The warm sun in the afternoon was sprinkled on an old -fashioned sewing machine. The 78 -year -old Li Yuzhen was sitting down and sitting on the sewing machine pedal, and his hands were busy under the needle. With the sound of “Da Da Da”, the thin and uniform needle eyes fell on the insole …

Recently, the reporter followed the firefighters of the two -seven district brigade of the Zhengzhou Fire Rescue Detachment to Li Yuzhen’s house to see the dense needle and colorful color insoles of the dense needle.

Seemingly simple and real process is complicated, her insoles are durable and environmentally friendly


Li Yuzhen lives in the coal industry (group) limited liability company in Erqi District, Zhengzhou City. Before retiring, she worked at Zhengmei Group. After retirement, she couldn’t get idle, so she learned to paint, sews handicrafts, etc., and she was too busy every day.

Now, she is getting obsessed with how to accept insoles.


Li Yuzhen introduced to reporters that these insoles seem to be simple, but they need multiple processes: First, clean the old clothes and old quilts for cleaning, and then remove them all into pieces. You have to reconcile by yourself -dilute the appropriate amount of flour, and turn it on the pot. After stirring well, a layer of cloth is a layer of paste, a total of four layers of cloth and four layers of paste.


Then, dry the sloping cloth in the sun, cut the thick cloth into the shape of the insole with scissors, and then use the edge of the padding, and use the sewing machine to rectify. In this way, hand -made insoles are considered well. “Unlike ordinary insoles, it is close to the ordinary insole, with a combination, wear resistance, breathable and environmentally friendly.” Li Yuzhen said cheerfully that since this year, she has sewed hundreds of pairs of insoles.

Give full play to “skills” to make a pair of insoles for everyone, so that the firefighters are padded under their feet and walking up.


Hundreds of pairs of insoles are sewn, which is a huge “engineering” for young people, let alone an old man in the past 80!

Why is she so persistent, spend so much time and energy on the small insoles?

Li Yuzhen admits that after Zhengzhou experienced “7.20” this year, after the continuous heavy rainfall, she saw the heroic rescue of firefighters in the Erqi District on TV and mobile phone, knowing that the firefighters were soaked in the water for a few days, and the feet were soaked with Tao. Nuclear skin is like a distress.

“Other people’s children are in danger to run at home, but wherever they have dangerous, I cry at the time.” Li Yuzhen wanted to use his “skills” to make a pair of insoles for the firefighters. Let the firefighters put under the feet and walk even more vigorously.


On September 15 this year, under the leadership of the Taiwan compatriots community workers, Li Yuzhen came to the fire rescue brigade of the Erqi District to send one hundred pairs of insoles to the firefighters, and carefully marked the number of code, instructing the firefighters to send the police to the police. Pay attention to safety and be affectionately called “insole” by firefighters.

Song Erkai, the head of the fire rescue station of the Yangtze River Road Fire Rescue Brigade of the Erqi District, said that the insole sent by Grandma Yuzhen felt the heavy responsibility on her body.


Previously, on the day of the Chung Yeung Festival, the firefighters of the Fire Rescue Brigade of the Second Seven District came to Li Yuzhen’s house to condolence and formed long -term pairing assistance.

To pass the spirit of “Grandma insole”, pass on the spirit of the party’s dedication to more people

The reporter saw that in Li Yuzhen’s house, more than 100 square meters of houses were placed with various cloth insoles. Every 10 pairs are bundled, ranging from 37 to 42 yards to meet the needs of different shoe codes.

“I am an old party member. The party has been 35 years old. Now the biggest wish is to make 100 pairs of insoles before the Spring Festival to give more firefighters. As long as the body allows, I will continue to do it.” Li Yuzhen said.

“Although it is just a pair of small insoles, it is the manifestation of love behind it. It is worth learning from each of us.” Taiwan compatriots community workers told reporters that when Li Yuzhen first started making insoles, the fabric was the old old that could not be worn at home. clothing. The children came to see her, and she was not rare to send her, and she was happy to send it.


Later, under the call of Li Yuzhen, the team of insoles became stronger and stronger. Some neighbors in the surrounding communities were delivered (for use), sending materials, and some people to help wash the fabrics and sew the insole.

“Grandma Yuzhen’s actions have driven many people around them. Seven or eight sisters have joined the volunteer team. Inherit the spirit of the “Grandma insoles ”, pass it on to more people.”


Source: Mengyu News

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