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Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, January 15th.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Ji Zhepeng and Yang Jing

Yuanmou County, located on the banks of the Jinsha River, is famous for its hometown and “South Caipan Transport” base in the “Yuanmou” and “South Caipan North Transport”. In recent years, it has become an important breeding base for crops such as wheat, green crickets and vegetables in my country.

A scene of Yunnan Yuanmou Modern Seed Technology Park (unmanned photo) taken on January 11. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

Yuan Mou’s light photos, small rainfall, suitable for the growth of various crops, is a unique breeding treasure. Focusing on the Xinghuo community of Yuanma Town, Yuanmou County, Yuanmou has formed a new pattern of modern seed development in the development of one -stop research and sales, and the integration of education and breeding. Essence


With a grain seeds of the “Seal of the Yuanmou”, they are sold to Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and other places to inject vitality and vitality for my country’s grain safety, agricultural industry development, and mass increase in the masses. The new picture is unfolding slowly.


On January 11, workers conducted breeding operations in Xinghuo community in Yuanma Town, Yuanmou County. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

“Xinghuo Liaoyuan”

In mid -January, the Yuanmou was as warm as spring.

Meteorological data shows that from September to May of the following year, the Yuan conspiracy is drought and rain, and the average daily temperature remains between 13 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius.

Relying on climate advantages and industrial foundations, the Xinghuo community hides the “password” of species Xingxing Village. “The seed industry is our pillar industry. Datangzi Village and Nanfan Village are well -known characteristic industrial villages. In 2021, the per capita annual income of social residents was 15,000 yuan.” Said Wen Lei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Star Fire Community.


A scene of the Xinghuo Community of Yuanma Town, Yuanmou County on January 11 (photos of drones). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Yuanmou County has created a modern seed industry with Datangzi Village and Nanfan Village, and has built a modern seed technology park covering new formats such as seed breeding research, exhibition transactions, and breeding display.


Yunnan Sinong Vegetable Seed Industry Development Co., Ltd., located in the Hyundai Industry Science and Technology Park, is a local breeding company with 25 million tomato seedlings. Li Siwu, a 45 -year -old company, has been engaged in vegetable seedlings for more than 20 years.

“The country strongly supports the development of the seed industry and has strengthened our confidence.” Li Siwu said that the company has 6 independent intellectual property types of cucumber and green vegetables.

Entering Nanfan Village, named after the breeding of the South, the road was clean and tidy, and the roadside flowers bloomed. In the glorious list on the wall, photos of seed breeding experts and rich leaders.

On January 11, workers carried out seedlings in the Modern Seed Technology Park in Yunnan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo


For decades, breedingists and villagers from Nanfan Village from all over the country have worked together. The breeding range covers more than 50 seed combinations of food, oil, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. More than 400,000 acres have become the central area of ​​the development of the local seed industry.

Under the leadership of the Xinghuo community, Yuanmou County’s seed industry “Xinghuo Liaoyuan”. Among them, Nanfan Village not only drives many nursery enterprises and cooperatives in the county, but also drives more than 10,000 farmers in the county to participate in South Breeding each year. The breeding area is stable at 15,000 acres, and the annual average agricultural income increases by more than 60 million yuan.

The development of the seed industry has provided strong support for agricultural characteristics such as vegetables and fruits in Yuanmou County. Statistics show that in 2020, the per capita disposable income of rural residents in Yuanmou County reached 14,671 yuan, an increase of 5046 yuan over 2015.

“In the revitalization of the countryside, the income obtained by Yuanmou County farmers from the agricultural industry accounted for more than 50%of the total household income.” Zhang Lei, deputy leader of the Promotion Group of Yuanmou County Seeds (Seedling Industry).

On January 11, the staff of the Qingyu Breeding and the expansion base of Yuanmou County were pollination for Qingyu. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo


Relay to revitalize the countryside


The birth of a good seed must not only have time and location, but also “people”.

In recent years, Yuanmou County has listed 6 workstations, including Academician Fang Zhiyuan Workstation, and introduced more than 200 scientific researchers to accelerate the construction of the new varieties and results transformation bases for academicians and experts to promote the rise of the heights of the Golden Shajiang River.

In Nanfan Village, a 4 -storey “expert building” has witnessed the relay of breeders from various places in recent years. Every year in autumn and winter, breeders come to Yuanmou from Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Tibet and other places like migratory birds. It is half a year in the simple “expert building” dormitory.


In the green wheat field, wheat from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is pumping. Zhang Chunyan, 50, is a senior agronomist at Labulin Farm Ranch in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In 1997, he went to Yuanmou to carry out wheat south. She choose breeds here in October to April of the following year, and most of the Spring Festival is busy in the wheat field.

In Nanfan Village, Yuanma Town, Yuanmou County, Zhongjiakai (left) and colleagues exchanged exchanges with wheat breeding (taken on November 17, 2021). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

“The climatic conditions of Yuanmou are very suitable for the Spring wheat South Fan base, which can shorten the breeding cycle. The farmers here have a certain breeding technology, and the ‘farmer experts’ such as Zhong Jiakai can help cultivate excellent varieties.” Zhang Chunyan said.

