In the summer, the family will shout on the bed.

Start on the body

A large piece of red 红 疙

I thought it was a mosquito, but I didn’t see my traces.



Mosquito repellent spray



There is no effect

Just talents

Not only on the thigh on the back


Even the face is also red and itchy allergies

Red sputum, acne, acne, oil …

Really too helpless

In fact, this is

The mites of the season are in the monsters!

Aphid is a harmful parasite that we don’t have visible

They are still small than dust

It’s easy to explode as a change season.

Parasitic on bed in bed

According to research, the home has long slept




There will be a lot of mites climbed back!



The amount of mites reproductive may also be several times the daily

Aphid, is a terrible source of allergens

It has no hole, it will be drilled into your skin, pores


Make your skin give a lot of questions

The scalp is even more than the whole day.

When you are always small, pustule

Ahead of hair

Shampoo is not finished!

In addition to skin problems

Aphid may also cause respiratory diseases!

Some children with low immunity are easier to recruit!


How can the mites are harmful? How can I drive?

Everyone thinks is that the sun is

Sun sunfast can only


Exhort surface

Small partial mites

More than more

Drill into the quilt

Moreover, a lot of mites is a lot more than the reproductive speed of the mouse.

Don’t take long, they can reproduce the next generation

This crazy vitality

If you don’t rely on special means, you can’t drive it at all!

European is a rainy all year round, very few sun

Plus the local forest, lush vegetation

So the mites are very mad

With traditional sun



The method is fundamentally

The European is clean and serious, pay special attention to the mites

they will

Reserve a professional housekeeping service for deworming


But the cost of high mites reproduced is too fast

Therefore, Europeans will use a small trick.

Come to do the drum insects

There is a magical tradition in Europe



Skill, Bailiang, Zi Su


Piffness at home and grass


To help drive mites in this way

Later in order to more

Easy to use everyday use

The more professional drum spray produced by raw materials

It is this drifting artifact, professional drifting for decades!

“French nolisa natural




The French is called “mites Kexing” in the home.

Where is it easy to breed aphid,

Comprehensive and efficient, saving time and effort

Recommended hotels in Europe!

Nolisa is the brand that France focuses on drifting.

There are more than 37 special research experiment teams

Have a very good reputation in Europe

Basically, each French will appear in its products.


The first generation of Norisha dried spray in China

It is highly appreciated by users.

The accumulated sales in Taobao and public accounts exceeding 100,000 single

(Historical data, for reference only)

Many Chinese housewives are called “mites Kexing”

This year, Nolisa has upgraded on the first generation.

Update upgrade new plant formula

Add more powerful drums


More effective

There is a large exhibition every year in France

France professional drifting health products fair

French Nolisa Planting Spray Spray Once in Paris, Paris


Responded to many professional reviews and exhibitors

Officially recognized

Norisa Plantation

Mortal spray


Special popularity in the European hotel

Simple and healthy and efficient

Flexible way

Become a must

It gets

German TUV safety production standard certification



International production quality certification

This rigorous and meticulous industrial big country in Germany is recognized

Still got quality certification in the world

Quality is absolutely decent

A small bottle of planting spray, contained


French lemongrass, thyme, purple leaves, 金 梅

Wait 10

Pure natural herbs extracted essential oil

All from the French organic farm


Pure impurities, safer health

Then pass again

Dr. French Botanical Ph.D.

Team’s professional 5-step distillation purification technology


Natural plant low temperature extraction is precious essential oil

The effect is better than direct use!

Natural plants are purified by essential oils


Will produce a natural fan

Can effectively drive all kinds of mites in the family


No need to dry, don’t wash

Just gently spray on the quilt at home



Loose-driven mites

Mother and child without chemical composition can be used



Norisha removes


You will find it is notching

The situation of allergy sneezing has been reduced a lot

Not only the skin is no longer long

The scalp will not be itchy again.

(Mainly based on actual effect)

Many Chinese users have tried this product for the first time.

It was shocked by its effect.

Feedback, “It’s not itchy, sleep is full!”

“There is a lot of acne on your face.”

“There is a child in the family can be used, really very peaceful.”


Take care of your family, starting from Norisha where the spray begins!

Simple and practical, efficient drum

Also your healthy home for a month

Powder special price is only 49 yuan / bottle


Extract natural plant safety formula


Spray uses a variety of natural herbs essential oils

Selected European organic farm

Herbal plants with high quality drifting

10 kinds of plant essential oils such as lemongrass, purple soda, witch hazel, rosemary

These natural herbs will be dispersed



Human is harmless, there is a huge expulsion effect on mites

As long as you gently spray, the mites within the five meters can be expelled.


