Recently, British netizens launched a “saving shark” event. This shark is not a real shark, but a shark puppet produced by IKEA.

The shark is named Blahaj, which has become a famous net red plush toy on the IKEA with a “nicknant face” to the extreme.

Shark Broori is one of the most popular plush toys in IKEA. It has its own independent layout on large foreign forum Reddit. /

Unfortunately, recently, the British IKEA tweeted that Shark Brlo Ai will permanent production in April 2022. Netizens in many other regions in Europe have also found that I do n’t know when it starts, and Broat ’s figures can not be found in the local IKEA official website.

IKEA shark Broar is completely reduced to “endangered species.”


The official explanation of sharks for the suspension of sharks in the UK only said that because of “supply reasons”, it did not respond further. / Screenshot of CCTV Finance News


Since the announcement of sharks’ discontinued production, the topic of#saveblahaj#(rescue shark) has been updated a lot every day. Many netizens initiated petition voting to pray that sharks return.

What is the charm of IKEA’s sharks that so many people are reluctant to lose it -even those who posted most of them already have at least one shark.

I can’t help worrying that the shark in IKEA has stopped production. Is China okay? To this end, a reporter from New Weekly visited the IKEA mall in Guangzhou.

“Shark” that even macho cannot refuse

Open the daily updated “IKEA Hot List”, Shark Brlo Ai always ranks among the top in the plush toy list.

It is worth noting that the top dolls in the ranking are basically priced at the people. As long as dozens of dollars, the top of the IKEA bear with the top of the list is 9.9 yuan. In the TOP10 of the sales list, Brlo Ai is almost the only doll with a “worth 100 yuan”.

Sometimes Broat can still rank second in the hot list, the only IKEA bear with only 9.9 yuan that cannot be squeezed down by it. / IKEA official applet screenshot


Shark Brlo Ai has become popular since 2018. The popularity of many dolls is like a flash of flames, but Broai’s popularity has been maintained today.

Even British boys have to line up to buy “sharks”. / Picture source Reddit

IKEA sharks can fire, which has a certain relationship with social animal culture. Its eyes were lost, and a mouth that could never be closed seemed to sigh in the sky. “Have you finished your work?” “Did KPI have reached the standard?” “Did the boss explain to it?” Look at the pressure behind him, and then look at this shark. Isn’t this your true portrayal?


Do not believe? Let’s take a look at the day of sharks on social media:

I got up in the early morning, and I was holding my head to fall asleep with a newspaper.

Um, what did you just say when the boss just said, I was touched the fish.

The philosophy of my shark is: there is no difficulty in the world, as long as you give up.


Rarely reading the book before going to bed, in fact, just supported the book and brushed the mobile phone behind.

This picture has been seen for a long time, and even the shark with “evil gods and evils” has become cute. It makes people can’t help but want to run to IKEA immediately and go home “fishing”.

IKEA sharks are also very stitched on the comment area of ​​the e -commerce platform. Netizens are all hands.

The B -side of the Shark: It’s just a wage earner who diligently helps the owner to complete the task. / IKEA applet screenshot

For young people, IKEA sharks have surpassed the significance of ordinary plush dolls, more like the medium of emotional projection. Playing sharks and making stalks, IKEA sharks have formed its trendy cultural circle, becoming the most gentle blow of young people to resist real anxiety.


Why is there so many true feelings of the post on the topic of#saveblahaj#(rescue shark)? Seeing this, I believe you should understand, and even want to “raise” one.

“My little shark means too much to me. It accompanies me through the bad time in my life, please save the shark.” / Twitter screenshot

IKEA wrote in the profile of Shark Brlo Ai:

“When exploring the underwater world, if you have such a powerful partner with your side, you will be very secure. Blue sharks can not only swim far, but also dive deep into the ocean. Can hear your heartbeat. “

Shark Brlo Ai is the plush partner who accompanied us after we wore thorns in reality.


IKEA doll


Why can it be so fighting?

IKEA’s net red plush toys, not only one shark Brlo Ai. Pink pig Keno, big belly brown bear Uneggs Curg, Golden Retriever Gu Siger Geng … You may not remember these mouthfuls, but you have probably brushed them online.

From left to right: pink pig, big belly brown bear, golden retriever dog / IKEA official website


Why is IKEA’s doll so made?

1. Passage is true

Most of IKEA’s plush toys are concentrated between 30 and 70 yuan (RMB, the same below), such as 29.9 yuan, a Husky, a Teddy bear of 39.9 yuan, and a pink pig of 69 yuan. The large doll is only 100 yuan. The big belly brown bear is the most expensive one, with an official price of 199 yuan.


Not to mention the first choice for those who only want 9.9 yuan to visit IKEA and do not want to return empty -handed.

Compared with the recently brushed Disney’s new “female top stream” Lingna Belle, a number S doll with a length of about 40 cm, the price is 219 yuan. But unless you go to the park to line up for 3 hours, it is almost difficult to buy a original price of original price. Most consumers are currently subject to purchasing and oxen. They are purchased at a price of several times, and they may not be able to buy genuine products.

