Today I want to explain the relevant knowledge introduction of the shading curtain cloth. So, what is a shading curtain cloth? The shading curtain cloth is a curtain with a shading function made of sewing with decorative cloth. The shading curtain cloth should be selected in conjunction with the color and material of the embroidered curtains in the season, and the different characteristics of the season should be matched. In summer, light, transparent and soft yarn or silk is better. In winter, a thick and fine velvet cloth should be used, which is warm in color to highlight the thickness and warmth. In the spring and autumn, it is mainly based on thick ingredients, flowers, and simulation silk. The flower curtains are lively and bright, and they are suitable for all seasons.


Curtains with shading function are often used with a layer of window screen and a layer of curtains. Used for indoor shading, while preparing decoration and aesthetic features.

Is the shading curtain cloth good?

It feels heavy to achieve the effect of shading. The house towards the east and west directions is brighter. If it is the hot light of summer, it will be more hot in the house. At this time, the importance of the curtain shading can be displayed.

Classification of shading curtains

1. Coating shading cloth


Generally there are coating silver, velvet, etc., which have two or more layers of fabrics.

2. Weaving shading cloth

Ⅰ flame retardant lighting cloth: flame retardant, divided into fiber flame retardant and after -finishing flame retardant.

Ⅱ Flower shading cloth: Pressing dedicated equipment to show various pattern effects.

III printed gloss cloth: By transferring printed or coating printing methods, the dye is fixed on the cloth surface to make the printing shading cloth.


:: Fabrics that can be shaped by weaving various flowers.

According to the requirements, it can also be made into three anti -covered, hot silver, and glue printing cloth.

Small curtain price

Due to the large price span of the shading curtain cloth, domestic and imported materials can be dozens of times, and the cotton is generally 50-100 yuan/meter; the general type of hemp material is about 70-100 yuan; Diverse. It is recommended that everyone depends on personal preferences and actual situations.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, the price will be different. If you need to learn more about the relevant price, please refer to local dealers!


Smoking curtain cloth buying skills

1. First of all, the bathroom, kitchen, living room and restaurant. In the bathroom and kitchen, choose dirt resistance and easy to clean; living room and restaurant, the decoration is more prominent. In the bedroom, choose thicker. Study rooms, choose light transmission.

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