Simple is beauty! 12 sets of black and white gray in winter, I really like this simple British style ~


Simplicity is atmosphere, British style, simple understanding is “British style”, which originated from Victorian in Britain. The British style is characterized by nature, elegance, implicit, and noble. It uses Scottish grids, good tailoring and simple slim design to reflect the gentleman’s style and aristocratic temperament.

Look1: Black matching square shirt

One of the essential elements of the British style is the black match with a square shirt. It is not as sexy as Paris, Milan and New York, but its diverse format shows women’s elegance and noble, and will also modify women’s lines.


The British wind black sweater and bright yellow shirt, the classic look, is still the thinnest black, simple and stylish. Coupled with the same thin leggings, the beautiful girl showed the most beautiful proportion while revealing the capable and intellectual temperament.

Black coats are classic and stylish, without the decoration and embellishment of flowers, simple and ordinary design, making people look very comfortable.

In addition to the simple and generous square coat, the long scarf is also a British style fashion element. This combination makes the overall effect easier and clear.

Look2: slim coat with a hats


The coat is the most fashionable and classic veteran. Different styles, different designs, and people of different personalities have different effects and expressions. The slim coat with a hats allows you to experience the temperament of the British aristocracy.


The double -breasted coffee slim coat full of England style, with a simple but practical retro British style.


Fresh and refined dark blue hats, which are thin and refreshing, coupled with a very personalized beret, with a bit of elegance and nobleness in freshness.

A little less noble, more elegant and intellectual temperament. This coat is not only slim and thin, but also allows you to stand in the crowd and win the attention of the masses.

Look3: pants with legs


When it comes to pants, everyone thinks of jeans, small pants, and wide -leg pants, etc., but everyone must be familiar with British style pants, British style women’s pants are casual and elegant. Very beautiful.


The fashionable denim jacket, the lower body with a British style female pants with denim fabrics, looks elegant and generous girls!

In the warm sun in winter, wearing a simple and stylish jacket, with a pair of legs with legs, in the corner of the street, taste a cup of coffee, leisurely and elegant.

The fabric of the top of the top and the contrasting design is full of fashion. The lower body is paired with a British style female pants. The overall matching is fashionable and elegant.

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