Yirong refers to changing people’s appearance.

In some film and television dramas and novels, it usually appears in the plot that needs to make the characters completely change. For example, Aju in “Tianlong Babu” is very good at the skill of Yirongshu, and Tang Ling in “Heping Hotel” has changed his face with a water -soluble edible cement.


Tang Ling directly rubbed the sludge in “Peace Hotel”

Is this a purely exaggerated technique of the plot, or is it really such a magical effect?


Let’s discuss this interesting “black technology” in this issue.

The origin of Yirongshu

The original purpose of Yirongshu was not to change the appearance, because it

It originated from ancient sacrifice activities.

When a sacrifice ceremony is held, people will put on a mask or apply oil. Like the intangible cultural heritage of our country, the dance, is the oldest type of entertainment god dance in the Han nationality, which is the oldest of the Han nationality. So -called


“Pick off the mask is human, wearing the mask is god”,

When performing dance, we usually wear a mythical image and a mask of secular figures. And these elements form the prototype of the initial Yirong.

Dance “Prime Minister Cao Bing”

Later, as people wanted to change their appearance or a certain facial features for some purpose, they gradually evolved into an easy -to -capacity.

Ancient Easy Rongshu


In some costume film and television dramas, the protagonist’s Yi Rongshu is often changing hairstyles+clothes. At most, the heroine of the “woman dressing men’s clothing” can cheat the eyes of everyone in the play. Is the ancients so stupid? actually not. because


the ancients


The change of the dress not only changes the appearance, but also represents the change of a person’s identity and social status.


Therefore, we can achieve “falsehood”.


So is there any “more advanced” Yirongshu in ancient times? According to historical records, Wang Mang, who was in his sixties at the time, achieved the purpose of “easy -to -capacity” through hair dyeing. Although I don’t know what he used to make his hair blame, in “Hanshu Wang Mang Biography”



If you want to look at yourself, you have to get rid of it. “It confirmed that it was true.

Western Han reformists, politicians, and new dynasties emperor Wang Mang

If hair dye is just a primary and primary way, then “plastic surgery” is a way to change the appearance.


The movie “Sword Rain” shows extremely complicated rivers and lakes. The Yunnan tapestil was introduced from the nostrils, and the meat-grinding bone-suture and other operations were introduced to make “Lin Xilei” turn face into “Yang Ziqiong”.


Historically, there are already technologies such as pretending to be the eye.


According to the Tao Zongyi of the Yuan Dynasty, the 23rd volume of the “Nancun Drinking Multi -Record” Volume · San Tie’s record: “Hangzhou Zhang Cun, a young affected at a glance, is called Zhangyanzi. No one can distinguish its pseudo. “From the last sentence, it can be known that at that time, the technology of pretending to be very exquisite was still very superb, and when others could not distinguish the authenticity.


Tao Zongyi and his masterpiece “Nancun Drinking Capital”

In the Qing Dynasty, the “plastic surgery beauty” of this kind of “plastic surgery” has made great progress. Gu Shicheng, a famous doctor, recorded in “Uncelved Medicine”: “Repair the lack of lips, first apply the anesthetic to the lip, and the lack of the skin with a first -front knife, that is, the embroidered needle is used to order the two sides of the two sides, then rubbing up the upsurge of the upsurge Blood medicine, do not cry and laugh within three or five days, and afraid of colds and gimmicks, eat only porridge every day, full muscle, go to its silk thread, that is, a lip. “

It was enough to see the level of cleft lip and palate.


Gu Shicheng’s book “Uncelved Medicine Daquan”

Modern Yirongshu


From the current perspective, the ancients were limited to the knowledge reserves and environmental factors at that time, so it is not easy to change the local appearance to change the local appearance. Thanks to the progress of modern technology,


Today’s Yirongshu is the complete change.

Elementary: Filter/AI Face Change


In 2019, a “loli -turning aunt” incident has aroused heated discussion among netizens. The anchor “His Royal Highness Qiao Biluo” on a platform showed his true capacity because of the live BUG, ​​which was very different from the photos she exposed on social software. This incident even attracted BBC reports and made foreign netizens curious. How did she make herself look younger?

This is of course relying on a powerful filter function to change the face one second online. His Royal Highness Qiao Biluo in the filter is a young woman with big eyes and small faces, and she is obviously judged to be two.

Thinking, big eyes, grinding skin and other filter functions can be described as one of the simplest and easiest contemporary jurisprudence.


But compared to the filter function, today

AI face change technology


On the next level, only one photo is needed. Through specific software, you can not only change your face thoroughly, but even become a star.


For example, an anchor named A Leng changed his face to Tang Yan under the creation of netizens. His expression was very realistic, without the slightest stiffness or sense of connection.

The anchor who was changed by AI


Yang Mi traveled to the 94th version of “The Biography of the Condor Heroes” through AI, and “starred” Huang Rong.

Because of the actor’s own problem, many film and television dramas have also made full use of AI face -changing technology to achieve corners, thereby avoiding the cost of re -shooting.

Left: TV series “Three Thousand Crows” right: TV series “Wind Sound”

All use AI face -changing technology


In fact, AI’s face change was used as early as “Speed ​​and Passion 7”. The dead actor Paul Walker changed his face through a CGI technology and eventually presented in the movie.

