The young girl, how vitality is sure to wear more vitality, coupled with Disney’s cute small pattern, reflect the overall details, arouse the layers of fresh visual feelings, don’t mention how eye -catching and lively Even the editor myself liked it. Today I also brought six sets. Let’s take a look at how they wear it ~


The age -reducing hooded sweater, the Disney print pattern on the chest, takes you to relive the cartoon of the child, the paired pants are also very rich in details, a cute rice mouse left and right, adding a lively temperament, coupled with high gangs, with high gangs. Canvas shoes, youth and fashion.



The design of this knots sweater is the printed pattern of Donald Duck. The faint blue color is too gentle and hearty for the girls. With a high -waisted pleated skirt, the college is immediately out of style. If you like it, you like it. If you like it, you like it. You can also wear a white doll fake collar in the inside.



The dark blue Disney is particularly common. Those princess skirts are full of eye -catching, and this body transforms it into a POLO shirt with high waist strap pants, adds the small prints of Disney elements, and Martin boots are full of vitality.



At first glance, it is JK College style, and the fantastic blue and purple are full of Disney figures, especially the small prints on the knitted cardigan. Then come to the double flat canvas shoes, vitality and fashion.




The eye -catching blue, full of Donald duck, integrates such a cartoon color into daily wear, you can match the blue -purple plaid skirt, and carry a small shoulder bag of Chinako duck. To explode.



The last set, at a glance, it looks like the navy style, sailor -style shirt, with high waist pleated skirt, youthful and fashionable, the hat is picked on the shell hat, a pair of long -bumpers and boots are selected on the feet, which is thin and thin and thin and thin. It can be significantly higher, the point is that it is particularly lively.

Well, the above is recommended today. All the pictures are original and refuse to stole the plagiarism. If you like my match, pay attention to “Fresh NANCIE”.

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