TOP1: Pandora Pandora Classic Open 925 Silver Bracelet 590528CZ


Pandora from Danish Pandora, Pandora (also translated as Pandora), was founded in 1982 by Golden Midsmith PERENEVOLDSEN and his wife Winnie in 1982. Pandora has become popular all over the world for creating a charming high -quality jewelry. It is the third largest jewelry brand in the world. Capturing the unforgettable moments in life in a beautiful way, creating a beautiful and superb craftsmanship, so as to obtain it The favor of consumers around the world. Because foreign products pay attention to environmental protection, paper packaging is not used in large quantities. Pandora purchased locally in the United States is a simple plastic packaging, please forgive me to understand. The current market price of the product is 1159 yuan, and the Kara Black card price is 570 yuan. If you use a black card member to buy it, it is expected to save 922.80 yuan.

TOP2: Softdora Settuo .flower.


From Softdora, Britain, Softdora was born in the beautiful ancient Britain Town Brighton. The founder Clairspence used the art form of the British Victorian period as a source of creation. A large number of elements of flowers, feathers, animals, etc. combined the traditional British handmade banking craftsmanship with modern jewelry technology, creating a European light luxury brand -SoftDora. Softdora’s jewelry uses 925 silver and vermiculite as the main raw materials. It is handmade throughout the process. It is a favorite jewelry brand that is loved by women in Europe. Little Prince’s Rose Platform Valentine’s Day Gift Box.


TOP3: Chao Hongji auspicious children’s bracelet Silver bracelet baby foot silver bracelet baby zodiac blessing bell silver jewelry gift hy HJ


From China CHJ Tide Macros, CHJJEWELLERY Tide Macroscopic Foundation, has become the leader of Chinese fashion lottery jewelry in the field of excellent quality, creative innovation, and insistence on the field of colorful gold jewelry. The concept allows modern women to have more sparkling moments. Chaohongji has nearly 700 brand specialty stores in more than 190 cities. Chahongji was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. The most valuable brand. Super cute auspicious children’s bracelet Newborn baby gifts are made of silver.

TOP4: Lily & LOTTY Stone Rejuvenation Series Strawberry Crystal Bracelet Female Sweet Natural Pink Crystal Bracelet Student Girlfriends Girls Gifts Peach Blossom Bead Bracelet Bracelet Bracelet

Lily & Lotty, Lily & Lotty, also belongs to the world’s larger gold and silver jewelry accessories platform IBB Group. Crole and Grahamstock have nearly 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. The inspiration behind the brand comes from their three daughters (10 years old, 17 and 23). Each daughter gives unique identities to a specific model in the product series. CAROLE and Grahamstock are passionate about jewelry design. They draw inspiration from family, natural and art, and even extend this enthusiasm to brand -related exquisite packaging design details. All the L & L series are carved from sterling silver, plated as plated and hand -inlaid with real diamonds. Spring is here, peach blossoms are strong.

TOP5: Winy999 sterling silver bracelet Women send mothers light noodles, the concubine foot silver bracelets, simple fashion national style jewelry opening

From Winy, China, Winy was born in ancient and charming and mixed with modern urban bustling Beijing. It is an earliest fashion light luxury designer jewelry brand in China and a pioneer of domestic online accessories brands. Refining into an ingenious aesthetic view, adhering to the design concept of “Oriental Traditional Crafts and Western Fashion Aesthetics”, the main products are silver jewelry and color treasure, and are committed to the exploration and practice of emotional jewelry from East and West. 999 Foot Silver Bracelet Simple and Fashion Ethnic Wind Silver Jewelry Open Bracelet.


TOP6: BRIR Baixing Qingqing S999 Silver Silver Bracelets Three Lives III Multi -Ring Facial Scrub Three -Ring Fine Ling Silver Women’s Bracelet

From China BRIR Bai Sendan, the national fashion pearl brand, interpret an elegant life! Derived from Hong Kong, interpret fashion and charm through superb craftsmanship! With the spirit of innovation, concentration, and excellence, every loyal fan who gives back Baixing’s love BRIR contains a moving story behind each product to convey a deep friendship. The brand originated from Hong Kong, interpreting fashion and charm through superb craftsmanship! With the spirit of innovation, concentration, and excellence, every loyal fan who gives back Baixing’s love BRIR contains a moving story behind each product to convey a deep friendship.


TOP7: Mengjin Garden Foot Silver Bracelet Little Pearl Foot Silver Fubag Women’s Bracelet Bindchain

From the China Dream Golden Garden, Dream Garden is a well -known jewelry brand. It was established in 1994. It integrates services such as R & D, design, production, sales, and brand franchise. Products are sold to more than 30 provinces and cities and autonomous regions, with more than 2,600 retail terminals, and have been ranked “Fortune 500 China Manufacturing Enterprise 2018”. The well -known film and television actor Hai Qing and the popular Xiaohua Xi Qingzi are the brand spokespersons. Little minimalist design, gentle and elegant, temperament is versatile.

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