Happy twist hilarious stage drama

“Not only the moonlight in front of the window”

Since the stage

Word of mouth explosion, sweeping the country

After launching all over the country

The venue is sold out, one ticket is difficult to find

(Selling out of major cities)

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

The stage drama of the 2019 phenomenon level finally came to Shijiazhuang

September 13/14

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Shijiazhuang People’s Hall

This stage play with only one scene

Why can it popular?

How does it perform the story so wonderful?

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Solid drama structure support

“In front of the window” is the beginning


The hotel window is shocked by an unknown corpse

Quickly grasp the audience with a strong sense of suspense

Then the plot promoted layer by layer

Different roles have entered one after another

Relationship with complex entanglement

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Let the contradictions be overlapped quickly

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Form an extremely rich wonderful story

The original script “The Corpse on the Window” is

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Western classic solo drama

He has won the Best Comedy Award for Lawrence Oliver

It is even known as the performance of the performance of the drama college

The plot is complicated and hilarious

Almost all of them are lying!

Everyone is constantly creating lies in “deception and being deceived”

The farce is continuously staged, in


This “liar


“How will it end?

Many viewers are brainwashed by golden sentences in the play after watching it

Classic hilarious lines are constantly

The dense burden shakes

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Make you from the first sound



Can’t stop at the last second!

Limited space creation unlimited possibilities

Excellent scene design

Maximize the size of the space

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

The use and dialogue design of various props

Created unlimited imagination space

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Wardrobe door pulls open

The room door and bedroom door open

It’s a new space

Even the window is connected to a new world

Each space has a story that makes people want to enter

, Radio, lines …

Everyone is passing on the wonderful stories

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

When all the stories are magically connected together

A formation of one

Full of suspense, struggle, family, ethics …

Complex stories of various elements

Such a plump and rich stage drama

How can I not forget it?

What’s more, there are many in the play

Different character, fairy characters with different stalks and stems

Next, let’s take a look together

“Before the window”

Those fairy characters in it!

1. Minister Willie

Poisonous Minister who does whatever means

Stealing a husband in the election night

Unexpectedly, it was disturbed by a messy “corpse”

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

You will see first -class elites to do three stories.

Thousands of words:

Minister, I advise you to be kind ~

2. Secretary George

“Earn the money selling cabbage, do the work of selling people!”

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

The worst back of the pot in history

Overtime is common

Back to the minister everyday

He is the favorite

“Tired Dog”

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Xiaobai, the workplace hanging on the mouth

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Sorry, the dog is not as tired as you!

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

3. Mrs. Minister

“My heart is like a tiger!”

The former mother tiger, the kitten behind the person

Just appearing is a series of hot kiss scenes

Enthusiastic and unrestrained, full of tension, Hold is not easy to live in this role

4. Jenny

“Recently, it seems to be a bit more” stealing “…”

Secretary, sexy stunner

Election night, the opponent’s minister will not go to Congress to campaign

Only to be affectionate with her

I heard that Minister Willie gave her a sexy sleeping skirt?

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Hush -Remember to look at your boyfriend!

5. Detective (corpse)

“I remember very well, I remember my amnesia”

Japanese private detective, with multiple identities

Always fall

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

“Who am I? Where am I?”

The ultimate problem of life

Most of the time on the stage is “dead”

As the only man wearing a wedding dress in the whole drama

What will his awakening reverse to the plot?

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

6. Nurse Nurse

“If you dare to lie to me, I will make you!”

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Barbarian girlfriend, jealous mad demon

On weekdays, a gentle and thoughtful little nurse

Angry is a cowardly mother tiger

The kitchen knife in her hand is more powerful than the “Red Wolf”.

As soon as he appeared, it caused a hilarious!

There are also hotel managers, waiters, waiters, and women waiters

Every character is distinctive and full of laughter

Let you never forget ~

In front of the window, the moonlight

Ticket price rules:

Original price 880

Discount price 660

Original price 580

Discount price 435

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Original price 380

Discount price 285

Original price 280

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Discount price 210

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Original price


discount price


「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

【Performance time】

September 13-14, 2019 19:30

【Performance location】

【Performance ticket price】

Yuan, 280 yuan, 380 yuan, 580 yuan, 880 yuan

[Ticket collection method] On the day of the performance, the order number, name+

, Tickets at the theater ticket entrance!

[Seating notice] Select the ticket in order in order

[Instructions for ticket purchase] Due to the particularity of the ticket, you cannot return it. If you cannot do it, please transfer it by yourself. Please place an order with caution


] 0311-68039393 (8: 30-17: 30 working day)

[Reminder] 1. The performance time is 120 minutes (specifically based on the scene of the performance), and there is no mid -range rest; (Reminder, this drama is not suitable for children under 12 years of age to watch)

Theater seat map

Life is so delicate, but the most funny twist is the most funny ~

「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情

Shijiazhuang People’s Hall


「992 | 分享」特价!特价!特价!开心麻花再来国际庄,点燃你的激情





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