Mr. Shao’s middle finger was stuck by the “net red ring”.

Recently, a “net celebrity ring” is very hot, and the function of opening a bottle cap is also attached. The most important thing is that it is not expensive to be good -looking and fun. Many businesses are doing activities to buy one get one free. Many young people are scrambling to buy.

At 10 am on May 28th, Mr. Shao, who lives in Cixi Zhouxiang, hurried to the Changhe Fire Rescue Station for help: “Master, help. My fingers were stuck by the ring, and some were swollen and could not be taken out.”

At first glance, the firefighters on duty were quite familiar, and asked subconsciously: “Are you the” Internet celebrity ring “that can be opened online?”

That’s right, it’s it! This is a silver ring, which is made of titanium steel. It is very hard. You need to use a polished machine to sharpen the ring first, and then cut it with a power off. According to this idea, the firefighters came to the tool. After 5 minutes, the ring was cut off, but the ring was “tenacious” and was still unwilling to “loosen”.

“Can’t force it, try another mouth from the other side.” After discussing several firefighters, the second mouth was grinded with the same method on the other side of the ring. After the ring was cut two mouths, the ring finally “opened his mouth”.

According to Mr. Shao, he bought this ring on the Internet and spent 3.61 yuan. “This ring is super cheap, and it is very hot on the Internet. There are chains outside the ring, which can rotate and the color is dazzling, so buy it and play.”

As for the function of “bottle -opening artifact”, Mr. Shao also tried. “The outside of the ring is very hard. When the cover is prying, you can open the beer bottle, but who is okay to open a beer bottle every day, just wear fun.” When I woke up, I woke up and found that my fingers were swollen and I couldn’t get it.

“We also dealt with the situation that was dealt with last week. A girl also wore this” Internet celebrity ring “and my fingers were stuck.” The firefighter told Mr. Shao.

The reporter searched on the Internet that it was similar to the price of “Internet celebrity rings”. Many shops were discounted and promoted, and they were sought after by young men and women. The retrieval of the past news found that the “Internet celebrity rings cards” have occurred in various places, and there are many hidden dangers. Ningbo Evening News reporter Ma Tao Correspondent Zhang Wenze

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