Lafayette Karl said that the highest -end usage of perfume is not sprayed on his wrist, but sprayed around life to create a “fragrance space”. The breath of “holding tightly” ~~ While secretly spraying in the room and sheets of the Valentine’s Day, it can definitely make the relationship warmer!


YSL Desire Paris Lightfoxi Edition

Speaking of aphrodisiac, you can’t miss YSL! The most classic hook male atmosphere represents the “desire Paris series”. With the aphrodisiac Mandala, people are in a reversed love atmosphere. The warmth after passion, the release of the lust that is difficult to extricate and feel the desire of the senses! 50ml NT.4,200, 90ml NT.6,000.

Turning out: BlackBerry, raspberry, western pear, citrus, bergamot Middle: Baiye Rose Extract, Bulgarian Rose, White Peony, Little Cang Lan, Mandala Houjia: Paaseposus, Anxiang, Kashi Milmumumumumumu ,White Musk


Narciso morning light amber light flavor


With the mysterious temptation of Narciso fragrance, with “Amber” as the protagonist, add vanilla essence to make it rich and full! Based on the star aroma of Kashmir musk, with a soft wooden aroma, the amber family’s coriander aroma, revealing the gentle and pink rouge atmosphere, under a variety of warm wooden aromas, incorporate tropical flowers, Daxi Di, Daxi Di, Daxi Di, Gardenia, Yilan Yilan and sweet white flowers with “aphrodisiac”, showing women’s graceful sexy gestures one by one. 30ml NT2,050, 50ml NT.3,250, 90ml NT.4,000.

Tune: Daxi Gardenia, Yilan Yilan, White Flower Middle: Musk, Amber tone: Cedar, vanilla essence, Kashmir musk

Cartier Pur Magnolia perfume

With the bright Mulan as the main tone, the gentle atmosphere makes people try unforgettable! The new EPURES de Parfum perfume series brewed by the Cartier fragrance master puts the soft and soft atmosphere of life in the bottle, presenting the primitive joy moved by nature, making the perfume the most charming and intangible jewelry in the neck! In addition to the gentle Magnolia and the fresh citrus and pure Lily of the valley. The bottle is inspired by the ancient fine -necked vase as the contour. The delicate petal totems are embellished. It is like a beautiful fragrance. 75ml, NT.8,150.

Chopard Caroline Rose Garden Lightfoxi

Unique king of roses! If you like the aroma of rose, don’t miss this super -limited treasure. Using rare Bulgarian rose essential oils is more precious than gold. Blind Chiba Rose essential oil with a sweet fragrance with fruit aroma. The rich rose fragrance lits the spicy and freshness and delicate and charming characteristics of Cardler. The long -lasting characteristics of the fragrance have become a perfume with unforgettable memory. The bottle body design is also luxurious Chopin’s diamond cut jewelry. Essence 100ml, NT18,900.

Turning: Glas Chiba Rose, Bulgarian Damascus Rose Middle: Gourd Malan Cardamom rear:

Elizabeth Arden White Camellia Sweet Orange Percerament


It smells full of warmth and happiness ~ The pure and fresh soul of white tea perfume has always been a star product that has been selling for many years. This year, healing the new incense “White Camellia Sweet Orange Peridum”. The citrus fragrance and warm musk are surrounded by a vibrant fragrance as if they are surrounded by simple but luxurious feelings, as if waking up in the arms of the lover in the morning, and quietly enjoying a soft and comfortable happiness. 50ml NT.1,500, 100ml NT.2,000.

Preface: Citrus, bergamot, lemon, tropical fruits mid -tone: orange blossoms, jasmine, orange flower oil, white tea rear tone: musk, cedar, osmanthus, ambergris, fragrant fragrance

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