Scrop cotton pants, accommodation sports pants and workfalls occupy an important position in our daily lives, but jeans still is the first choice for most men.

In addition to the most formal office and life activities, it is the most natural choice for denim.


What do you think?

How to choose a suitable jeans can be stepped here, today we come to talk about what shoes with jeans to make you look less awkward and inevitable.

Deby shoes and jeans

Since jeans invented in 1873, its function has changed. Today, most of us closest to physical labor is to knock the keyboard.


But no matter which coarse cloth it uses, jeans is still a profession: practical rather than fashionable.


Therefore, even if you may wear the official shoe of leather to go to work, there is a big risk, such as a smooth Oxford shoes and rough edges.

You may be able to use fashionable slim black jeans to match Oxford shoes, but Debi shoes are usually relatively heavy, and it is better to balance jeans “thick feelings”.

Especially black derbi shoes (derbies), it is still the most fashionable in formal footwear, so wearing a blue jeans may look a bit mash, in order to reflect the meaning of freedom and subculture, you choose to choose frosted Jeans who have been washed with old and water is safer.


BLoke carving shoes and jeans

BLOK shoe is much more, but Brock shoes are a relatively casual dress, which can be used to match jeans, which is originally designed for farmers walking in the muddy field. .


That’s why they are usually more suitable for rural wedding rather than fashionable city weddings, more suitable for business casual wear instead of the company meeting room.


In general, the radick shoes of the carving will be more formal; thick, more shoes will look more casual. The color is another factor affecting it with jeans, and the pants start from black, and the shoes choose tan.

Sneakers and jeans

When talking to shoes with jeans, fashion, low-key leather white shoes can almost match any kind of denim.

The only thing that needs to be worried, but the type of jeans, the light white shoes may have no way to balance heavy jeans, such as straight or wide-legs, opposite, long and thin cone or the combination of tapped jeans will make each other’s looks more Reasonable.


For a pair of white sneakers, if you want it to be more formal, the main concern is to keep it clean.

Lefu shoes and jeans

Another shoe with jeans will make you look very rich, Penny Loafers is the most common shoe type in the ivy league style, which is even popular in the Sneakerhead. stand up.


The short shoe face of Penless Loles (part of the feet) plus the wide-leg opening will make your feet look blame and thicker. So select tapered, narrow feet or microsekids.

Monk shoes and jeans

In the “topic men’s” label dominated by social media, the monk shoes sparkle, this kind of medieval style seems to have been out.

However, they are still a strong shoe choice, combining some formal Oxford style, but design gives them a certain leisure quality, and can be well coordinated with denim.


Similarly, footwear and color are still mainly considered factors. A Chinese brown monk with a light blue jeans, there is a natural Italian style, which may become a man in the eyes of Pitti uomo street fashion photographers.


Chelsea boots and jeans

It can be said that the concept of shoes with jeans has been established:

Contour (thickness than smooth and more leisure), color (tan is more leisure than brown than black) and texture (leather than leather than leather)



Just in Chelsea boots apply these ideas, the outlined smooth black Chelsi leather boots can be just like Oxford boots, so it may not coordinate with straight and indigo.


Choose black or gray tight jeans, the shining band star on the stage is you.


High-top canvas shoes and jeans

There is nothing more than canvas and denim, but the length of the trousers can’t be too long, the LOGO of the shoe is king, but don’t put the existing jeans (if you like damage, you can use the scissors) ), Just roll them over the sports shoes.

But don’t exceed twice, otherwise the thickness generated will completely destroy your atmosphere.


Desert boots and jeans

Just like dressing, the more you wear (vest, hats, etc.). In turn, it is correct, the less wear, the less official.

The suede-leather desert boots, especially the suede, and the soles are very tough than other footwear style. After all, in the Second World War, the British soldier wearing shoes in North Africa.

They can match any clothes such as shorts, suits in the appropriate occasions, but they are a great choice for fashion or leisure.

Because of their versatility, there is no real hard regulation, but they are rolled up, showing some covered ankles is very sensible.

Workwear boots and jeans

Although the trend will fall, people will buy a variety of exquisite shoes with high prices, but the tooling & mountaineering boots have been born with the born in the born in the overalls. It is because of this, when you choose the shoes with jeans. Whether it is black or desert yellow, you should make your career dress more distinctive.


Those skyster will form a strong contrast, unless you want to wear a tights, or your jeans is best short, or rolled up, if you want to exude the biggest retro breath, try loose money.


Old shoes and jeans

The old shoes are unlikely to be popular again, and the change in jeans is complementary. In order to complete the retro style, choose the kind of jeans that grow like your daddy, more straight, wider, longer, best It is water washing.

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