Liang Changxin, an agronomist at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang, is also a frequent visitor to the “expert building”. The northern winter was cold. In order to accelerate the breeding process, he and his colleagues chose Yuanmou.


“With the additional test of Yuanmou, a new barley variety can be selected in 4 to 5 years, which is half shortened than before.” Liang Changxin said that since the 1980s, the Hongxing Long Agricultural Science Institute has 18 barley. The varieties have been branded “Yuanmou Seal”, and some varieties have been promoted in large areas.


On January 11th, in the Breast Breeding and Disposal Base in Yuanmou County, Dangerous Weibo (Middle) communicated with colleagues. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

Zhong Jiakai, who has been repeatedly mentioned by the breeders, is the president of the Nanfan Seed Breeding Association of Yuanmou County. Since 1981, he has been devoted to breeding for a long time. He has not only become a well -known local “farmer expert” and good friends of breedingists, but also built a “expert building” to provide services for breeding workers.

In order to promote the breeding work of the South, Zhong Jiakai adopted the “land circulation+technical training” to launch the masses. Today, the cost of breeding land has increased from more than 500 yuan per mu in 1986 to 3,500 yuan per acre to 15,000 yuan. The varieties have expanded from wheat, corn, barley to melon, rapeseed, etc. Many villagers have become “native experts” for breeding. Essence

In long -term practice, Zhongjiakai also explored the development model of “Association+Company+Farmers+Base”. In Xinhua Township, Jiangbian Township, Laocheng and Rural, etc., 5 towns and towns and villages have established 12,000 acres of grain and vegetable breeding bases. The masses increase their income and become rich.

“These seeds are like children, and the breeders in the South China Sea are loved ones.” He said.

Workers are cultivated in a wheat breeding base in Yuanma Town, Yuanmou County (taken on November 17, 2021, photos of drones). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

Golden Shajiang River Seed Industry Highlands

In December 2021, the 5th Yunnan · Yuanmou Vegetable Industry Expo opened, and more than 2,300 “famous, special, excellent, new” vegetable varieties were concentrated in appearance. Among them, the new tomato variety “Red Fan 196” independently developed by the company has attracted the attention of the merchants.

This is Wu Chengyong, the person in charge of Yunnan Jincheng Seed Technology Co., Ltd., has been engaged in seed breeding for more than 10 years. From acting for foreign vegetable seeds to cultivating local varieties himself, he witnessed the development of Yuanmou’s breeding industry.

Entering the company’s breeding base, the tomato seedlings in the factory -based seedling greenhouse are happy. “In recent years, the government has improved the water conservancy conditions of the breeding base and built the water pipeline. The tomato varieties we have developed have been promoted to plant more than 10,000 acres. This year, a new 50 acres of breeding greenhouses will be built.” Wu Chengyong said.

On January 11, a scene of Qingli Breeding and the expansion base of Yuanmou County (photos of drones). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

This is the epitome of the booming industry of Yuanmou’s modern seed. At present, there are more than 100 seed research units and enterprises from Beijing, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other places gathered in the Yuan Dynasty.

Zhang Lei introduced that Yuanmou has formed a modern seed system based on vegetables and wheat -oriented education, which not only promotes the development of the agricultural industry, but also contributes to ensuring the safety of agricultural germplasm resources in China–

The annual production of nearly 600 million vegetable seedlings can be produced for more than 200,000 acres of vegetable planting, which drives more than 2 billion yuan of vegetable output value, and provides strong seedlings for “South Caipan North Transport”;

Local seedlings have 16 new varieties of vegetables independently developed, and 14 patents have been obtained for production technology production technology, which promotes independent innovation of vegetable breeds in my country;

The annual production of nearly 400,000 kilograms of wheat crops can ensure the planting needs of about 4 million acres of land in the country …

It is worth mentioning that Yuanmou is also an important base for the Qing Dynasty to expand, expand, and appraisal, and has made important contributions to the food security of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau.

On January 11, workers operated sowing machines in the Modern Seed Technology Park in Yunnan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen Photo

At the base of Qingyu Breeding and Canadian Disposal in Yuanmou County, Gui Wenbo, a assistant researcher at the Agricultural Research Institute of the Academy of Agricultural and Husbandry Sciences of Tibet Autonomous Region, was busy teaching Qingye. He and his team selected two new varieties of green crickets in Yuan Mouga, and in 2021, more than 1,000 acres were promoted.


“New varieties in Tibet take 8 to 10 years, but through the consignment of the Yuanmou, it only takes four or five years.” Divine Wenbo said.

In November 2021, Yuan Mou successfully selected the list of the first batch of agricultural modernization demonstration zones in the country. At present, Yuanmouzheng’s starting point will build a seed town, and 50,000 acres of seed breeding bases will be built in the future.

“In the next step, we will continue to expand the breeding bases in combination with the planning of the seed town, attract more scientific researchers, and let the ‘Star Fire’ continue.” Wen Lei said.

In the warm wind, the vibrant wheat fields and vegetables are giving birth to the hope of spring.

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