Recently, many friends are asking me, what is the difference between TPU materials and silicone materials. Regarding this, I have introduced silicone materials before. Pay attention to introducing TPU materials. PU hot -melt glue film, also known as TPU hot melt double -sided glue, is a hot melting glue product, which is mainly used for mobile phone cases.


The TPU material is attributed to plastic elastic body. The so -called elastic body refers to polymer materials with a glass -based temperature lower than the room temperature, the breakdown rate> 50%, and the recovery properties after the external force are eliminated. Polyurethane elastic body is a relatively special category in elastic body. The hardness planning of polyurethane elastomes is very wide and the functional planning is wide. Therefore, polyurethane elastic body is a type of polymer material in rubber and plastic. It can be heated and plasticized. There is no or rarely cross -linking chemical structure. Its molecules are basically linear, but there are certain physical cross -linking. Such polyurethane is called TPU.

TPU soft and hard traits are between rubber and plastic. The hardness planning of the TPU is properly wide. After changing the proportion of each reverse component of the TPU, it can get different hardness products, and follow the increase of hardness. Sexuality and flexion strength are very excellent, especially the elongation rate is large. Low -time tightening durable deformation rate is one of the obvious strengths of TPU materials.

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