Because of the sky

Safety innovation formula and obvious drum effect

Norisha 2nd-generation planting drifting spray in the international big prize

Not only get

[Excellent Drum Formula] [International Certification Quality Award]


Mortal world

Most honor [Europe

Gold Awards]

Spray a spray in bed with drum spray

Quiet waiting for herbaceous plant essence to play effect


Half an hour, no matter how deep aphid

Can be directly expelled

In the sun, you can only expel the small part of the mites.

And use drum spray, not long,

There is a lot of mites

After a while, your mites on the quilt on the towel

At once

Basically all can disappear


Norisa plant




Natural herb ingredients

There is a suppression and decomposition of mites


The mites in contact with essential oil will not only be expelled in the short term


They will also be decomposed into water molecules


Don’t worry about worry about the bodies of the mites to bring secondary pollution!

Fan special price is only 49 yuan / bottle


Professional agency certification


Can see

How did the mites are eliminated?

▼ ▼

There are natural drones in plant essential oils.

This is the most fear of mites.

It can stimulate the central nervous of mites


Let the mites exhally escape from parasitic

Plug can cause nucleic acid chains in the mites.

At the same time, anesthesia mites of the brain nerve,

Stimulate the brain cells until the nerves are disconnected,


Make a mites unable to receive information,

Enter the depth “sleep” state

Further, prevent mitigation and reproduction,

Thus the powerful effect of deportation and inhibiting mites!


Microbial level liquefied spray

Every time I spurt is independent small water drops

The coverage area is very comprehensive and wide

Whole edge angle angle can not be cleaned

Can be covered without emotions, truly do full drive


Driven, what is the effect!

After the test of professional disease control center

The drum rate is 99%!

Norisa planting drifting spray is not subject to spatial restrictions

Where is there a mites in my home?

As long as you have a mites born

You can spray a spray, after all, you may hide the mites everywhere.


I will find it when I use it.


The body is often itching, it has decreased a lot.


The red dot acne behind the back is also much better.

Even if it is sensitive skin, it is very small to commit death!


The skin is smooth and delicate!

People who are often allergic rhinitis torture

It will also find

The nose is not blocked.

Free breathing feels really cool!


Portable practical

Home must be drifted

Be aware of

Nolisa plantation

Fog component super foot

200 ml can be used for one month for a family of three

The pump head design, press it, it is suitable, convenient and saving

10 seconds change,

Clear and cool,



Equivalent, anywhere

Our daily sleeping pillow, in a single pillow


Summary of dandruff and dirt


It is simply food paradise for mites.

Each bedroom is gently sprayed

You can simply evolve the mites to sleep

Living room


Unexpected cleaning

The mites are most like to join in these places.

Be sure to spray


People who often go out at the hotel stay at the hotel should pay attention to


Most of the hotel’s cleaning

Just cleaning the cover of the surface.

Many of the hotel’s pillow, many of the yellow stains

all these are

Many mites excrement and body


I used to live in the hotel.

It is itching my rash

Later, a small book

Will bring it, first spray a spray before going to bed


This way, even if you live, you don’t have to worry.

Paying pets at home should pay attention to

There is absolutely a lot of mites in the pool of the cat.

Spray a spray, the mites are all being expelled.

Not causing cross-infections!

Summer head oil, scalp hair follicle is blocked

Provide a great nutrient!

General washing products can only be used to clean the surface

Unable to improve the head

Spray a little fog on shampoo

Then with the shampoo, use to wash your hair

Can effectively prevent the scalp and the mites in your hair


After using it, the scalp is no longer itchy.

Use several times, the head mites greatly reduces

There is no dandruff, the scalp is no longer more tattens.

It is also very strong for bathing drums.

It is not easy to use new acne after use.

Just use a few days

The back acne acne is significantly improved


Skin has become tender and delicate

Drive spray, pure plant extraction

Do not add any chemical composition and pesticide

Very secure; and odorlessly irritating

Pregnant women and babies can also be safe;

Baby skin is delicate, it is more likely to be eroded by mites

So sleeping beds and clothes can’t let go

Use it to spray a spray

Can also effectively prevent the second invasion of mites

Each bottle has 200ml to spray a month

Every day, it is equivalent to spending a few fur money!

Home bedroom, sofa, wardrobe shoe cabinet can spray a spray


Easily expel the mites in the home!

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Mortal spray


Mortal spray

Mortal spray





(Mainly based on actual effect)

(Mainly based on actual effect)

(Mainly based on actual effect)

Take care of your family, starting from Norisha where the spray begins!

Take care of your family, starting from Norisha where the spray begins!

Take care of your family, starting from Norisha where the spray begins!


Simple and practical, efficient drum

Simple and practical, efficient drum

Simple and practical, efficient drum

Also your healthy home for a month

Also your healthy home for a month

Also your healthy home for a month

Fan special price is only 49 yuan / bottle

Fan special price is only 49 yuan / bottle

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