[Efficacy] Italian cuisine, family meals, pizza, western meals, pasta, staple food noodles, butterfly noodles

[Main Materials] A moderate amount of cheese, 100 grams of Italian pizza sauce, 100 grams of Italian butterfly noodles, a little broccoli, 10 shrimp


【Making together】


1. After the butterfly noodles are boiled, the boil is about 13 minutes. The broccoli flowers are removed and the water is removed. Heat in an appropriate amount of olive oil, pour pizza sauce and stir -fry until red oil;


2. Add a little water to boil, pour in the butterfly noodles, broccoli, shrimp stir -fry, add a little salt until evenly, pour the fried noodles into the plate, sprinkle a layer of cheese fragments on the surface, according to your taste according to your own taste I increase or decrease in an appropriate amount. The oven preheat 180 degrees and bake for 12 minutes.

3. When there is only me left in the house, this simple deliciousness will become the first choice. Use the raw material of pizza directly at home, stir -fry the oven, and live together. The fried noodle sauce is directly used to taste beautiful Italian pizza sauce, which tastes good.

4. Butterfly surface, the noodles of the butterfly surface are softer on both sides and thicker in the middle. The shape of the face is very easy to wrap the sauce, so it is suitable for matching all kinds of noodle sauce. The boiled time is 10-12 minutes.

5. Cheese (one of them is also called cheese) is a fermented milk product. The nature is similar to the common yogurt milk. It is made through the fermentation process. The concentration is higher than yogurt, similar to solid food, and the nutritional value is richer. Each kilogram of cheese products are concentrated from 10 kg of milk. They are rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium, fat, phosphorus, and vitamins. They are pure natural foods. In terms of craftsmanship, cheese is fermented milk; in terms of nutrition, cheese is concentrated milk.

[Field] Italian cuisine, butterfly noodles, pasta, western meals, family meals, pizza, staple food noodles

[Xiangke] Shrimp+yam: The same food can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

The new way of eating the butterfly noodles is simpler than eating meat.

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