For women who are older, in autumn, if you want to wear fashion and elegance, it is not enough to have beauty alone. We have to keep pace with the times. Feeling, make the dress fashionable.


Take the basic items such as knitted sweaters, vests, shirts, or vests as an example. It is difficult to wear it in autumn, but if you wear it with the belt, you can easily upgrade the styling. This autumn has a way to wear a way to wear, called “belt combination”. The 50 -year -old woman wears both elegant and thin. Let’s take a look!

1. The advantage of the belt combination

The so -called “belt combination”, that is, when wearing a knitwear and vests such as basic items, use the waist to bring embellishment shapes, play the role of the waistline, optimize the proportions of the figure, and enhance the refined sense.

Among them, the belt system is changeable, and a 50 -year -old woman can also create different wear effects by changing the system.

1. Click on the waistline


We often say that the best dress is not how expensive items, and see if you use your advantages to show your own advantages, and to block the lack of thick legs and bending legs. The role of the belt is here.

It can outline the slender and slim waist curve of middle -aged women through the light waistline, add elegance and femininity to the dress, and match with knitwear and cardigan.

2. Optimize the proportion of figure

Most people in life are very ordinary. It is very common like a low -headed and fat accumulation in the thighs. At this time, when the belt is added in the shape, it can easily adjust the proportion of the figure to a more perfect state.

Especially when the top belongs to the waist model, if you do not pay attention to raising the waistline, or plug the hem into the trousers, it is easy to blur the waistline, but also cause the waist and abdomen to swell, which is not as convenient as the belt.

3. Don’t pick people, draw the finishing touch

Putting the shape with the waist can be controlled by a legal person. Whether you are a young man or a 50 -year -old woman, you will not make an error in autumn.

In addition to being able to raise the waistline position, this can also improve the integrity and refinement of the shape, making the overall look more fashionable.

2. What should I pay attention to using the belt combination?

Of course, although the combination of belt combination is easy to control, women need to pay attention to some details at the age of 50.

1. Belt system method

Although the belt is inconspicuous, the style is many. After the age of 50, it is recommended that you use fine belt priority to avoid wide belt. This is because the fine belt can better optimize the proportion and is friendly to slightly fat or short women.

Regarding the rules of the system, if it is a knitted cardigan, the belt can be tied to the outside of the cardigan, or it can be tied to the outside.


2. Belt color


The color of the belt is also very rich in color. After the autumn, it is recommended that a 50 -year -old woman prioritize the color that can echo the season, such as khaki, reddish, camel, or black.

If you want to build good clothing, don’t forget to choose a bag, shoes or tops, and lower clothes that are consistent with the color of the belt, so as to emphasize the overall sense.

Third, the belt combination matching scheme

Small belt, big role, when it is the finishing touch with it in autumn, a 50 -year -old woman has a lot of choices.

1. Covered vest+belt

Knitting vests are a single item with high autumn utilization rates. They are both soft and comfortable, artistic and age -reducing. They can also enrich the shape of the modeling through stacking. The 50 -year -old woman who is fashionable cannot be missed.

However, when wearing knitted vests, it is most available for five or five points. At this time, adding belts to the shape can easily improve the proportion of the figure, exquisite and fashionable.

2. Covered cardigan+belt


Knit sweater and knitted vest belong to the gentle item, but the sweater is more practical. If it is a knitted long cardigan, it is recommended to tie the belt on the cardigan or inside.


If it is a knitted cardigan that is partially repaired, then the belt can be tied to the outside or the combination.

3. Shirt+belt

Regardless of how fashion develops, shirts always occupy a place in middle -aged women. When using waist long -sleeved shirts with literary umbrella skirts in autumn, the top of the dress is further improved with the help of brown waist.

And this method also breaks the inherent toughness of the basic shirts, making the shape more elegant and feminine.


4. suit+belt


Although the suit extends from the workplace to daily, it is still relatively practiced as a whole. At this time, with the help of the waist, the suit look is used to shape a variety of styles, and it can also take into account elegance and capable.

The above is the autumn wearing for a 50 -year -old woman this time. If you want to wear elegant and fashionable and thin, then try the “belt combination” to wear!


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