Chair yoga is an excellent practice. If you seek more support during the practice, this is a good choice, it can help you add some fluency in the practice.

With the support of the chair, no matter the age, flexibility level, injury, or inconvenience, many people can enjoy the benefits of yoga.

When you are sitting, you can still do all kinds of twisting, bending, and stretching movements. Try the chair yoga through the following actions.


1. Sitting mountain style

The mountain style is a perfect warm -up posture that can concentrate your breathing and exercise your core.


Pull your spine with a deep breath. Exhale and push the sciatica into the chair. The legs are 90 degrees. Take a deep breath, exhale, and then turn your shoulders down and backwards. Gently use the core muscles and relax the arms on both sides. Keep your posture for about a minute.


2. Sitting Warrior I


Enter Warrior 1, inhale deeply, hold his arms over the top of his head. Exhale, roll your shoulders backwards. You will feel your shoulder joint sac (convenient muscles that fix the shoulder joints together). Take a deep breath 5 times, then put your arm back back to both sides of the body.

3. Follow the chair

Bend forward will stretch your spine and stretch your back muscles. Put your palms on your thigh. Keep your spine straight, bend forward when you feel comfortable. In order to strengthen the stretching, let the arm loosely hang down the floor. Keep 5 times of breath. Inhale when you return to the upright position.


4. Strengthen the side stretch

This asana can enhance your chest, lungs and shoulders, while stimulating your abdominal muscles.

Open your chest and bend to the right when inhaling. Stretch your right arm to the ceiling, look up at your arms, keep your breath several times, and repeat the other level.


5. Simple sitting and twisting

Sit, stretch the spine, raise your arms, and twist to the right. Don’t just twist your back, move the entire torso when you put down your arm. Put your right arm gently on the back of the chair. Gaze the right shoulder and keep it breathing 5 times. Back to the starting position and repeat the left.

6. Pigeon style

This asanas stretch your hips and groin and stimulate your digestive system.

Put your right ankle on your left thigh. Keep your knees align with ankle. Keep your breath at least 5 times, and then repeat it at another.


7. Eagle -style arm


This action can strengthen your arm, open the shoulder joint, and increase blood circulation.

Stretch your arms on both sides of the body while inhaling. Exhale and put your arms in front of you. Arms intersect. Inhale and raise your elbow a little. Exhale, turn your shoulders back and back, and keep your breath several times. Repeat on the other side.

8. Sitting Cat/Bull Style

This action can release stress and strengthen your back. Sit straight and your knees above the ankle.


Bull style: Inhale, open the chest cavity, roll the scapula down and backwards. Cat: exhale, bow back, abdomen, put your chin on your chest. Let your shoulders and heads fall forward. Move 5 times back and forth.

9. Keep reverse arms

Inhale, your arms are stretched to both sides, and your palms are down. Exhalation let your hands be loosely swing behind his back. Ten hands and gently pull to increase resistance, but do not let go. Take 5 times deep, and then repeat the opposite arm.


10. Siter Stars Style


This posture can be strengthened, stretched and adjusted your spine.


Take a deep breath and stretch your arms on both sides. Keep the spine neutral. Stretch your fingers and top of your head. If possible, straighten your legs. Keep 5 breathing.

11. Meditation

Close your eyes and sit on your knees with both hands. Take a few minutes of rest and simply observe the feeling of your body. After ready, open your eyes slowly.

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