At present, 5 -inch, 6 -inch, and 7 -inch high -speed ball machines are common in the market. Among them, 6 -inch ball machines are equipped with a wall installation bracket. 5 -inch balls and 7 -inch ball machines do not have their own installation brackets. You can install yourself according to your own installation. Scene options. In actual installation, if you need to buy a bracket separately for matching, what should you pay attention to?

1. The inner diameter of the bracket bayonet

The most important factor in selecting a bracket is the inner diameter of the bracket bayonet. The inner diameter needs to be greater than the top diameter of the top of the high -speed ball machine. In actual purchase, the diameter size of the bracket bayonet needs to be clear.

2. Maximum weight of the bracket


The size of high -speed ball machines (5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches and 8 inches or larger) and material (aluminum alloy, plastic) make the ball machine larger and heavier, so the support capacity of the bracket must be greater than 1 times more than the high -speed ball. Essence Usually the maximum load bearing on the market can meet our high -speed ball machines.


3. Swine arm length


When using the wall installation bracket, the selection of the bracket arm length is related to the actual monitoring and installation requirements, but when selecting, pay attention to the adaptation of the arm length and the size of the ball machine. The arm length needs to be greater than the maximum radius of the ball machine. Go to the installation surface.

TP high -speed ball machine specification

The size of the size of the size high -speed ball machine is slightly different, so the same bracket may not be universal with all size high -speed ball machines. The bayonet of different sizes of high -speed aircraft is different. Overall:


Note: The size of the ball machine is the diameter of the ball machine*diameter*high.

1. Bring a bracket


6 -inch high -speed ball machine out of the factory with wall installation brackets,

It can be used with 6 -inch and 7 -inch ball machines, but it cannot be paired with a 5 -inch ball machine

Essence The specifications of the wall installation bracket are as follows:


2. Common third -party brackets

Both high-speed ball machines and common brackets on the market can be adapted. For example, Haikang’s DS-1602ZJ long wall installation bracket can be used with 5, 6, and 7-inch ball machines.



1. When selected, in addition to paying attention to the direct appearance size, you also need to confirm the inner diameter of the bracket.

2. Select different types of brackets according to the actual installation scene, such as: corner support, ceiling bracket, holder bracket, or long wall bracket.


3. Most brackets on the market are installed in three screws, but some brackets may be 2 screws, and the third fixes are fixed. match.

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