Tips: If you also like ball sauce, remember to pay attention ~

In the later period, there will be various types of cabbage and event gifts for Maruko sauce.

Is there a fan friend who likes pink and cute things like Maruko sauce?

Recently, I want to change new underwear, so the pill sauce vomit blood and sort out the pink girl’s heart underwear collection, I hope you like it ~


1⃣#⃣ ⃣

Sweet embroidery

Gentle pink with girl lace, sweet and romantic. Special mold cup design, the side is narrowed and more rounded!

2⃣#⃣ ⃣ ⃣ comfortable cotton sleep underwear home bra

At night, breast management, skin -sticking all -cotton fabric to care for the delicate you, special tailoring design to prevent chest diffusion, and provide night breast management.


3⃣#⃣ ⃣ ⃣ ⃣ ⃣ ⃣

The layered and transparent outer lace, the lace is clear and sweet, the cup noodles collect the process, and the clothes are more flat.


4⃣ Milk candy school Yingge

Yingge theme embroidery, sweet and cute color scheme, stronger after U -shaped design support, use imported steel rings, strong rebound and softness. Low medium chicken heart, more comfortable.

5⃣ The first encounter of the toffee school


The white vine flowers and cup noodles embroidery with light powder are like throbbing when they first encountered. The 85-90 outsole is specially designed. It adopts double-glue bone design to effectively strengthen support, stabilize and plump breasts, and not be easy to shift.

6⃣ Terant Patsters Fracodose Star

The light pink girl’s heart is the main color, with white and white little stars, lace lace decorated with cup -noodles, like a pink sky scattered star, sweet and dreamy, customized types, more comfortable to fit the chest shape. The cup lining is cotton, and the skin is comfortable and comfortable.

7⃣ Terant Pai Red Black Set


Using flowers embroidery, with transparent mesh, noble and sweet, like a dancing princess. Classic chest -type customized models, low -chicken heart, stronger comfort.

8⃣#⃣ ⃣ ultra -thin single -layer lace cotton candy Air

Romantic dry rose color, with layers rich in lace pattern patterns, ultra -thin single -layer design, light breathability, large breasts and small effects, dressing is very thin. The small lace can be out -of -the -shoulder straps, a word collar, V -neck with a variety of shapes, and wearing a fashion fan.

Call for toffees, it is really comfortable, the gospel of the big breasts ~

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