In modern decoration, the role of auxiliary light sources is becoming more and more prominent. In addition to the traditional atmosphere creation, the design of non -main lights instead of main light sources appears, and the trend of popularity is becoming more and more obvious.

In all main lamp design, the more typical is the main light source of space lighting with downlights and shooting lights. So, the question comes: what is downlight and what is a spotlight? How should the two be used?

Although the popular science text on the Internet is everywhere, I have turned it over, not much useful, and even introduced that the internal installation light sources are different, how to install light bulbs, and how to install energy -saving lamps …

After turning the date, it turned out to be a recent article. This is strange. Is the author’s area still using the craftsmanship twenty years ago?

Since both the concepts of the two are vague, let alone how to use it. So, use this opportunity today,

Let’s talk about trap and spotlights, especially in professional fields.

,I hope everyone has to help.

1. Briefly introduce the difference between down lights and shooting lights

The earliest downlight is just one


Cylindrical lamp holder

There is a concentrated bowl in the tube, which needs to be installed with a light bulb or energy -saving tube. The name of the downlight comes from this.


Later, with the advent of LED light sources, the volume of the light source was greatly reduced, making the pilling light source possible, so there were two designs:

One is a downlight designed with scattered light. The name remains unchanged, and it is still called



The other is the “downlight” designed with a concentrated light, and some of the steering device is also designed. This kind of lamp is called

Fire lamp


To be exactly “

Embedded “shooting light


, In order to distinguish between down lights and other types of shooting lights.


Therefore, the most important difference between downlight and the shooting lights is:

The downlight emits scattered light, and the spotlight emits polytal light.

The picture above shows the promotional language of a dumplings and lights of a well -known brand flagship store, and combined with the figure below, I believe that everyone can be a lot clear about the differences between the two.

The general experience in the industry is:

The common opening size of the downlight is between 7-12cm and diverted the light and cannot be turned; the common opening size of the shooting light is between 5.5-10cm, and the light is released, and the part of the exposure direction can be adjusted.


Note: Not all embedded shooting lights can be adjusted. Even if the direction is adjusted, the embedded lights are limited by structural restrictions, and the adjustment angle is very limited.

2. The application of the beam angle, the design of the main lamp, and the application of the embedded light source in the design of the main lamp

First explain what it means

Beam angle

The beam angle is the width of the light from the light source

Essence Professional saying that it is

When the light intensity is reduced to 50 % of its maximum value, the angle between two points on the beam shaft.

The beam angle is a unique indicator of the spotlight. The light of the downlight is very uniform, so it is difficult to determine the beam angle.

Explain what it means

No main lamp design

Essence It is currently a more popular lighting design. It uses embedded light sources or hidden light bands, as well as other auxiliary light sources to replace traditional single light sources and finally achieve reliable lighting of space.


The biggest advantage of this design is,

According to different task needs, it can easily adjust the range of light, and divide the private field when the light comes to help create a more comfortable home environment and rich environmental atmosphere.

The above figure is the three types of light -free lamps that use embedded light sources. Three pictures can be drawn three conclusions:

The smaller the beam angle, the more obvious the light and dark alternative

The larger the beam angle, the more uniform light spots

To achieve perfect uniform light, the number of light sources is the key

Therefore, in the design of an embedded lighting, we can use the above three rules to achieve the two completely opposite effects:

Left picture:

Small light beam


Selecting lighting to settle the key points and create a quiet atmosphere. In some western restaurants, hotels, high -end clubs, etc., you can see this design.


Installed enough

, Use sufficient scattered light to achieve uniform lighting without dead ends. Supermarkets, malls, and office spaces are more common.

Third, the beam angle of the spotlight and the lamp on the vertical surface

The application range of downlights is relatively narrow, mostly used to achieve lighting; and due to its rich expression, the scope of application is much larger. In addition to the lampless lighting, the spotlight is more used to decorate the plain wall surface. We generally call it

“Washing lamp”

The expressiveness of the spotlight is determined by two aspects: one is the color temperature. It has been said before, and it is not repeated here; the other is to have obvious beam angles.

Therefore, the spotlight can make rich changes on different surfaces, so it is more used to achieve

Decorative lighting and key lighting

In decoration

It can achieve shell -like fan -shaped spots on the wall while enlarging the texture of the wall.

The picture below is the effect of 5.5cm opening, which is installed at 10cm out of the wall.

In key lighting

It can adjust the angle and make the key parts more prominent.

In fact, the most suitable light source for key lighting is the suspension light. See below for the reason.


Fourth, the application of suspension shooting lights


In some relatively professional occasions, such as the key lighting of wall decoration or some decorations, the small -turning embedded shooting lights are obviously not enough. At this time, we need to use a suspension shooting light.

The range of suspension lights is very large, and the stage spotlights, rail lights, and projection lights belong to this range. The most commonly used in the family is this small suspension light.

When do I need to choose a hanging light?

Generally, when the wall decoration is required, the key lighting is required.

For wall decorations, if the embedded lights that are not adjusted or smaller are used, because the light is too vertical, the effect of key lighting is not achieved.

In particular, some suspension products with a certain thickness have a very poor effect of embedded radiation lights.

After using a suspension light, you can use the more ideal 30 degrees of inclination in the position of the wall, so that the spots projected on the wall can be used to achieve the ideal size.


Then the problem is here again:


How far is it suitable for leaving the wall?

This distance is determined by the height of the ceiling. If the calculation of the triangle function is too troublesome, you can refer to the following picture.

Fifth, the application of shooting lights in the professional field

In the professional field, the most common application method of shooting lights is still

Key lighting


Wash the wall


Two types. But “


Different standards, the requirements of the fire lights are much more strict.

First, during key lighting, there are selected shooting lights with different beam angles to achieve the best cooperation between light spots and lighting objects.

Second, when achieving the effect of washing the wall, pay more attention to the coordination between the wall design and the spotlight.

Third, according to different effects requirements, reasonably set the light distance and distance from the wall.

Today we talked about the relevant knowledge of embedded light sources, focusing on the suspension lights commonly used by the family, and the professional usage of the spotlight. I believe that after reading this article, everyone should have a deeper understanding of the downlights and shooting lights.

I will check it one by one. The favorite comments are: useful!

Therefore, I hope this article is still useful.

Well, the topic of today is here. I am going to the world to talk about decoration. My slogan is: carpenter who does not like writing is not a good designer. Pay attention to me and let us progress together.

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