Some things, when buying, is a novel and fun.

But in many cases, it really “crooked”. The longer used it, the more I found that this thing is quite practical. In this issue, I will buy it in the “novelty”.

1. Octopus drying rack

When I saw this drying rack for the first time, I felt so novel. Open like an octopus, you can dry a circle of clothing, and it is a small tube, which does not take up a little place.

For me, I have a dryer at home, and there are no large drying racks, which is too practical.

When the clothes are small, take a few clothes drying rods and put it in the corner, not hindered at all.

When the clothes are large, you can pull out all the rods and place it on the balcony. The amount of a barrel of washing machine is enough.

Because all the clothes drying rods are flat, you need to dry the quilt and blanket directly.

It is really easy to use. The only thing is that the price is more expensive. One is about a thousand yuan. Choose according to your own situation.


2. Computer mobile phone with the same screen bracket

To be honest, my work requires a computer and mobile phone on the same screen, because I often look at the computer while looking at the mobile phone (many app I use without a computer version), it is really tired.


So, when I saw this novelty, I didn’t hesitate to enter.

Don’t say that this bracket is quite easy to use, both ends are magnetic, connecting the computer on one end, and connecting the mobile phone at one end. The magnetic suction is super stable and the effect of the same screen is very good.


Since I have it, I have n’t worked so much about going to work. It really feels like looking for a treasure.

3. Smart hill sensory light

When I felt that my porch was a bit monotonous, I suddenly saw this induction light. The beam was hill -like, but it was too attractive to me.





When you buy it, it really looks like the renderings, which is super beautiful.

When I thought it was good, it was its biggest advantage. I didn’t expect that the practicality was also a must. Every time I went home to open the door, it turned on automatically, as if waiting for you to make people feel a warm current.


Although it is charged, it can be used for nearly two months at a time. The overall experience is still very good.


4. Rising curtain

I do n’t say, you ca n’t see it. My window hides a rising ground.

The so -called rising is rising from the box on the ground. It does not use wall hanging or dependence on the wall. As long as there are sockets near the ground, the box can be used to use it.

Regardless of whether it is ordinary rolling curtain cloth or TV, the installation is much more worry -free. Moreover, in the later period, you want to replace the position very casually and the flexibility is higher.

The price is also okay, within one hundred inches, two or three thousand can be done.

5. Intelligent filling mirror

Girls in this party must see, boys can skip.

I have always felt that every girl should have a smart light mirror. When makeup and face defects, they should be clearer than ordinary mirrors, and makeup do not have masses.

The one I bought can be said to be a bit “exaggerated”. Not only can I make up for light, but also fold it. After opening, all three faces can be shown, and they can see the front and side of the face more clearly.

Light is also three -colored. In the morning, cold white light helps to create a capable makeup at work. If you participate in the party at night, you will use warm yellow light. The makeup is slightly stronger. You can use natural light on the weekend. One has its own use.

It has its biggest benefit that no matter what the light at home, or even occasionally, it will not affect your exquisiteness.


6. Magnetic Night Lantern


In other words, when I buy this light, I am purely novel. I didn’t think about what it can play.

But I did not expect that it gave me a night of love and helped a lot. Usually I took it to the door of the bathroom, and it turned on automatically. I did n’t have to turn on the headlights at night.

Sometimes, if the family is out of power, or the child is asleep, I want to find something, I take it down as a flashlight, the brightness is sufficient, and the magnetic suction is used to go up, which is very convenient.

The face value is also very good. Below is the walnut, stitching with the white lamp, it is quite special, and it is safer when holding hands.


7. Folding ironing machine


I used to use the hot -coating machine before, and it took too much place. In addition, the frequency I used was not high, and I threw it directly when I moved.

But occasionally to participate in a formal occasion, I still have to iron the shirts, suits and the like, so for this “occasional use”, I bought another folding ironing machine.

The reason why it chooses it is because it is really small. Just storage after use, the face value is also high, it gives people a very novel feeling. Essence

Even if it is so rich, to be honest, my expectations are not very high, because it is certainly different from that large -hanging hot -boiled machine.


But after actually using it, it is found that the difference is really not very good. The hot -coating function is very flat, and it can also be used. Moreover, the effect of flat ironing is better than the hot -boiled machine. This is really unexpected. Instead.

Of course, there are also shortcomings, that is, the water tank is relatively small. If there are more clothes ironing at a time, you need to add water halfway, but I basically do not exist each time.


8. Automatic packaging trash can

This water is very deep, and some say it is automatic, but in fact, it is to add root draws to the garbage bag. Even if it is automatically packaged, it is not intelligent. This is the only one I bought.


As soon as the button is pushed, the garbage bag is automatically sealed, just take it out and throw away.

In addition, it can also automatically put the garbage bags, the lid induction, etc., which is very intelligent and truly liberated.


9. Automatic roller storage box

The storage of eggs has always been the pain point of the refrigerator storage of the house. It is easy to break in the bag. It is not easy to get it in the box. This “rolling box” directly solves this problem.

There is a certain degree of slope at the bottom of the box. Every time you take one, you can roll down automatically inside. The outside is not completely tight. It is very convenient to take the eggs without turning the cover.

You can also be tired of multiple layers. There are two two -story partitions in my house, there is just two, there is no waste of space at all.

If you have babies and pregnant women at home, the timetable comes with it can also come in handy, knowing when the eggs are bought, and it is guaranteed to eat fresh at any time.

10. Thousand -oriented wheel small stools

I just bought it, my mother said, how do I use this stool?

Later, the process of cleaning, bringing baby, and removing courier all sat on it to complete, and they could not be separated at all. They praised again and again. This pair of waist is quite friendly.

The bottom is a universal wheel, and the sliding is very flexible, but when choosing, the wheels should be optimistic. Don’t buy that kind of metal. The noise is too great. It is estimated that it will complain every day downstairs.

Moreover, it has different heights, which can adapt to the height of different people. It is quite practical to buy it.

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