“520” was given the meaning of love because of the homophonic “I love you”. In this special day, I believe that many people are preparing surprise gifts for those who like it. It is necessary to consider the combination of a sense of ritual and practicality. Application of daily scenes.

In this 520, Zhou Dasheng’s “Sweet Star” series jewelry has both the above two points. As a decision and necklace for jewelry, it has always been a favorite item for girls, and wears it every day. It can be used as a decoration, but also prompts love at any time. It is most appropriate.


Don’t have your intentions for you, Zhou Dasheng’s sweet star series helps you confess your mind

The “Sweet Star” series launched this time is “unique”. As a couple’s ring, the design pattern of the men’s ring is carrot, while the women’s model is a little rabbit, which implies the meaning of “being eaten by you”: soft, cute and petty rabbits, affectionate carrots, make me willing to be eaten by you. Certainly! Which girl can resist this confession?

At the same time, the necklace jewelry launched by Zhou Dasheng’s “Sweet Star” is also a hidden mystery. In the sweet star, “anti” and “Zheng” are the same, because “love you anyway.” Only when girls wear their heads to look at can this confession necklace that can find “I love u” is full of “mind”.

In love, not only the sweetness that needs to be at all times, but occasionally “careful machine” often makes the relationship more double the relationship. With Zhou Dasheng’s “Sweet Star”, the two love artifacts are also worried about sending gifts wrong? Even if it is used to confess, it can greatly increase the chance of success.


Love in the dharma, Zhou Dasheng’s scene style jewelry discovers your beauty of your style

In addition to festivals like 520, Chow Dasheng also started from the application of actual life scenes, creating a series of jewelry suitable for women’s lives -scenario -style jewelry.

As a explosive product of Zhou Dasheng, the scenic style jewelry means that in different living scenes, women show their personal style and express their emotional feelings to the greatest extent, so that every woman who pays attention to the aesthetics of life can have diverse beauty. It is understood that the Chow Tai Sheng’s scenario style jewelry has five styles, namely: romance, elegance, charming, natural, and modern. There is always a temperament that can perfectly fit you.

With the launch of Zhou Dasheng’s 520 “Sweet Star” series jewelry in the store, many couples and chaser are attracted by this “sweet -minded”. Regardless of whether it is Douyin or Xiaohongshu, the discussion of the “Sweet Star” and the soaring grass’s popularity, even the topic on Weibo is full of topics. It seems that the “careful machine” in love is really indispensable.


This 520, no need to worry about gifts, right? Use your careful machine to eat her. Finally, I wish that the lovers in the world will eventually become dependents.

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