Introduction: Double -sided glue is often used in our lives. Double -sided glue is not only convenient to use but also affordable. In fact, there are many types of double -sided glue in the market. I won’t say more about the production process of double -sided glue. Friends who are interested can check it online. The double -sided tape is paper, cloth, and plastic. The material is a paste substrate, and its component is composed of substrates and adhesives and other materials. Let me briefly introduce the relevant information about the price of the double -sided tape. Hope to help everyone.

There is a double -sided tape with base materials that use cotton paper, PET, PVC film, non -woven fabric, foam, acrylic foam, thin film ~ ~, etc. as the substrate. Missing glue, acrylic pressure -sensitive glue, etc., curled or chip -shaped adhesive bands made on the above substrates are composed of substrate, adhesive, and isolation paper (membrane).

Non -substrate


The double -sided rubber -free double -sided glue is coated on the icing paper (membrane) material (elastic body type pressure glue or resin -type compressive gum, acrylic compressive glue ~ ~, etc.). The adhesive belt is composed of the adhesive and isolation paper (film) part.



Divided into solvent -based adhesive bands (oily double -sided glue), emulsion -type adhesive belt (water -based double -sided glue), hot -melt adhesive belt, pressure -delayed adhesive belt, and reactive adhesive strap. Generally, it is widely used in leather, nameboard, stationery, electronics, automotive decoration, shoe industry, paper making, handicraft paste positioning and other purposes. Hot melting double -sided glue is mainly used in stickers, stationery, and office. Oily double -sided glue is mainly used in high sticky aspects such as leather goods, pearl cotton, seated cotton, and shoe products. The embroidery double -sided glue is mainly used in computer embroidery.

There are also many types of double -sided tape: grid double -sided tape, reinforced double -sided tape, Rubber double -sided tape, high -temperature double -sided tape, non -woven double -sided tape, non -residual tape, double -sided tape, double -sided sides, double -sided sides, double sides Glass cloth tape, PET double -sided tape, foam double -sided tape, hot -melt tape, conductive tape, PET tape, beauty tape, electrical tape, high temperature tape resistant tape, Marla tape, non -substrate tape, acetate tape, PVC, PVC Tape is used in the production process of all walks of life;


Double -sided glue: white oil glue, yellow heat melting glue, water glue, embroidered glue.

The price of the tape is generally calculated according to square meters. First of all, we must know the length of the tape, convert the width of the tape into rice, and then multiply the width. The price of the whole box is the unit price of the unit price, plus the appropriate packaging fee, generally within 10 yuan.

Each roll tape unit price calculation method: The tape industry usually uses “yuan/square meter” to calculate the price of the tape, and the formula of the tape price “Each roll price = width (m)*length (m)*square price”. The price of the specific tape needs to be largely floating according to the cost, because the BOPP membrane and glue are all petroleum products, and the price is uncertain.

Mainly used for mobile phone backlight. The general price of imported imports is more than 30 yuan, but now there are several domestic people doing well.


After reading my commentary, have you gained something? In fact, there are many types of tape on the market, as well as tapes of the box. The tape of the box plays a great role in the current production. The price of the tape seal is affordable and can meet the needs of most products. Here, if you are interested, you can check the relevant information of the box tape online. In addition, double -sided tape is a must -have in our daily life, and the market price is not very expensive. Interested friends can check online, or go to the store to buy a volume.

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