When the baby is more than two years old, he will start to like slipping and scooter, especially scooter, you can exercise a sense of balance, enjoy speed, and few babies do not like it.

The scooter has a three -wheeled scooter, a two -wheeled scooter, and a frog skateboard. There are foldable and non -folding. In order to make the applicable age wider, there are also three -in -one, four -in -one, and five -in -one scooter.

Play the skateboard, it is cool, but pay more attention to safety. At the same time, it is also light and easy to storage.


How to choose a scooter? The stupid father combined with the Guangzhou Consumer Council’s recent evaluation of 18 scooters to tell you.


Evaluation sample

The skateboard test selected 18 scooters, most of which are three -wheeled scooter, a small number of two -wheeled scooter, and one is a frog skateboard.

The brand also involves some well -known brands, such as Gao Lebao, Migao, Keyi, Cool Qi, Avigo.

According to the balanced control capabilities when playing, three -wheeled, two -wheeled, and frog -type are suitable for babies from small to large.

The following is the information of 18 scooter samples:


Evaluation indicators (optional points)

Safety indicator

The safety performance of skateboards mainly includes two aspects, one is material safety, and the other is structural safety.


1. Material safety


The main problem is whether the handle, coating, and pedal that may be in contact with the baby’s skin (including DBP, BB, DEHP) with migrants (including DBP, BB, DEHP). According to the national standard of toy GB 6675.1-2014, the content of migrating plasticizers should be ≤1000mg/kg.


2. Structure safety


Including three aspects, one is the accessibility of the holes, gaps, and mechanical devices of scooters. In layman’s terms, these positions of scooters should prevent the baby from accidentally claming and feet.

The second is the strength of the riser. The vertical tube is the vertical rod. In use, it cannot be easily broken or collapsed. The lock device of the vertical rod cannot fail or damage, otherwise it will easily cause injuries.

The third is the brake system. Most of the brake systems of scooter are braked by stepping on the rear wheel pedal, and a small part also has handbrakes. One of the brake systems is to effectively brake on the plane and slope, and the second is that the brakes should be stable and cannot stop urgently. The brake failure or the brake is too urgent to cause injuries.

Use performance:

The evaluation of the use of performance includes the non -slip properties of the pedal and the light performance used.

1. Anti -slip performance

, Refers to the anti -slip design of the pedal. Good anti -slip performance, can effectively avoid the baby’s easy to slip when riding, cause injuries to the tilt, and the comfort during cycling is better.


2. Light performance

It mainly refers to the weight of the sliding car and whether it can be folded. The weight is too heavy, whether it is an adult or a child, it is inconvenient to carry it. It can be folded, regardless of whether it is placed at home or car trunk, it does not take up space.

Other functions:

Other functions mainly refer to the steering function of the sliding car, whether there is glowing, and the degree of adjustment of the height of the riser.

The steering function of the scooter mainly depends on gravity steering, but for smaller babies, at the beginning, it is not enough to be proficient in gravity steering, so be careful.

Whether the wheels have a light emitting function, mainly a question that children like. In addition, at night, passers -by can notice to avoid being hit.

The degree of adjustment of the height of the riser is mainly because the baby’s growth can be adjusted to adjust the corresponding height of the riser, making the applicable age width greater.


Since other functions have different series of models, the functions of each series are different, so they are not included in the scoring items. They are only used as extra bonus or reduction reference.

Let’s take a look at the evaluation performance of 18 scooters.


Safety performance: 11 models do not meet national standards

The test results showed that 11 of the 18 scooters had a situation that did not meet national standards, and only 7 passed a comprehensive safety test.

In the list of unqualified products, the 4 plasticizers do not meet the standards; the number of holes, gaps, and institutional devices can not reach the standard, and there is a risk of clip injury; the two models do not meet the standard; Explanation does not meet the requirements.

XLM/Little Liming all -aluminum two -wheeled scooter, Lewha childhood folding scissors car

A total of 3 projects have not up to standards.


Through comparison, it can be found that except for Britain’s coolness (the problem is not big), the others are relatively “cheap goods”.


The situation of the 11 models does not meet the standards as shown in the figure below:


Use performance: price and functional area different

Excluding 11 products with unsuccessful safety performance, let’s take a look at the other performance performance of 7 products that pass safety performance testing.

Non -slip performance


1. The most expensive

Gao Lebao tricycles/444

The performance is also the best, the anti -slip area of ​​the pedal is large, and the angle of slipping when it is tilted is also the largest.

21st Scooter tricycles/RO203M-3


The non -slip performance is not good.



1. The most important frog car is the meaning of the title.

Mesuca frog car

2 and 3 skateboard cars cannot be folded, so the score is low.

3. In addition, the weight and maximum bearing capacity of scooters are not proportional. The maximum bearing grace of 7 scooters meets the nominal, that is, the applicable age it claims.


In addition to the gravity steering, there is also a lock steering function. Press the middle round hole button. The scooter can only go straight and cannot turn. This is mainly to consider the problem of easy to fall to the baby who is primary. It is a bonus.

AVIGO two -wheeled scooter/NA01147

There is no gravity steering function and lack of.

Oxelo tricycles/ B1 500

There are more functions, you can add points.


General comment: Recommend Gao Lebao, AVIGO, Keyi Bybi

The stupid father referred to the test results of the Guangzhou Consumer Council, and analyzed and scored the overall performance of the 7 scooters. The score results after the weighted average of 7 products are shown in the figure below:

The top three products are Gao Lebao three -wheeled scooter/444, Avigo two -wheeled scooter/NA01147, Kobe KUB multi -function tricycles/LK_8528.

French brand Gao Lebao maintains its high -priced and high performance performance. This test product performed better than another well -known brand Micao’s test product. If Baoma is not sensitive to prices, you can choose the product of Gao Lebao.

Gao Lebao tricycles/444 Reference price: 844 yuan Applicable age: 3 years old or above

This product tested by Avigo is two -wheeled scooter. Two -wheel scooter is usually only suitable for older children. The applicable age of this product is over 6 years old.

Avigo two -wheeled scooter/NA01147 Reference price: 299 yuan Applicable age: 6 years old or above

But this time this test product belongs to the two -in -one multifunctional skateboard. It can be used as a slipper or a scooter. It is slightly wider for age.

Keyi Bybi multi-function tricycles/ LK_8528 Reference price: 278 yuan Applicable age: 1-14 years old

Well, this time is here, please forward more support. If you have any questions, you want to consult, welcome to leave a message, the stupid father will answer it alone.

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Other functions:



Gao Lebao tricycles/444

21st Scooter tricycles/RO203M-3

Oxelo tricycles/ B1 500

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