This season, it is too suitable for women to choose a dress, but how to put on a different sense of fashion is still to be discussed, but no matter what, the choice of the dress is the first step. For women with good figure For speaking, those simple and cheap skirts are definitely not the first choice. After all, it is difficult to make the public’s vision. It is necessary to look good. It is necessary to bring a little fashion element.

The entertainment industry is well -known and recognizable. When it comes to short -haired girls, the first thing to think of is Chen Farong. In the 1990s, because of coincidence, Chen Farong’s iconic short hair became a goddess in the minds of the public. Ten years have passed, Chen Farong’s short hair has not changed, and his face has no traces of years, and it is still so beautiful.

Putting on small knowledge: Xiao Li Ling is conservative and formal, avoid vulgarity


The design of the neckline has a vital impact on the dress. The stylish effects of different necklines are also different. I like amazing and eye -catching. You can choose some V -neck and collar designs to enhance the charm of the shape by exposing the skin. However, with the difficulty of control, it will also increase, so it is necessary to combine the figure. On the contrary, some conservative round necks and stand -up collars look simple, but the error rate is extremely low to avoid the sense of vulgarity.


Chen Farong, who has been in the crew for a long time, appeared in the crew. This time, he enjoys a group of private clothes. Compared with the previous neutral style, Chen Farong can be described as a big change. He chose a small stand -up dress. Chen Farong in the skirt seemed more feminine and almost couldn’t recognize it.

Putting on small knowledge: bubble sleeve design, rich and layered

There are too many fashion elements that can be integrated into the dress. For example, the bubble sleeves, many girls suspect the slim sleeves are too restrained, and at the same time, they will also worship the meat, but the bubble sleeves are different. It also seems to be more rich and layered, and the most important thing will have a trace of age.


The dress that Chen Farong chose is the design of the bubble sleeve. You can see that he has no trace of pressure on her thin small body plate. She looks younger and sweet.

Putting on small knowledge: mesh see -through material, sexy amazing and eye -catching rate skyrocketed

Whether the dresses look good or not, the collision between materials and color is also very important. It can not only enhance the charm and eye -catching of the shape, but also change the style. Eyes, looming the sense of vision, and vaguely through the unique charm of women, is a challenge for older women.

Chen Farong’s bold choice of see -through net yarn this time. In the hotel corridor, it really makes people shine. After seeing the handsome and handsome dress, it becomes so feminine at once. Look at a few more glances, it’s so beautiful.


Putting on a small knowledge: Do a good job of landscaping on the waist to avoid bloated

One thing to remember to wear a mesh dress is that because the skirt is loose, all waistlines must be done well, avoid too bloated, increase the sense of volume. It can avoid the flaws of the shape, the most important thing can also set off a slim figure, which is a little stronger than adding various fashion elements.


Chen Farong’s long -lost appearance of this style is so unhappy that he dare not recognize. His sister who replaced the net yarn see -up skirt, used the belt to optimize the perfect figure. The perfect body ratio, especially the thin “horse bee waist” is really rare.


QS: What are the neutral cool and handsome dress of Chen Farong?

Select TIPS: Basic Color suit Set

I believe that no one is more than Chen Farong’s control of women in the suit. It is indeed in controlling neutral and handsome dressing. Chen Farong is really a unique landscape in the actress. She puts on a cheap suit and suit. The use of various methods to highlight the different styles, with a sense of high level of simplicity.

Select TIPS: Large -size suit jacket


With the changes in the trend, in order to meet the needs of the public, the suit is also constantly replaced and derived. Now the trend circle is popular and small, so a series of large -size styles appear in the suit. Unlike other clothes, it is different from other clothes. The wearing in the suit can be described as a variety of styles. It is sweet and sweet, and like mature types like Chen Chen Farong. They have different inside and outside. The rich shapes make the whole dress more layered.

Choose TIPS: Small Small suit

I like big ones, naturally I like small ones. Compared with the large suit, the slim suit looks more British style, but the style is novel enough, too single to look old, you can try to add some lotus leaf gloes, or like it looks like like Chen Farong is short and short, very attractive, and instantly get rid of the simple color suit.

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