However, this Yi Rongshu brought convenience and fun and was also wantonly abused. Some celebrities were added to spoof videos, and even many female stars’ faces were replaced in pornographic films. Essence

Barack Obama, a tragic spoof


In general, the technology of AI face -to -face is really a double -edged sword. In addition to the mastery of the “Swordsman”, it also requires the improvement of relevant laws and the review and control of the Internet platform.


Intermediate: blogger imitation makeup


The filter and AI face conversion mentioned ear

Makeup is a proper “technical stream”.

In the beautiful makeup circle in the very inner roll, the beauty bloggers who will look good makeup are no longer unusual. Only ingenious and technical makeup gods can attract more attention and discussion.

Like the beauty blogger “Sister Pig” with more than 8 million fans, as early as 16 years, she came out because of imitation makeup. The character she imitates can imitate exactly no matter whether she has gender, local or overall makeup. At the same time, Sister Pig did not imitate just to imitate, but wanted fans to be inspired and used in daily makeup from the imitation makeup. Such Yirongshu seemed to have a step step forward.

The bloggers on Douyin “Bobo’s most foreign” is to make imitation makeup to the extreme. The imitative characters are extremely wide. From classic characters to comic characters and celebrities and stars, they all cleverly seize their essence.

Bobo’s most foreign imitation Kobe and Andy Lau, who is praised by Andy Lau

As a technical streaming, it is pursuing both like a look and God. It must not only have both eyes that are good at observing, but also the hands that need to make makeup. List it as an intermediate Yirongshu.


Advanced: special effects makeup

To say the highest level of Yirong, non -special effects makeup.

It combines a variety of techniques such as sculpture, modeling, and shape to achieve special effects. Not only can it completely change your appearance, it can even cross race through this method and transform into various creatures.


In the early days of my country’s film and television industry, the most typical special effects makeup masterpiece is the 86th version of “Journey to the West”,


Most of the characters in the characters use this “canonon”.

The makeup artist is doing the final decoration for actor Madehua’s “pig mask”

Special effects makeup originated in the United States.

As early as the 1930s, New York artist Barc invented the basic special effects makeup skills. The earliest was used to make a full -faced latex mask with sculpture.


The representative figure of this technology is Dick Smith, a well -known special effects makeup master in the United States.

In movies such as “Godfather”, “Mozart” and “Exorcist”, which are well known to the audience, he has his special effects makeup technology full of innovative creativity.


Dick Smith is in the movie “Godfather”

The actor of the “Godfather” Malone Bai Lan durates the elderly makeup

At the 57th Academy Awards in 1985, 63 -year -old Dick Smith won the best makeup award of the year with the superb skills in the movie “Mozart”. He also won the Lifetime Achievement Award on the 84th Oscar in 2012.

Left: 57th Oscar Best Makeup Award

Right: The 84th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award

In order to pursue a better makeup effect, Dick Smith changed the traditional all -face mask method at that time and created multiple partial separate masks. It only needs to be pasted on the parts required by chin, nose, eyebrows, etc. This unique new invention also brought tremendous changes to the field of special effects at the time.

This method has been in use to this day. Former US Central Intelligence Agency camouflage Jonna Mendez explained how agents use camouflage and how to effectively be easy


Agent will use latex prosthesis to change the cheekbones, foreheads or noses, or use braces, dental cushions and artificial dental plates to achieve the purpose of changing the face shape.

The traditional all -faced mask mentioned earlier is also the commonly used Yirong props in the public cognition, which will still be used in disguise.


In addition, a super-f co Co also produces a surreal human face mask. Such masks are made of resin and plastic. Most of its main functions involve face testing. From the red blood on the eyes, the hair flow of the eyebrows feels super true skin texture, and every trace of details are as realistic as possible.


Do you want to have this easy to change your face every day?

The props used for special effects makeup are made of a variety of materials, and there are some materials that can directly act on the face. For example, the “nasal bridge increase” and “chin -pointed -changing technique” on a short video platform were used for a material called skin wax in special effects makeup.

And these two simple Yirong skills


American reality show “FACE OFF”


Compared with the special effects makeup technology displayed in China, it is “small witch to see the big witch”. Many of the players are very exquisite and have a strong visual impact.


The vast theme not only crosses the race, but also is closely linked to painting, sculpture, drama, and movies, which has created a variety of strange and strange and charm.

In this reality show, it is not difficult to see a few key steps of special effects makeup.

The first step is to design drawings first to draw a rough prototype and the effect you want to achieve.

Then make the mold on the plaster avatar of the face (usually poured into the gypsum in the inverted mold produced by the alginate), which can be carved directly with clay to engrave the characteristics.

The part of the clay shaped will eventually make the material of the latex foam sponge, allowing the player to wear it. The process of this production is the most time -consuming and energetic.

It is not only the need for special effects makeup artists’ ideas and creativity, but also test whether they have strong artistic skills and hands -on ability.

Finally, use a special glue to make the mask made on the face of the live model, wear various prosthesis, add makeup and spray paint steps to show the final effect. Look at these works in the show and really feel the magic of special effects makeup.

Inventory of all kinds of canolation techniques from ancient times to the present, I have to admire the infinite wisdom of human beings. People have been continuing to change their appearance. I do n’t know how more advanced Yirongshu will occur in the future, and what impact will it bring to the world? Stay tuned.


Edit & wrote — Li Beini

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