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Last week we talked about the problem of “the mask cannot be replenished”. I received a lot of friends in the background private message: Can sleep mask be used? Is cleaning the mask useful?

OK, today we will talk about the mask specifically, use this article to explain the mask to solve all confusion ~


1. Classification of mask;

Most people’s doubts are: Is it useful for a certain mask? Can you use it? What should I do if I do n’t need a mask?

OK, let’s start with the mask classification. If we must classify the mask, we can from the 2nd aspects:


Classified by form;

If you classify the mask according to the form:

Patching mask and applying mask



Patch mask should be the most common mask on the market. Every time I talk about a patch mask, someone asks: Is the medical face mask better than an ordinary mask?

First of all, don’t be misled by “medical beauty mask” anymore. In January of this year, the State Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau posted an article: “Cosmetics Science: Be alert to the Consumption of Mask Consumption”.

What are the points of this article:

There is no so -called “weapon mask”.

The essence of the weapon font mask is the medical dressing, and it cannot be promoted by the “mask”. Moreover, the marketing concept says that sensitive muscle medical masks are more secure and completely misleading.

“Makeup Mask” cannot claim “medical skin care products”, and skin care products cannot promote the treatment function. Mask that does not apply for special uses cannot be promoted to have whitening and freckle removal.

In addition to the patch mask, the other is all kinds


Smear mask

Essence Commonly such as various sleep masks and cleaning masks. No matter whether cleaning or not, it belongs to the application mask.

In addition, I remind everyone: Many friends ask for privately asking if there are good sleep mask recommendations. To be honest, the sleep mask is a product derived from the cream. If you want to use the sleep mask, you can really consider choosing a suitable cream thickly. There is no need to get over with your wallet.


Classified by function;

There are many publicity on the market according to functional categories, such as whitening (whitening propaganda should become brightened in the later stage), anti -aging, hydration, cleaning, etc.

We said about the function before that the function of skin care products is mainly related to the product component. Let’s talk about the “hydrating” mask.

The picture below is the composition table of a popular Korean mask. In terms of composition, this mask contains moisturizing agents, antioxidants, anti -inflammatory ingredients, and soothing and whitening ingredients. Why is there no “hydration” ingredient?

In fact, it is very simple. We said before: hydration itself is a pseudo -concept. The so -called hydration is actually the function of the mask quickly increases the aquatic stratum corneum hydrophobic hydration through the role of a concentrated packet. After the skin’s hydrophilic ability is increased, the skin light transmittance is enhanced, and the skin will look more transparent and delicate. In addition, the moisturizing agent in the mask enhances the skin moisturizing ability.

Let’s talk about the working principle of cleaning the mask ~ cleaning the mask -mainly use adsorbents such as pussy, kaolin and other adsorbents. These ingredients can absorb excess oil on the surface of the skin, and some products may re -entertain acid ingredients to promote the metabolism of the epidermis and dredge pores.

There are two misunderstandings about the cleaning mask to understand:

Cleaning the mask is not needed by anyone.

For example, dry skin is completely unnecessary! The essence of cleaning the mask is to use adsorption ingredients to absorb excess oil on the surface of the skin. The dry skin itself is less oily.

Of course, some cleaning masks will not dry even if they are used for dry skin. But this is not the surface of the skin on the surface of the skin, and it is not more of this to give you an artificial oil supplement?

Cleaning masks cannot clean the pores.

I believe that most people use cleaning masks to clean the pores and prevent blackheads, white heads and various closed acne caused by pores. However, in fact, the corner bolt that blocked the pores needs to be dissolved with fat -soluble salicylic acid, and the use of adsorption ingredients alone cannot be solved at all.

2. How to choose and use correctly?

The content of the previous article was sent out with a small partner asked: Can the mask be used?


We have always said that anything is a double -edged sword. It is useful to use right, and you may really hurt your skin. Let’s talk about how to choose and how to use the mask.

First of all, let’s talk about the mask for skin care

Prosperity and disadvantage

The packet properties of the mask can indeed quickly increase the moisture of the skin’s stratum corneum in a short time and improve the dry skin. At the same time, the packet properties are also conducive to the infiltration and absorption of the active ingredients in skin care products.

But this is also the case. If the use frequency of the mask is too high, or the long time of the single mask will cause excessive hydrophilic hydrophilic hydrophilicism, which will cause damage to the barrier.

In addition, the skin barrier such as sensitive muscles and red bloodshots is damaged. The effective ingredients penetrate into the skin while applying the mask while applying the mask while the ingredients such as preservatives and flavors are more likely to cause skin irritation.

Therefore, the mask is not completely unavailable at all, the key is

Choose the right product and use it correctly


Suggestions for selection of mask;


I give you two suggestions about the selection of mask:

Don’t use it cheap, do not use cheap masks;

Try to choose regular and large manufacturers;

Everyone is often talking about the skin care industry huge profits. So why do you not imagine how much this cheap mask is when you buy a few yuan and ten dollars?


Talking to the formulars in the industry before, TA said that the cost of a mask at about 10 yuan on the market is basically a few cents. What good ingredients can you use a few cents of masks? Therefore, don’t buy and buy for a few mask gifts.

Of course, some friends said that the price of dozens of masks is too high. Then my suggestion is that I would rather be the severe dependence of the mask before. Since 17 years, I have not bought the mask myself except for the occasional product evaluation. In short, the mask is not a necessity for skin care, and there is no need to apply the mask.


Suggestions for the use of masks;

Do not use the mask of sensitive muscles, red blood wires, and various barriers;

Seeing a lot of mask analysis on a red book can see the severe redness on both sides of the cheeks with a strong beauty filter, which is obviously damaged.

Really persuaded everyone from the heart, do not use the mask and so on. The barrier has been damaged in itself, and the stratum corneum after the mask will make the skin more vulnerable to stimulation. Moisturize the skin, instead of applying the mask desperately.

Normal healthy skin is enough 1-2 times a week;

Regarding the number of times of mask, normal healthy skin is sufficient in 1-2 a week. It is recommended to control it at about 10 minutes each time. The same is the same. The stratum corneum hydrophilicity caused by the application time will affect the skin barrier.


Try not to apply the mask before makeup;

Applying the mask skin hydrophobic increase will indeed make the base makeup more convincing. However, the increase in the stratum corneum hydrophobic hydrophobic caused the weakened skin barrier, and the various fragrance spices, preservatives and other components in makeup products are also easier to penetrate into the skin. Dry skin wants to make the base makeup more convincing, it is recommended to moisturize at night skin care, or make a good moisturizing before makeup, do not rely on the mask;

Don’t rely on the mask too much;

I often receive such questions: What mask should I use with spots/acne/dry skin?

If the mask is really powerful, then apply the mask every day. There is no need for the higher the essence and cream of the unit price at all. Do you not need to do various medical beauty? Therefore, do not fall into various low -cost beauty skin care traps.


OK ~ The above is the content of today, I hope it will be helpful to you ~

I am Miya, I want to know more reliable beauty knowledge. Remember to like it ~





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