The data cable in the broad sense refers to a communication cable that connects between various electronic devices and conducts data information transmission, or the external connection channel or bridge of communication between the device is called automatic data cable? The automatic data cable in the good dock professional cable is like this.

The automatic formula is the protocol conversion. After the chip, the minidp signal is transformed into an HDMI signal through the protocol, which can realize the multi -screen display technology. It can automatically save the order of the trial. It supports HDCP. The automatic formula is mainly used for finance, stocks, security, and large games. Screen, etc. The transmission is more stable and not flashing the screen.


Good Door Professional Cable

Passive only transition of level displacement is to output the HDMI signal in the DP ++ form through the level. The algorithm is referred to as the algorithm to output the HDMI signal in the DP. This is a conventional usage. DP ++ form.

Data cables connect hardware devices such as hard disks, optical drives, soft drives, card readers and the corresponding interfaces on the motherboard, and the good dock professional cable we say here refers to the connection between the display and the device. Suitable for private customization of any scene.

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