The ancient Han Yu “The teacher said” “Sensual has been self-adapted,” there is a special attack in Swedish Solid Tech, only focus on the equipment rack, the sound attachment of the shock pad / seat, you What is the reason why this brand does not do?

Industry specializing in surgery

Solid Tech’s design philosophy is to emphasize vibration isolation and avoiding resonance to cause contaginaries, while avoiding vibration wave returns to the equipment. Under the leadership of Mr. Bjorn Ohlson, the leadership of the optimized materials and industry-leading shock absorbers, the reconciliation techniques have achieved comprehensive improvement results for the replay quality of the sound system. Solid Tech collects his own technology as pure technology of Pure Technoiogy-no Voodoo – not witchcraft, indicating that all technologies are eight classics, and have physical theory based on physical theory, which can be tested and positive performance. Therefore, Solid Tech is a small audio attachment manufacturer that provides professional shock absorber, mute isolation experiment data on the market. Solid Tech’s product line is relatively long, including 5 frame series, 1 speaker fastener series, and various types of foot nails and bracket series, a total of 12 products, you can take care of an audio and video system. The square requirements of the shock absorber.

Model prefix Rack of Silence means “silence rack”, referred to as ROS. The middle number 3 represents the frame is 3 layers. Of course, the factory has 1 layer, 2 layers and 4 layers, etc., the number is correct. What does the suffix Reference refer to mean? It turns out that there are several versions of the Rack of Silence series, including Regular General (without suspension systems), Reference With Venered Shelves, Reference In Walnut Stained Beecha Walnut Beech Reference Level, etc., the protagonist of this article is Rack of Silence (ROS) 3Reference, referred to as ROS 3 reference rack.

Solid Tech索力达Rack of Silence(ROS)3Reference悬浮机架

However, when you browse the factory’s official website, ROS 3 Reference Rack This model is actually there is no laminate. The layers of his house have two independent models, named: Rack of Silence Top Table Large in Veneers Number Plate, Rack of Silence Top Table Small In Veneer Small Plate, these two boards were originally upgraded. Agents have sold the laminates with the ROS 3 reference rack with the ROS 3 in response to the customer’s needs. Plus four Silence Apparatus Support support components equipped on each layer X hierarchy, as well as the flat foot and spike pads that can challenge the horizontal level, and become our entire complete rack system.

In fact, compared to all competitors on the market, Solid Tech Solida ROS 3 Reference The structure complexity of the rack is extremely extreme. All the pillars of all the racks of his home are manufactured in hollow cast aluminum alloy profiles. The benefits are the special card slots of the outer ring can be used to secure the adjustable mount, and the hollow design can be added to add different damping materials according to their own needs. Used to fill the tuning and weight, leave a large-scale operational space for subsequent conveying.

Suspension is the focus of the shock absorber

Solid Tech索力达Rack of Silence(ROS)3Reference悬浮机架

ROS 3 Reference Rack Compare Regular General Model, the difference is that each group of laminate fixing means, the former adds the Silence ISOLATION spring suspension assembly, which can only adjust the spacing height of the laminate without a suspension avoidance design. Through the picture, it is more intuitively to understand that the Silence Isolation spring suspension assembly of the ROS 3 reference rack is hung by a spring, so it is still a good isolation effect for extremely low frequencies as low as 4 Hz.

Solid Tech索力达Rack of Silence(ROS)3Reference悬浮机架

The intermediate carrier bracket is a spring suspension, and the shock absorbs can withstand the weight of 40 kg (non-suspension can load 80kg)

In addition, ROS 3 reference racks The X-type frame of the rack is changed to the designed for pure wood material by conventional carbon fibers. This move may cause some users to confuse, theoretically not carbon fiber material has more mechanical strength and Better resonance damping? The result is not absolute, and each of the designs of Solid Tech is supported based on actual measurement data, so that pure wood material is also the best result of testing verification. In a series of shock absorbers in the factory, they can be seen more than spring as soft shock absorbing, even the four Silence Apparatus Support support components equipped on each layer X hierarchical, and also provide several combinations. Ways for players to upgrade their games. For example, the most basic is to use 4 Silence Apparatus Support support components to directly carry out equipment, and can also select manufacturers to separately sell IsoBlack, Feet of Silence or Discs of Silence, which can be sold separately according to the needs of the position.. The three spring suspensions such as Options have a stronger ISOLALATOR Support system, which brings unlimited spoke possible, which is extremely playable.