On the second -hand trading platform, Lingna Belle’s price was fired to thousands of yuan. It was surpassing Star Delu and became Disney’s new generation of “King of Gold”. / Shisting of idle fish


Look at the shark Bros Ai, with a length of 100 cm and a price of 129 yuan throughout the year. The cost -effectiveness is the greatest attraction to consumers.

2. Instant experience


New Weekly reporters interviewed several customers who purchased in the plush toy area in the Guangzhou IKEA Mall. The most of them mentioned the “comfortable” – “very comfortable to feel” and “it must be comfortable to hold sleep at night” Essence

Customers who are buying: From children to young generations, IKEA dolls are partners who can provide hug, listening and security. / Photo by Li Xiaoyu

In the “2021 Customer Experience Trends Report” released by Netease’s positioning, it is stated that modern customer experience emphasizes all links that cover the customer’s experience, focusing on creating a lively and scene -based scene.

IKEA just satisfied this. IKEA, which emphasizes “self -service shopping”, has canceled the traditional shopping guide sales model and giving consumers greater freedom. In the plush toy area, people can touch, embrace dolls, and experience their soft feel. Even if you do n’t choose to buy it later, no one will interfere with your behavior.


Big belly brown bears that are models in sofa areas, and constantly strengthen the immersive experience of customers when purchasing. / Photo by Li Xiaoyu

3. Pure and simplicity of the inner heart

Several dolls that IKEA are out of the circle can’t talk about “exquisite” and “girly heart”.

If I hold such a tongue with a tongue, a big yellow dog to go home, it is probably the probability that my mother will vomit: “Toys are made like this, how can I sell it.”/ Photo by Li Xiaoyu


But maybe what is impressive is the simple and simple of “not repairing the border”:

The rhythm of life is too fast, making people just want to find long -lost sleep on the belly of the big belly brown bear.


The stunned eyes of the golden retriever are the effect of being polished by the designer. The purpose is to make it look more sincere, docile, and not aggressive, as if reflecting the purest self of childhood.


Gosig (GOSIG) Golden Retriever Dog Plightened Toys Eyet Society / IKEA Designer @annie Hulden

From this perspective, rather than the IKEA doll, we are better to say that we appreciate the personality and transmitting emotions behind each doll.


Like the shark Broori, which is “funeral”, we are eager to have a childlike and simple plush toy to take us to escape the complexity and helplessness of the adult world.


Supply chain

Stranded more than just sharks

British sharks are going to be “extinct”, what will happen to China? This can’t help but worry.

An IKEA purchasing said that Shark Brlo Ai had attracted a short -term rush of goods in early October, but everyone immediately discovered that there was no obvious out -of -stock problem in China, and the purchase volume of sharks returned to normal.

The shelves in IKEA’s offline stores were also filled with sharks and waited for being adopted home. The shop clerk also said that he did not receive the news of discontinued production.

The shelves of the Chinese IKEA store are full of sharks waiting for being “adopted”. It seems that this out -of -stock crisis is still far from us. / Photo by Li Xiaoyu

Despite this, in the IKEA applet, sharks sometimes become “sold out online”.

At the same time, IKEA said on Twitter on September 27 that there is no plan to suspend the sale of shark dolls in the United States and Canadian stores, but the “shark” in France and Germany is still affected …

Netizens’ self -made “IKEA Shark Survival Map” shows that European sharks have a serious issue in endangered. / Figure source Twitter


IKEA officials have not given the specific reasons for the suspension of shark dolls, but it is not difficult to guess that this is likely to be a hoe in the global supply chain difficulties.

The success of IKEA is mainly due to its global procurement model. By purchasing raw materials around the world on a large scale, it has compressed the cost to the greatest extent. IKEA has stepped out of a “everyone can afford” the people.

However, this also means that any wind blowing of the supply chain will have a considerable impact on IKEA.

The raw materials and equipment shortage in industrial production in the European Union region ranks fifth in the home industry in August 2021, and about 35%of companies in the industry are facing crisis. / Data Source: EUSTATATATA

According to the British “Financial Times”, Jon AbrahamsSon Ring, CEO of IKEA, predicts that the shortage of IKEA raw materials will continue until 2022, and “the duration of this challenge is compared to our crisis. I imagine long. “

In addition, the soaring shipping price has also had a significant impact on the original supply model of IKEA. The CEO of IKEA said that the price of shipping soared, and the ports around the world were crowded.


In the past, the transportation of IKEA was mainly shipping. In 2021, the price of shipping between China and the European Europe soared from $ 2,000 (a 40 -foot standard container) to $ 13,000 to $ 14,000. IKEA had to turn to railway transportation.


On the official homepage of IKEA in the UK, the notice of “delay in the sea transportation of goods” shows. / Unsplash

In the crisis, it was not just a shark, but maybe only because the shark Brlo Ai was too famous, it caused its shortage to receive widespread attention.

At the same time, a large number of furniture products are quietly removed, and North American IKEA’s originally full shelves are almost empty.


IKEA status quo: Either lack of desktop or lack of desk legs, how can it be uniform. / Figure source Twitter, Xiaohongshu

Although we will not lose our favorite IKEA shark for the time being, it is clear that the supply chain dilemma represented by the “endangered” shark will continue to challenge IKEA.

Whether you can cope with this challenge is a choice in front of IKEA.

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