When the label of “Japanese Harajuki” appears more and more on the magazine version, watching the seemingly exaggerated and non -mainstream combinations of those young ladies and sisters, but find out that they are unknowingly difficult to extricate themselves!


It is only a street away from Shibuya next door, but the style of wearing has a change in heaven and underground. Compared with the relatively sweet and greasy “Shibuya Wind”, the style of “Just Do It as yourself” in the original style is inadvertently. Following the “hip -hop style” that emerged with “Hip Hop in China” nowadays.


See how “Pure Goddess” Guo Biting turned into a hip -hop husband. In fact, the theme of this wearing is exactly in line with Japanese mainstream Harajuki style.


Take you farewell to the boring “black and white and gray” this winter, learn the elements of Japanese system, so as to create your own hip -hop queen!

– ❶ –


Don’t let color bind you

The impression of Harajufeng is a manifestation of a maverick, self, and individual attitude. Compared to boring and monotonous colors, obviously a variety of colors mix and match can capture eyeballs!

Even if the cowboy and sweater are classic, it will show a different style because of the color of the back and the colorful sweaters, but the seemingly hot tone is full of “coldness” uniqueness.

In Harajuku style, the seemingly traditional sweater can also wear a different style of painting. Such a bright color match, the color queen on the streets of Hengba alone with the color.

When the flame printing of the fire collides with a sweet pink pink, the ventilation and impulse of venting the personality is shown with such a bottoming sweater. The exquisite cotton rings are soft and skiny. A touch of elegance.

If you are a slightly restrained girl, you can also take the courage to choose a bright color item on your body. The colorful tone can instantly make you instantly dazzling from the complicated crowd.

If a large area of ​​stitching under the rules of stacking can not satisfy your carelessness, you may wish to try such a small range of colors, beautiful, comfortable color art and innovative concepts, which will definitely make your romance different.


For example, a strong sweater is very suitable for the shape of this style, especially in this season, the chain chemical reactions brought by simple contrast stitching are absolutely unexpected.

Fun embroidery is accompanied by large -scale contrasting stitching, fairy -tale romance and affection on the body. The exquisite version of the slim is good. Whether it is a cardigan or inner, you can play a touch of elegant romance.

– ❷ –


Oversized personality

BF wind is never outdated, especially in such a hip -hop style, but if you want to be loose, loose fashion, you may wish to combine the rules of elemental style.

The loose suspender skirt is very suitable for occupying a place in the stack of this season, not only the coat, but the seemingly exaggerated items in the summer can also show charm.

Of course, in addition, it is indispensable for autumn and winter universal knitted sweater. The cuffs must be wide and large! Putting the lazy side on your body, no one can resist this sleepy charm!


The loose sweater design is used to create a delicate and elegant style. The soft and soft cotton fabrics are comfortable and pleasant on the upper body. The loose flared sleeves are super long design to create a stylish style and trend.

The loose coat is also the best choice. Imagine that under such a sweet color coat, it is a handsome and capable inside. How can it not be charming?

Be handsome, to be graceful, of course, you also have to style. The upper body of the coat that does not pick a figure can have a thin effect. At the top of Haraku’s style, no matter what color the color is, you can get the style through a coat style. Essence


Composite woolen coat, a smooth and super -quality one, the generous version of any body girl can control, the stylish design is loose and versatile, which is the first choice for your concave shape.

– ❸ –

Stacking style is more stylish

When people define the original style, there is always a longing for their stacking style. If you want Sweet, you will boldly Sweet. You don’t need to cover up. As long as you like it, you can wear it. Such unruly style is also popular. “The soul of the trend.

Take a look at the interpretation of the Korean style and the British Qianbiao grid under the same frame. The overall style has long been conquered and has become your style.


The retro Scottish plaid symbolizes the British style, shapes the trendy fluid, and can have different visual effects in the daily wearing method. In the unruly style, it integrates a beautiful style.

The checkered shirt of Hyun -mounted electronic logo, even the retro style, has a different tone. The fashionable charm is elegant and elegant. The punk style of high streets is used as a match to create your freedom casually.

Military -style camouflage is also ignited unknowingly. The sweater of the camouflage pattern is simple and stylish, loose lines, and a neutral style.


The exquisite style of romantic camouflage coats, stacking coloring is like a stylish style, the stylish personality temperament is easy to play, how to play with you, create charm!


Easily with hat -leisure styles, whether it is single or outer jacket, it looks good, cool camouflage sweaters; if you think the letters are the same as me, then this piece is very suitable for your FreeStyle.


The style of hip -hop is too breaking away. May wish to try the mainstream Japanese Harajuku style when venting the personality, and help you become a street queen!



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