At present, the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation is severe, but there are still a few people who have concealed the itinerary and go out of the law. The police have notified the investigators of the case of suspected cases of impairment of infectious diseases.

Use the health code of others, find out the itinerary after being positive

On March 17, Shenzhen, Guangdong reported that during the health monitoring of home health during the health monitoring of the home health monitoring, Zhang Mouhui (male, 51 years old) went out many times and used the identity information and health code of others to participate in the gathering activities. On the 13th, Zhang Mouhui learned that after the nuclear acid test was positive, he lied to report the trip, concealed the history of contact, and did not cooperate with the current work. Police Li Moxing (male, 34 years old), who provided identity information to assist him out, was investigated for suspected obstruction of infectious disease prevention.

Back to conceal the history of living in key areas, go out in violation of regulations

On March 18th, Changsha, Hunan, notified that Xia Moumou (male, 54 years old) came to Changsha from a foreign country on the 17th. Time to report to the community and enter and exit public places many times, causing the risk of spreading virus virus.

On March 16, Zang Mou, a nuclear acid abnormality in Fuxin, Liaoning, returned from a severe area of ​​the epidemic. He replaced the mobile phone card on the way to return, intending to conceal the history of living and reported the trip to the community. The residential community is classified as a seal -controlled area.

On March 15, Wuxi, Jiangsu reported that the test results of Li Mouxu (male, 48 years old) were positive. Li Mouxu had drove to Shanghai twice, and did not take the initiative to report to the community and inspectors in the community, and did not implement home health monitoring in accordance with the requirements. He still went out many times, resulting in danger of spreading new crown pneumonia.

On February 23, Shanxi Jinzhong reported that on February 17, Fang Mou, Wang Moumou (Fang Mou’s wife), and Fang Moumou (Fang Moumou) led two minors and five people from Hohhot’s relatives ( On the 19th, the relative’s nuclear acid positive) After returning to the Taigu District, it did not implement the prevention and control measures of the epidemic as required. The diagnosis of all five was observed and observed with a close contact with them, and one person was diagnosed with serious consequences.

On February 15, Suizhong County, Huludao, Liaoning reported that the driver He Moumou and Han, who caused the big truck driver who caused the epidemic, returned from Suizhong from Suifenhe City, Heilongjiang Province on January 25.

On February 13, Tianjin reported that Wang Moumou, who was diagnosed on February 12, returned from Suizhong County, Suizhong County, Huludao, Liaoning. Public places have caused major hidden dangers in the spread of the epidemic, leading to large -scale personnel isolation and nucleic acid screening in the city, with serious consequences.

Concealing the action trajectory, there are still many times to public places in discomfort

On March 16th, Xingtai, Hebei, notified that on March 3, Zhang (male, Qinghe County), in the case of knowing that he was diagnosed, did not provide timely on the morning of March 2 to Qiu Mou, Dujialou Village, Qinghe County. The trajectory of the purchase of cashmere in a certain family caused Qiu Moumou’s couple’s failure to quarantine treatment in time, causing the spread of the new coronary virus and the spread of the epidemic. After investigation, Zhang Mou also had 13 activities related to the close -up personnel.

On March 16th, Suzhou, Jiangsu reported that after Wang Mouhao, who was controlled by the isolation point, was positive for nucleic acid testing on March 14, did not cooperate with epidemiological surveys and intentionally concealed the itinerary. ) The failure to be controlled in time, resulting in the danger of spreading the spread of new crown pneumonia.

On March 15th, Baoji, Shaanxi, reported that a confirmed case of dining with a friend at the hot crab hotpot restaurant in Sun City, Weibin District on March 8. On March 10, the case was known that the spicy crab hotpot restaurant was a high -risk zone, and the case of the confirmed cases was sometimes intersecting, and the home isolation was not declared in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. And when the body has obvious symptoms of discomfort, it still goes into public places many times and does not cooperate with the current work.

On March 14th, Xi’an, Shaanxi reported that Yao Moumou had the same diagnosis case in Kaiyuan Road, Fujian Seafood Building, Weiyang District on March 5. After reporting, the medical control department was not reported after the symptoms of obvious discomfort, and the medical control department was taken by themselves.

On March 1st, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia reported that on February 27, the confirmed case Bao and Moumou (male, 35 years old) had not strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with regulations, and never participated in nucleic acid testing in accordance with regulations. And did not vaccinate the new crown vaccine. After the physical discomfort was on February 22, it still frequently entered and exited public places, causing relevant personnel to be closely exposed to isolation and observation.

On February 22, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, reported that during the confirmed case released on February 22, Moto went to Qiahemei Gym of Galaxy Galaxy in Qingshan District on February 16. In the case of being told as a close contact, it is strictly forbidden to go out and wait for the transfer of transfer to isolation, and still violate the relevant provisions of the epidemic and go out many times, causing the risk of spreading the spread of the new crown epidemic.

Gathering and tutoring training at home illegal

On February 24th, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, reported that Du Moumou, who was engaged in personal English training, was released on February 17, “Various social organizations will not organize gathering activities” announcement, and privately organized in batches from February 17th to 21st. Famous students have conducted English counseling many times in their own homes. Participating in the trainers include the confirmed case of new crown pneumonia. 19 Liu Moumou, causing a serious risk of spreading the new crown epidemic.

The clinic has not implemented the “Four Must Inquiry and One Inquiry” requirements

On March 18th, Shaoguan, Guangdong notified. On March 12, Li Moumou went to Nianhui Clinic. The clinic had not been implemented on the prevention and control of the superior epidemic. The declaration card causes the risk of major infectious diseases. The legal representative of the clinic, the doctor, and the patient Li Moumou, etc., made an investigation of the crime of suspected obstruction of infectious disease prevention.

Companies fail to prevent and control in accordance with regulations

On February 28, Tianjin Binhai New District reported that Yayuan Footway (Airport Store) did not perform the main responsibility of the enterprise and did not implement various preventive and control measures such as bright scanning code, temperature measurement, mask, and killing. Propaganda leads to serious consequences such as large -scale personnel isolation and nucleic acid screening.

On February 23, Shenzhen, Guangdong reported that an international supply chain (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. violated the prevention and control management regulations of the epidemic, and carried out overseas e -commerce cargo transfer business and conducted cross -border cargo transportation operations. The company and the relevant responsible person Wang (male, 47 years old), Lu Mou (male, 48 years old) were investigated for suspected obstruction of the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

In addition, the reporter consulted the China Magistrate Document Network. From 2020-2021, there were 17 documents containing “suspected crimes of preventing infectious disease prevention”; 83 documents containing “crime of impairment of infectious diseases”, most of them, most of them, most of which were obstructing obstacles. Criminal judgment of the first instance of infectious disease prevention and treatment. The defendants were mostly prosecuted for intentional concealment of the history of living, refusing to perform the epidemic prevention and control measures, and were sentenced to six months in prison, one year in prison for eight months in prison, one year in prison, and one year in prison. The year and six months in prison are sentenced to two years in prison.

Source: Surging News

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