This is a double -headed solar human body induction wall lamp, which has good waterproof performance, and it will not affect use on rainy days.

This lamp has a strong light, no one is weak/light, and the weak light is not adjusted;

Outdoor waterproof can operate normally without distinction between weather, professional waterproof technology, superior waterproof performance, and no need to worry about rain and humidity;

The human body induction device is 3-5m, when it is dark to the body temperature, automatic high and high, the lights are destroyed in about 20 seconds, the induction distance is 3-5m, and the light angle is 120 °;

Lithium battery is 2000mAh, and the electricity is more durable. The 2000mAh high -performance lithium battery provides longer lighting, safe and durable, not easy to explode, and strong practicality;

LED patch, energy saving and environmental protection without pollution;


Solar energy charging, easy charging, fast and convenient, do not charge electricity;

Free wiring, easy to install, save electric wires;

Automatic charging during the day, automatic light at night, no artificial control;

The polysilicon solar board is used, and the light energy is transformed into an electrical energy up to 17%-18%, which is solid and durable, and the charging efficiency is greatly improved;


The lighting range is about 25 square meters, which can be installed at the gate, parking lot, courtyard, balcony and other places.

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