What is the difference between a soft bag and a hard box with a paper packaging machine?

Pumping paper is now one of the most commonly used toilet paper in life. Compared with roll paper, it is more convenient to use paper with paper, which is convenient to bring out. It is more and more popular. So there are two types of packaging boxes commonly used in our daily life. What are the differences between?

The packaging of paper pumping paper is also divided into two types: soft packaging and hard box. It is essentially pumping and one pump. It is mainly the outside packaging. It is called a hard box with a carton. The hard box is often a gas station or a hotel. There is only one packaging machine with a carton. Plastic packaging is called soft bags. Soft packaging is packaged with plastic bags sold by supermarkets. The market demand is relatively large. The packaging machine is two. This is mainly to see which kind of packaging, the paper pumping machine is the same. Both soft bags and hard boxes are very popular. One by one is very fast, and the specifically can be selected according to the sales object. The bag is still a hard box.

The paper drawing machine adopts an advanced control program, the automatic counting is divided, the degree of automation is high, and the work is stable and reliable. The cut -off raw paper is cut through the spiral knife roller and folded into a chain rectangular towel paper. The device uses a vacuum adsorption automatic cutting function, which has high speed, neat folding, simple operation. Moreover, the width of the paper can be adjusted according to the needs. The device is also equipped with three tension adjustment devices to ensure the size accuracy of the folding finished product.

The paper pumping machine is divided into three rows, five rows, seven rows, and ten rows. The difference between this row is the difference between the effective axis of the original paper. It is 560mm. A paper pump is more than 50,000 yuan. The larger the working area, the larger the output, and the higher the price.

The raw materials for processing paper are paper paper, and the price of the paper paper is about 6,000. There is almost no loss of paper processing. If the raw material is more than 6,000 per ton, if a pack of paper pumping paper is calculated at 100 grams, that is, one ton of raw materials can process 10,000 packs of paper pumping paper. What kind of price is to sell it according to the local market, and the profit of pumping paper is considerable.

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