Looking at the fashion textbook, there is always an introduction to the French woman. From their dressing concept, we can get a truth, which is more important than wearing clothes.

Instead of wearing clothes that are not suitable for yourself, it is better to wear comfortable clothes to create your own style. For the two words, the Chinese brand cotton era can be said to be deep. Brand firmly believes the best product, gift from nature. Therefore, the products of the cotton era use high quality cotton to deliver comfortable clothes. This is quite embodying in the creation.


The autumn is getting stronger, and the cotton era has launched a new undergarment. The new product still continues the core concept of “comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly” in the cotton era.

One of the new products – there is no smashed cotton undergarment, which is 100 high-grade fluffs, which is more soft than ordinary cotton, and more skin-friendly. In addition, the fabric is very light, wearing a “invisible” bottoming shirt, can be used with sweaters, sweaters, etc. Autumn and winter, and will not have bloated.

In order to let users get a more comfortable dressing experience, the neckline of the underwear underwear, the cuffs, and the pendant are directly cropped, and there is no sewing of the traditional undergarment, further enhance the comfort of the whole undergarment. . At the same time, there is no trace design, even if wearing a single product, there will be no traces of underwear, and the comfort and fashion. In addition, the trousers are a conventional design, and the dressing experience of the comfort will be used to the extreme.

If it is, free cropping is suitable for the pursuit of fashionable women. Then, another herbal cotton under underwear is more suitable for healthy women.

The research and development of this straw cotton undergarment comes from the health problems of the current female consumers. House cotton with antibacterial efficacy is selected on the fabric. This fabric can effectively inhibit the three kinds of bacteria, E. coli and white Candida, and care for health. After testing, the undergarment of this straw cotton under underwear is still able to reach 5A-level antibacterial effects, which has long active antibacterial effect.


Of course, in addition to antibacterial, the herbal cotton also has the advantages of soft breathable, fresh and unhappy, so that consumers enjoy comfort during the clothes. The same as the underwear in the underwear, the pants of the underwear under the underwear are also designed, and there is no other side seam design, improve comfort. The round neck and 9-point sleeve are to meet the consumer’s demand for the underwear.


The new product underwear in the cotton era is the same as the past clothing, and it has implemented the concept of comfortable dressing and healthy life. At the same time, new products also combine fashion, environmental protection, and consumer demand, so that this little thing wearing underwear has become more meaningful.

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