose the larger circle, similar to the right.


The diameter is about 4.5cm. The big circle is actually the most small, but it is not suitable for round faces.

In addition to the size of the circle, it is to look at the thickness of the metal ring itself.


Generally speaking, the thicker the more neutral, the thinner the more feminine


Essence The minimum metal HOOPS (about 1.5cm in diameter). If the circle itself is relatively thick, it is more suitable for stacking.


In fact, it is not necessary for HOOPS. Any pure metal geometric earrings are very popular with fashion bloggers. The summary reason may be:


Metal+geometry, compare Effortless Chic


And very versatile. So even if you buy some jewelry with a strong design sense, the utilization rate is still not as high as such jewelry.


Phoebe soup

The jewelry that you often wear can represent the present aesthetics. 24K pure light metal, no inlay, and basically simple geometric shapes. Occasionally there are one or two colorful jewelry.

Since the inlaid diamonds and vermiculite are relatively small, the metal itself can be made of some textures. For example, “


Horn bag

This simple design will be more layered than the vegan metal ring

But at the same time, the low -key texture of the pure metal ring is retained

, Dai Dai is also very good.


Last year, the snake bone chain was also very popular, and it should continue to be popular this year!

It is also the representative of the pure metal family. However, unlike other chain -type vegetarian chains, the snake bone chain has sparkled BUFF without inlaid diamond vermary stones or pendants. It can shine alone. Moreover, the snake bone chain is also suitable for stacking with other chain types, and wearing two will have a more layered sense.

In addition to making metal beauty, it can also be softer than the BlingBling such as diamonds, crystals, and vermiculite, which may be softer, so the matching of metal and pearls has a clean and translucent feeling.


This texture seems to be more suitable for comfortable and capable modern dress. It is not so gorgeous, but it is easier and casual. Regarding pearls, we will have a detailed plate in the next part. Here we enter the grass planting link first ~

Yanxue misalignment buckle ear decoration

Reference price: 460CNY


If you want a special metal earrings, you can choose this metal surface for the texture effect. This earrings come from independent designer brand



It is a misplaced “button”.

925 Material of Silver Plated White


It is not easy to be allergic!

Annxu water pattern texture ring

Reference price: 680cny

Water ripple texture ring, pure metal light, without extra decoration. The entire ring is thick! However, the brand has a hollow design behind the ring, which reduces its weight, which will be more comfortable when wearing. There are two colors of gold and silver to choose from, watch once!

Onchic is careful of poetry golden snake bone rough chain


Reference price: 199cny


Snake bone chain, this chain is 40cm long, and the 7.5cm extension chain is added. The length can be adjusted by itself. It is made of copper -plated 14K gold. The luster of the necklace is good. The flat -shaped snake bone chain is more fitted with the neck. It is versatile everyday!

I remember when I was in middle school, I often saw “

In any occasion, pearls are a choice that will never make mistakes


“. At that time, the pearl matching model was

Jacqueline Kennedy


Essence At that time, I felt that Jacqueline could wear it, but it seemed far away from me. After all, in the concept of teenage, he should have no chance to attend a formal occasion.

Now, my attitude towards pearl has changed. One is that my own ideas have changed. Even if I stay at home, as long as I am happy, I can wear a pearl necklace to play with my mobile phone. The second is that the design of pearls has also changed. It is not only dignified or gorgeous, and it becomes younger.


The editor personally believes that in all pearls, the youngest temperament is

Baroque Pearl

Essence Maybe other circular pearls are a bit “pearl round and jade”, and the strange shape of Baroque Pearl looks like

Rebellion has a sense of art.

Insert a doubt of a lot of people,

Is there any relationship between Baroque Pearl and Baroque style?


The answer is: the relationship is not big, but the source of the word is the same.

Baroque Baroqu



This word originated in Spanish and Portuguese


Essence Barroco was originally “

Deformation pearl


“The meaning of this word is” messy and vulgar “when this word is used as an adjective.

Later, Europeans used Baroque to describe

The 17th century is different from the classical art style, which is the [Baroque Art] we all know.

Essence It is reflected in clothing, is


Extremely complicated, gorgeous, exaggerated, magnificent, but


Baroque style does not necessarily require Baroque Pearl

In reality, girls wearing Baroque pearl earrings not only do not wear Baroque style, but are mostly simple style.

The most common is to match a suit or white shirt


Essence Maybe the irregular shape of the Baroque pearls makes it look so formal, but at the same time it has the color of pearls. With this capable basic items, it will look very tasteful, and because this mix and match looks more fashionable Essence


If you like large pearl earrings (about 2cm in diameter), and pursue natural pearls,

The price of Baroque Pearl is much friendly.

Basically, according to crafts and design difficulties, ranging from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan. But if this size is a round sea pearl, such as Australia and Bai, it already belongs to the category of high -grade jewelry, which is quite expensive.


The current Baroque earrings are mainly simple


It will be combined with metal elements, and in most cases, metal also has a sense of weight. Its size is actually not small, but the lines and shapes are simple.


Many fashionable earrings seem to have this characteristic.

Baroque pearl necklace is also a common product in street shooting.

The irregular shape helped it eliminate at least half of the aging.

Especially the larger the pearl, the more three -dimensional wear on the neck. If it is a round pearl, if the volume is larger, it will really look very wealthy.


Round pearl necklace, this pearl diameter is better. Because it is small, it is not so “expensive”. The length of the pearl necklace can also be appropriately selected. One is because pearls are suitable for wearing outside the clothes.

Lost in Echo Design Symptoms Symmetric Symmetry Pearl Nail OT Deduction Necklace

Reference price: 1,380cny

What should I do if I usually want to wear a pearl necklace? Come directly with a necklace of this pearl stitching chain.

Lot in echo

This necklace uses the most popular OT buckle design in the past two years.


It is very convenient to wear by yourself, and it also has a sense of decoration

Essence The pearls on this chain are still colorful!


Lost in Echo asymmetric fish bone square buckle Baroque alien pearl earrings

This earrings use different shapes of Baroque pearls for stitching, which is more design than a single pearl earrings. look carefully


The stones are also inlaid on the square Baroque pearl, which adds the shining effect of the earrings. This

Earrings are made of silver -plated gold -plated gold, and they are also more friendly to allergies.

Annxu retro lamp chain pearl earrings earrings ear clip

Reference price: 980cny


This earrings are really amazing at first glance! It is a retro crystal chandelier, and pearls act as the “bulb” part. It comes from the brand’s Baroque Dream series, the Baroque style we mentioned above.

However, although the earrings are large and gorgeous, the fringe part of its pendant will shake with the body and is full of aura.

Although the happy Spring Festival holiday has passed, the poster will always be with everyone in the New Year’s year.

Essence Transmit more beautiful information and fashion three views, recommend good -looking things for you, and be willing to take out your professional knowledge to help everyone take less detours. In the new year, I wish us all the better and better!

Except for the blooming of her ex -husband, Bieber and Little Plums have chased Miranda Kerr … Is she Peach Blossom Wan? Or “fish”?

If you don’t look at these three bloggers’s suit, you can buy it in vain


The trend of spring and summer 2022, say that we can use it!

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Essence “”

Essence “”

Essence “”

Essence “”

Reference price: 680cny

Lot in echo

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