Timeboard with technology content

Solid Tech索力达Rack of Silence(ROS)3Reference悬浮机架

Saying back this audio-listed ROS 3 reference rack, with the Rack of Silence Top Table Large in Veneers Large Popping Table Large in Veneer Small Plate, on the Silence Apparatus Support Support Components, The large top plate is worth mentioning. This lamination is not special, but in fact, it is a multi-storey three-language treatment composite material structure. The purpose is to use the resonance characteristics of different materials to cancel each other, providing “quiet” work platform without resonance, providing Oak, black oak, walnut and cherry wooden color. Specifically, the plates of the three-way structural structure are divided into 5 layers:

1, the top of the thin soft wood chip, the micro vibration of the isolation equipment and the laminate;

2, medium density fiberboard;

3, can absorb and eliminate the multi-hole damping plates of the countertop resonance;

4, medium density fiberboard;

5, the bottom seismic board.

Compared with the standard MDF board, the Rack of Silence Top Table Large in Veneers The top plate proves that the effects of the three civil governance structures have been tested, and a 9.8G steel ball is dropped 50 cm above the sandwich board. Test impact Peak at starting and 3 seconds, the results show: Sandwich board is attenuated from the loudness of 109.7db to 73.9 dB, while the standard MDF plate is up to 119.9 dB attenuation to 87.1 dB. As a result, it can be seen that compared with the standard MDF board, the sandwich board is basically compared to the MDF board with 10-13 dB of resonance attenuation performance, thereby demonstrating the rationality of design. As the large layer plate used as the top plate of the equipment frame, the thickness is 24mm, the width is 527mm, the length is 705mm, and the 4 corner fulcrum is more than the side of the four-angle fulcrum, so the design maximum load is 50 kg. If the laminate is used as a single-layer equipment carrier, if the fulcrum is more than the intermediate, the maximum load can reach 160 kg, so there is no problem in carrying 99% of the equipment. This large top plate is out of the sound source equipment such as a black gum record that is very sensitive to fine resonance.

Solid Tech索力达Rack of Silence(ROS)3Reference悬浮机架

The screws of each layer are fixed to the cast aluminum column, and the height can be adjusted

The size of the small layers is 490x439x19mm, which uses the MDF board as the kernel. It is used to have a stable and reliable load platform for the microcarbeats. Combining the efficient shock absorption performance of the Silence ISOLATION spring suspension assembly (with the weight of 40kg), in fact, the shock absorber effect is still winning most of the competitors on the market.

Mining the equipment greater potential

The audition rack is a hard process, because the equipment used needs to move from a reference frame to the test stand and back and forth, but fortunately the Solid Tech Solence Rack of Silence (ROS) 3Reference Suspension rack is very Significant, once the contrast is immediately able to feel the changes and sound style orientation brought by the rack. Basically, as long as the equipment puts the ROS 3 reference rack, especially the CD player, there is a colorfulness, and the music picture has become more bright. For example, playing “The Dali CD Volume 4” test piece 3 “Min Módir”, you can feel the detail of the background with the sky and the sense of air flow, or the space is more andd, Let the listening immediately have a feeling of vitality, just like the feeling of closer to the live recording. In addition, replaying the singer’s spitting, the breath of breath is clearer, even if each knocking sound of the instrument has a longer flue, the three-dimensional three-dimensional sense of the sound is better, the body feels more Good, more like, and the depth of the sound area, the sound separation is also improved, the intensity is more distinct, and the excellent shock performance of the ROS 3 reference rack can be seen. It is indeed possible to avoid the equipment to avoid the interference of the resonance. Let the detail of the recording Presenting more. When you change the full wooden equipment shelf, the sound looks a lot, also a lot of turbid, the texture line of the sound is unclear, and the front and rear changes are quite large, and the eyes can make the eyes. Feel.

Solid Tech索力达Rack of Silence(ROS)3Reference悬浮机架

There is a horizontal bead on each of the plates, which is convenient to adjust the horizontal state of the rack. Of course, we recommend that you will adjust after putting the equipment.

For example,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It is more dull, air stagnation, and the music picture is bleak. After the CD player is used to refer to the rack, the scene is immediately “stand”, the sound field will not only extend left and right, but also open a large cut to the depth, the music picture is like the stage spotlight The texture and lines of the musical instrument becomes richer and clearer.

How will the ROS 3 reference rack will then be placed in the ROS 3 reference rack? Similarly, the “SiCliano In g minor” of Jacl Lie, found that the direction of the overall sound change and the previous comparison of the CD machine are roughly the same, but at this time, the texture of the BASS is more clear, the bass cohesion Better, the sound quality of the piano is also more crisp, and the living is better. It feels “increased” 30% of the output power of the small power, and the control of the speaker is better. The control of music and the rhythm is also more in place. The entire sound field has expanded a circle. Moreover, the three-dimensional effect of the musical instrument is better. Compared with the reference rack, the change amplitude is not less than previously only the CD machine, so that the ROS 3 reference rack is more thoroughly done.


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