Life is not easy, the years of wind and frost and mediocrity are constantly eroding the inner pride of each of us, but whether it is to bow to it, let the fate go over, or face it without fear. ?? Everything is selected by you.

Yes, you can be a strong woman in the workplace, or the superman mother who is omnipotent in the family. It can afford the arduous liability for supporting the family, and it can also hold fierce social competition, but you can never forget to stay for yourself. A gentle possibility, collecting a gorgeous sense of ritual.

If the flat shoes represent the pragmatic daily life of Jianbu, the Martin boots represent the unruly personality attitude, and the short -heeled boat shoes represent the traditional conservative rules, then a pair of shiny silver fine heels represent the gorgeous moment that you leave your heart in your heart. Intersection


In addition to daily commuting, urban women are also increasingly encountered some social occasions that need to be relatively grand, such as friends and relatives, important business banquets, luxurious birthday parties, exquisite theme afternoon tea, industry gatherings, community, community Activities and so on.

Similar occasions, wearing excessive casual clothes, serious professional clothes, and even expensive sportswear are unsuitable. At this time, you need a decent dress, exquisite+elegance+gorgeous talent. It shows that you are respectful of the occasion itself, the inviter, and the participants.

The dress may be different every time, but you can have a pair of shoes with a pair of small dress, that is, a pair of shiny silver high heels!




Social occasions need to be appropriate and gorgeous and attractive, so of course there are many small dresses. At this time, colorful high -heeled shoes are good -looking, but they may not be easy to take. Students who have learned our scientific and beautiful courses know that black and white gray can not have color without color. All colors are not wrong, but black is too dull, and white is easy to float. It is not the best choice in social occasions. Silver is light gray+luster, low -key elegance and gorgeous.


In social occasions, in the grand social occasions in the evening, you can choose a high -heeled sandals with a lot of exposed skin, but our ordinary people have less opportunities to attend such a big occasion. In the opening ceremony, afternoon tea and other small social occasions.

At this time, what style can the most match with the little dress lunch? The answer is the simple pointed fine heel shoes!


1. Ship shoes, shallow mouths, and pointed pointed can perfectly extend the feet, stretch the legs of the legs, and look more slender.

2. Fine heels, the more wearing a dress, the more solemn social occasions, the more women need to live the eyes of the audience. The heel must not be short. Only high heels above 5cm can bring to women. Standing posture, powerful graceful pace, and standing down to control the situation, and calmly psychological suggestion, below 5cm, you must be careful to lose the battle.

Selected material

The material choice of these shoes should highlight high gloss, such as satin, patent leather, and metallic gloss. Or matte sheepskin leather and other materials will look too daily and ordinary.

Selection pattern

No pattern pattern is still the most basic versatile. It can better set off the unique charm of various small dresses, or retro elegance, or modern intellectuality, or charming woman.


For this pair of shoes, don’t be busy just considering the uncomfortableness, can you walk or stand for a long time, because compared with the pride and nobleness that maintains the woman’s heart, you can bear it for a while. The best help when it needs to be gorgeous to show the unique style is the unique boots of women!


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