Yangguang.com Beijing September 3 news (Reporter Wang Jing) has occurred in the year, and there is an electric vehicle fire casualty event. Once the electric bicycle is angry, the temperature can reach 200 ° C after 90 seconds, and the electric vehicle begins to explode. It will release a large amount of poisonous smoke in a short time, causing poisoning suffocation.

According to the “Regulations on the Fire Safety Management of High-Level Civil Buildings” on August 1 this year, the electric bicycle is banned in the high-level civil construction corridor, and it is forbidden to stop in the high-level civil construction public hall, evacuation walkway, stairwell, safe export parking electric bicycle Or charge the electric bicycle.

At present, Beijing’s relevant departments are also promoting the rectification of electric bicycles safe use. The use of intelligent charging sheds is one of the active initiatives.

Beijing Shijingshan Ocean Shanshui Community Intelligent Charging Scholars (Yangguang Network reporter Wang Jing photo)

1 money is charged in the 10-hour community to charge the car shed to gradually become “standard”

In Beijing Shijingshan Ocean Shanshui Community, there is an electric bicycle charging studio, which is currently available at the same time for 9 electric bicycles. On the afternoon of September 2, Mr. Gao, who took the electric bicycle, pushed the electric bicycle, took out the mobile phone skilled, charging, payment, and then plugged into the plug to charge the car.

The reporter saw that the whole process is not cumbersome, no need to store the value, no need to queue, as long as the scan code can complete the entire charging process according to the prompt, “This is cheaper than pushing the building at home, the key is no safety hazard.” Mr. said.

The safety hazards in the mouth of Gao, is a lot of electric owners concerned. Yang Zhenyi, deputy captain, deputy captain of the fire rescue detachment of Shijingshan District, told reporters that from the past case, the owner often habitually insert electric bike or battery insert electric bike or battery. This charging is in an unmanned guard, and the person is charged for a long time, and the person is poor, the awareness and escape are poor, and it is easy to cause fire and causing casualties.

Mr. Gao is located in the community charging car shed, only along the residential building, and its location is the public green space in the community. Today, the car shed is convenient, and the price is also very affordable.

In Beijing Shijingshan District, there are electric stars like the Ocean Shanshui Community to become “standard”. Since 2018, Beijing Shijingshan District promotes the construction of the first batch of intelligent electric bicycles, and the Ocean Mountain Water Community is only one of them. The reporter saw that this charged car shed has a rain cover, but also a monitoring probe, the fire extinguisher is also placed in a conspiring position, “the camera is connected to the property, 24 hours monitoring, the entire carport is built by non-combustion materials, also with a smoke alarm Yang Zhenyi said.

Electric car smart charging system (Yangguang network reporter Wang Jing photo)

Gradually promoting elevator electric bicycle drive equipment

记者探访北京智能充电车棚:1块钱充10小时 棚内充电起火可保险理赔

In addition to convenient, affordable, the entire charging carrier is intelligent, and behind it is a smart monitoring system.

Yang Zhenyi introduced that not only after the battery is full, it will automatically power off, and the plug is not plugged in and will automatically power off. Once the fire appears, the electric vehicle is damaged, and the insurance company will be compensated.

“There is a fire, I will tell the mobile phone, I can see the charging process on the phone, the remaining time.” A long-term user of the charging shed said.

记者探访北京智能充电车棚:1块钱充10小时 棚内充电起火可保险理赔

During an interview, although there is no late peak, the position of the charging shed is only one. Therefore, there are also residents reflected that there is a problem of tight in the peak of charging at night.

In this regard, Yang Zhenyi said that for some old residents with a serious “flying line”, they will also be highly concerned, actively with communities, property consultations, and open space construction charging trave sheds or transformation already have a carport.

At present, Beijing Shijingshan District has built 232 charging wags, which can provide 3,835 charge ports. This year will build 150 charging wairs. There is also a little more concerned. At present, the relevant departments are retrofitting upgrades for elevator monitoring, will gradually promote elevator electric bicycle lift equipment. “For example, some people push electric bicycles into the elevator, the elevator cannot start.” Yang Zhenyi said.

Electric cars being charged (Yangguang network reporter Wang Jing photo)

Official: Three ways to reasonably dispose of electric vehicle waste lead battery

记者探访北京智能充电车棚:1块钱充10小时 棚内充电起火可保险理赔

In addition to solving the difficulty of stopping, the charge is difficult, how to handle over-standard electric bicycles and waste batteries, and the problem of many people concerned.

“The waste lead battery eliminated during the use of electric bicycles, commonly known as lead-acid batteries, this type of battery is included in the” National Hazardous Waste Directory “, which belongs to waste, which requires special disposal.” Beijing Ecological Environment Bureau When the cadres of solid waste and chemicals, Zeng Bank accepted by Yangguang Net report that the citizens can handle electric bicycles in the following ways: First, when purchasing or repairing the store, the store is used by “old-replaced”. Replacement; Second, it will be given to the collection outlet of the waste lead battery; the third is the harmful garbage collection bucket in the community.

According to the reporter, according to the “Solid Waste Control Law of the People’s Republic of China, the units of collecting, storage, utilizing, and disposing dangerous waste management activities should be applied in accordance with relevant national regulations. Therefore, the waste lead battery should be given to the professional institution to collect disposal through special channels. Among them, the sales of electric bicycles and lead batteries, the waste-lead battery produced during the operation of the operation should be handed over to the unit with waste lead battery collection qualification for recycling disposal.

Zeng Xiaolan introduced that Beijing has a list of corporate lists of waste lead batteries and related collection outlets, and can be inquired at the Beijing Ecological Environment Bureau.

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