When it comes to feelings, many people think of Nokia and BlackBerry. As the king of the function machine, Nokia represents a quality and novel design, while BlackBerry represents the pinnacle of full keyboards and business phones. In the era of intelligent machines, although both companies inevitably fell into difficulties, Nokia has begun to revive the majesty, and a little bit of the market is rolling on the market. In contrast, what is the situation now?

In fact, the current BlackBerry is quite embarrassing. As far as users and fans are concerned, it is a lot worse than Nokia. After all, Nokia is a mobile phone brand with the first possession and has accumulated a wide range of fan groups. However, BlackBerry has a lot of less audiences in comparison. Fan groups can say that foreign countries are more comparison in China. After all, when the BlackBerry’s limelight is flourishing, there is no effort in the domestic mobile phone market. At the time, when BlackBerry entered the Chinese market, it was an outdated model, as well as high -end pricing and operator models, and did not accept it for ordinary users. As a result, missed opportunities. Later, the business of BlackBerry mobile phone was fully represented by TCL.

So, what is the situation of BlackBerry now? In fact, it is quite embarrassing. There is only one mobile phone on sale: Blackberry Keyone. In fact, this is the first work after BlackBerry announced its return and was represented by TCL’s full authority, and it was also the only work.


This phone still has the most classic mobile phone design element of BlackBerry -full keyboard. Compared with the mobile phone on the market, it is almost the only mobile phone with a full keyboard. As far as the elements of paying tribute to classics and nostalgia, this design is actually running counter to the current mainstream full keyboard design. At present, mobile phone brands pay attention to screen ratio. What advantage.

In addition, the mobile phone relies on the configuration of 4G RAM+ 64G ROM+ Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 CPU. At the beginning of the release, the price was set to 3999 yuan, and it has been released for a year (the international release time is February 2017). This phone The domestic price is still around 3500 yuan, and the price positioning can be described as high -end. Unfortunately, the configuration has been far behind the current mainstream mobile phones. Moreover, BlackBerry’s proud security element can actually be used as a selling point after deciding to use Android; and BlackBerry’s Blackberry service has no users in China (the National Bank version has canceled the built -in BB).


It is embarrassing that from the current domestic mainstream e -commerce platform, sales can be said to be almost negligible compared to other first -tier mobile phone brands. Among them, the pricing should be one of the most important factor. After all, this price can buy domestic mobile phones with built -in Qualcomm flagship processors. Secondly, what is the basis for domestic blackBerry fans? In fact, it is basically the previous mobile phone players, relying on parallel mobile phones, etc. to satisfy curiosity. At present, the only BlackBerry fans are this group.

Although there are several rumors to release a new machine, BlackBerry has not had any movement. In such a fierce mobile phone market, I really worry about the future of BlackBerry. Pursuing retro and easy feelings, but it is really difficult to copy success.

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