Under the impulse, he waved the steel bars, and Chen Ting (a pseudonym), who was 50 -year -old, killed Chen Chen, who was dyed with his wife in the middle of the night.


The murder case that happened in Huaping Town, Enshi, caused a sensation in the local area, and the public security departments of the state and counties were urgently deployed to detect. At the end of the poor road, Chen Ting fled along the sheep intestine road and fled into the dense mountains of the jungle.

The water and land passage and the Tianluo network of the water and land, Chen Ting, who was hiding in the mountains, was hungry and cold, and had no way to escape. Police started to attack the affectionate policy. His wife and little daughter kept sending voice in WeChat and hoping that he was obsessed with the way back.

At 3:46 am on the 18th, Chen Ting walked out of the dense forest and bowed his head to surrender. At this time, the report was received, only 43 hours.

The villagers are abnormal in the wife of my mistress in the blood pool

At 8 o’clock on March 16th, Mr. Chen, who was from Sanjie Tu Village, Huaping Town, Jianshi County, to his brother Chen’s house, and he saw Chen falling at his door, his head and other parts was injured. People are gone.

The police are conducting on -site investigation


After receiving the alarm, the local police quickly rushed to the scene for survey. The house of the deceased was a three -story house with a two -story house. There were no traces of prying the door. There were a lot of blood stains on the balcony floor and guardrail on the second floor.

According to the elder brother of the deceased, Chen was divorced for several years, and his daughter went to school in the field. The police have launched a lot of visits around and learned that in the past two years, Chen had a close relationship with Xiong Xiong, a woman of the husband and husband of Caijia Village in Huaping Town. His husband Chen Ting had argued with Chen after he noticed. The police quickly rushed to Caijia Village and found that Chen Ting’s door was closed and his whereabouts were unknown. On the indoor washing machine, the police found a hat with fresh blood. Signs showed that Chen Ting was suspected of major crimes.

“The murderer has revenge, brutal means, and great social harm, and must be arrested as soon as possible.” After the incident, the deputy governor and the director of the State Public Security Bureau, Kong Fajie, guided the case on the spot.

The cliffs under the deep mountain riverside network in the cliffs enter the dense forest to start searching

The police successfully retrieved the video materials around Chen Ting’s house. After investigation, Chen Ting rode a second -wheeled motorcycle home at 3 am on the 16th and drove a three -wheeled motorcycle to Huaping Town at 7 am. The direction of Zhoutang Village. The police immediately followed the three groups of Zhoutang Village and found that Chen Ting’s three -wheeled motorcycle abandoned here.

Tracking the police in the arrest team into the virgin forest search suspect

Local villager Wei introduced that Chen Ting left along the road not long ago. Master Chen, who was working in Wei, reported that he found that Chen Ting’s eyes were flushed and his face had obvious scratches. “The suspect abandoned the car and walked. It is very likely that after getting into the old forest in the mountains, he was waiting for the opportunity to flee. He must quickly set up a card.” More than 80 policemen were divided into on -site investigation teams, intelligence information groups, card blocking groups, patrol investigation teams, key goals, key goals, and key goals. Twelve groups including the duty team, the follow -up arrest team, the propaganda launch group, and the investigation and evidence collection team conducted an orderly operation.

Police quickly guarded the water and land passage in Huaping Town to the surrounding towns. Considering that the suspect may flee to the primitive dense forest along the Qingjiang River, follow the arrest teams from the two places, use the tools such as machetes, wooden sticks and other tools, and climb the cliffs of hundreds of meters along the steep mountain roads. The cluster of the old mountains and old forests searched for the mountains.

Each group of police forces ran around day and night, survived the rain, and sprinkled a big crowd net between the dense forests of the mountains.

Persuaded the murderer to invest in the bacon that surrender to the case

Wife and daughter persuaded a bowl of bacon to finally persuade the murderer


Under the Tianluo Diwang, Chen Ting gradually fell into a desperate state of hunger and cold.

Police investigations found that Chen Ting always contacted the outside world with mobile phones. “He must have a heart disease that is difficult to give up in his heart.” At the same time, the police decided to “attack the heart” while the arrest.

Police mobilize the murderer wife and daughter to persuade him to return to justice


It is understood that Chen Ting originally had a happy family, his son became a family, and his younger daughter was still in elementary school. Chen Ting himself has no culture, but he is hardworking and willing to do it, but his peaceful and happy life is destroyed by the crack of husband and wife. After his wife Xiong proposed to divorce, he rarely went home. The younger daughter was raised by Chen Ting alone.

The murderer fled, but he must not let her daughter in her heart. On March 17, Xiong heard the news and went home. The police mobilized her to cooperate with her daughter to persuade Chen Ting to take the initiative to invest in the case. “Dad, you come back!” “I have helped you consult a lawyer, and you can deal with it from the case of surrender.” Chen Ting is not literate.

“Chen Ting, surrender to surrender, is your best and only way out … You can reunite with your daughter and family again in your lifetime …” Chen Wan Sheng, director of Jianchi County Public Security Bureau, wrote a text message of more than 500 words and sent it to Chen Ting, Xiong read it to him by voice again.

“You can cook a bowl of bacon for me.” At 1.55 am on the 18th, Xiong’s WeChat finally received Chen Ting’s voice reply. The police felt excited, and immediately asked her to agree, and then continued to expand the affection and legal policies, disintegrated his will to resist stubbornness, and established the courage to confess the law.

Half an hour later, a pot of hot air was placed on the table. The police took the mother and daughter to sit at the table with tears, and sent it to Chen Ting together with the bacon photos … “Dad, it is true, there is no deception. You “, Chong Chong held back crying and calling his father to return.

At 3:46 am on March 18, Chen Ting walked out of the forest and took the initiative to surrender. At this time, the police received an alarm, just 43 hours.

I burst into tears and regrets after being arrested in the middle of the dead for three nights

After the case, the police fulfilled the “commitment” and let Chen Tingmei ate a meal of bacon. Seeing that the single shoes on his feet were soaked by rain, and replaced him with clean and warm shoes.

Chen Ting confessed to the fact that he killed Chen’s crime. According to his confession, since he discovered that the deceased and his wife Xiong had an improper relationship, he hated Chen. One week before the incident, the accumulated anger and hatred emotions came to Chen Ting’s heart.


Criminal suspects surrendered

On the afternoon of March 13, Chen Ting drove a motorcycle to Chen’s house. Because he knew that Chen had the habit of going out and did not close the door, he went directly into the open door and hid in the second floor. After Chen returned home at 9 pm, he heard Chen’s ambiguous call with a woman downstairs and judged that the other party was his wife Xiong. The next day, he sneaked into Chen’s house again. He wondered that Chen was still in touch with Xiong. He was determined to “learn” Chen.

At about 7 pm on March 15th, Chen Ting carried the crime tools such as reinforced sticks, gloves, etc. to hide in the second floor of Chen’s house. At 11 pm, he heard Chen go home in the darkness. Like the two days ago, Chen and Xiong went into the second floor of the chamber to sleep. After confirming that Chen was sleeping, Chen Ting stomped his feet to Chen, waving the steel bars to smash Chen, and then twisted to the wake up to the balcony corridor. After some struggle, Chen Ting, who lost his mind The upper pushed to the courtyard dam, and went downstairs to wave the steel bars again to attack Chen’s head. After Chen died, Chen Ting quickly fled the scene.


Criminal suspects are interrogated

“I hope she will come back to take care of this family and take care of my daughter. I am guilty. I am willing to bear legal responsibility …” Chen Ting regretted tears when he was interrogated.


At present, Chen Ting has been detained and the case is under further investigation.

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