The days of taking care of children are often happy and long. In a blink of an eye, it is about to be the day of Xing’er full moon.

Prior to this, about the daughter’s name, the two husbands and wives had had a solemn conversation over and over again. Even Dashan picked up, the only one in the family, the book skin had been broken, and was turned back and forth several times by the two sons. There is no result in the end.

Seeing that the daughter’s full moon was right, the two also decided to formally determine her name before her daughter’s full moon.

They decided to talk about their daughter’s name, often this … full of drama!

“Xianggong, we are always Xing’er, how bad it is to call her! She is so beautiful, she should take a big name!” Yu Niang said poke the daughter’s fleshy cheeks.

Xing’er in the state of the baby was helpless, whispered, and tears in his big eyes. The appearance of crying or crying immediately made her unscrupulous mother -in -law feel guilty, and then held it in her arms to comfort.

“Okay!” Of course, Dashan is of course supported by his wife. He thought about it, “Otherwise, I will bring a altar wine to let Li Yang help his daughter take one?”

“No need to find a master, I can!”

“The nickname is Xing’er, the big name is called … Xingchen is fine!”

“My daughter is a little star in the sky!” Yu Niang praised her wit and picked up her daughter kissed fiercely.

For Xing Xingchen, since waking up, she found that she was lying in her crickets, and she was blindly for a moment.

Thinking of the vicious woman who became the so -called stepmother in the previous life, the liver’s liver hurts.

Relying on the flesh of my family, I arrange myself everywhere. The key to saying that he often ghosts outside, the key is that his old man does not believe in himself.

When did you think clearly and when to come back!

“Ah, ah!” As long as the woman was at home, she would never go back again.

Although she said this, she didn’t want to find death, and Xing Xingchen wanted to cry without tears.

I have a good motorcycle on the road. Although the speed is a bit fast, it will not be destroyed by the car. I have so good technology.

The more you want to get angry, the more you want to be more depressed, but the more you think about it, the sleepyness that can’t resist slowly comes. This baby’s body is still not suitable for thinking! Xing Xingchen thought in his heart before going to bed.

How long did Xingchen think of, a mother -in -law was watching the emoji package next to him.

Her daughter’s tight eyebrows, and a small mouth that kept gruning, made her feel more and more cute.

It turned out that the guilt of his son’s son Chuan Zong was not able to disappear, and he had disappeared as long as he got along with his daughter.

Although she had just entered early summer, the weather was getting hotter and hotter. Yu Niang sat on the bed and picked up the need to do the needy. She started to live.

It doesn’t matter if you are hot, but you must first drive the child’s summer costume. Yu Niang’s hand is a small bellyband for her daughter.

I saw the red fine soft cotton was covered with small flowers, and Yu Niang also embroidered the word Xing’er on the corner. Even though the fabric and embroidery line are not good, it makes people look at the exquisite and cute.

When she was done, Yu Niang took her clothes to her daughter’s little body and found that it was just right. I am more satisfied with my craftsmanship in my heart.

She then opened a cabinet on the bedside and put the well -made clothes inside. It is not difficult to find that the clothes of men and women in the cabinet are put in different categories. It was Yu Niang prepared when she was with her daughter.

Because I do n’t know if the child is a boy or a girl, there is no difference between men and women in clothes, which can be worn by children when they were young.

Looking at these clothes alone, the bystanders can understand how much expectations of their own little guys.

On the other side, the mountain was busy in the ground, and he was ready to go up the mountain. There is a trap that I have done a few days ago on the mountain. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I can just go and see.


Originally, I wanted to catch a few pheasants to make up for Yu Niang, but now it seems that it must be used separately.

The trap of Dashan is located on the periphery of the mountain, because there are not many people in the village hunting, so there are still many small animals.

Dashan carefully looked at his trap one by one, and there was a lot of gains.

As a result, when I came back in the evening, I was carrying several pheasant and hare in my hand.

“Whether it is a boy or a girl, it is always his first little baby. Dashan is naturally prepared to do it. Tomorrow is the day when his daughter is full, and you should prepare well. These chickens should be full moon wine. I added vegetables! “Dashan thought in his heart.

“Brother Dashan, let’s go to the mountain again! This trip is not small!” The speaker looked at Dashan’s hand holding so many prey. He didn’t have jealousy in his tone, but instead had an indescribable amazing and admirable.

Not everyone dares to go in this mountain, and the village has this ability in Dashan.

“Yeah, a few sets I put a few days ago, I caught a few prey more or less.”

Talking to Dashan is a good brother pillar who grew up with his ass.

Dashan lost his parents when he was a child. Although he had a neighborhood, he was hungry and full. At that time, he didn’t take things from his house to Dashan. As a result, he was hit by a lot of his mother.

For the friendship between brothers in the past, Dashan also cherishes the bottom. So he laughed and said: “Chopo, tomorrow is the full moon wine of your niece. I have prepared a good wine at home, and there is a good dish!” Dashan said, motioning to the pillar in his hand: “Your sister -in -law kitchen Come here tomorrow, our brothers drink a good cup. “

Zhu Zi also said with a smile: “Okay, you will have to taste the good cooking skills of the sister -in -law tomorrow.”

Dashan patted the shoulder of the pillar and instructed: “That’s all, don’t forget to bring your siblings! The two of us can be lively and lively!”

My brother, everything is so polite. If he doesn’t say it, I’m afraid he will not bring his brother and sister.

Even if the mountain does not speak, the pillar is ready to do so. His daughter -in -law has been married to their house for nearly two years, and has not given birth to a half daughter.

For this reason, the mother always looks at her daughter -in -law’s nose is not nose, her eyes are not eyes. I always want to let myself take my wife.

On one side is the wife who lives with her, and on the other is the mother who raises her own. He was difficult to do between the two.

His wife chose himself. Although he did not complain, he had no children, and he still had a puppet in his heart. I also want to borrow this opportunity to make my daughter -in -law feel happy.

Therefore, when he heard Dashan said, he smiled.

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