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“Zi jade milk round autumn, crystal beads, Dizhen Dizhen.” It is another year of grape harvest season. Six houses have ushered in the “sweetest” season, more than 6,000 acres of vineyards are fruitful, full of purple temptation. In the six-house town jurisdiction, many tourists are strolling in the grape rainbow gallery, enjoying a string-sang-red grape scenery, taste a sweet grape, the staff of the staff according to the needs of customers Collecting the boxed sales, good deeds.


It is understood that 2021 six grape picking festival will be grandly opened on August 29. This patch festival is the theme of “Portion of Leisure Leisals in Port, the opening ceremony will hold online opening ceremony,” 乐 萄 “brand conference, village cadres, net red live band, literary performance, Fun activities, “Parent-child” tour, etc.


In order to protect the health and safety of tourists, this year’s picking festival is based on online promotion and interaction. At that time, the event organizing committee will live a full-time broadcast of the opening ceremony and brand release, and invite the person in charge of the relevant village, cooperative, large-scale and jurisdiction. The Wen Travel Enterprise is a guest live broadcast, and the six-family grapes are introduced. This event will also distribute more than 2,000 yuan, and the friends who grabbed the vouchers can exchange paper vouchers with the electronic voucher to the six-year service center of Liu Yixian Town. The voucher can be used in cash in all the vineyards in the six-house town jurisdiction.

Picking a large grape bite under the green grape rack, the lip teeth instantly filled with sweet juice and autumn aroma, giving unlimited satisfaction. Take advantage of the sun, in the vineyard’s most beautiful season, go to six households feel the delicious tip of the tongue, experience a wonderful pastoral trip with grapes.

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