Winter down vest is like summer jeans, wear or not wear a little hard, causing the down vest to be “fashion black hole” in people, it seems that it is actually wearing it, but it is not satisfactory.


What is the ghost in the down jacket vest?

Show your arm’s down jacket, is it cold or hot? Plus the style design is mostly old, and wear “grandfather” in minutes.

From the design of the down jacket version, it seems to have a lot of slots, but the more difficult costumes are, in fact, the most test is to wear the taste, which is a big chance to dress the masters.

It is better to keep warm, but wear is thin; although it is incomplete, it is dressed as advanced.

Next, come and talk to everyone 4, 50 years old man, how to wear a down vest to look like a uncle?


As the down jacket, it is the most classic, traditional mold, not only to cover up the incomplete version of the down vest version, but also match all kinds of jackets to warm the effect.


Down vest must be thin

If the version is too thick, it will be more bloated inside;


The color is best for black, white, gray, dark blue

Avoid grabbing the head of the jacket.

On the match, the most important thing is the overall shape and color.

Gray coat take a gray down vest,

Thailandia stack

Will not let any of the two items appear to be abrupt, with a white high-necked sweater as a bottom, using a sense of neutrophic. Under the body with dark gray and white sneakers, the upper and lower coloring has both contrast and echo, will not be messy.


Dark blue jackets with deep blue down vests, under the lower body and shoes, all colors,


The overall hossist is matched with longitudinal stretching visual, which helps to achieve a significant improvement


Even men who do not occupy the strength can wear temperament and gas field.



Down vest is always a role? Why don’t you change your ideas, wear them as a protagonist in a match, not only to improve the level of the overall shape, but also look more trendy personality.

You can choose to be relatively thick, can’t be used as a down vest


Style, color matching can be slightly bold


For example, bright colors, hooded, pad shoulder style.


When the pin vest is woven, it is recommended to choose a down vest vest of the hooded style.

Using the advantages of the version to achieve the agende effect, avoiding the shape of the styling to look old and easy.

For example: dark blue hooded down vest, take a white high-neck sweater, comparison color overlay shape creates a strong visual impact, but also brightens skin color.

If you are a high-level male, you can try the shape of the down vest.

“The” inner length “increases the sense of shape, more personal than conventional stacking.

Coats and trousers as much as possible, the down vest can choose a bright color, which helps to distinguish the model, and enlighten the effects of visual, improve the fashion.

In the loose version of casual suit, the down vest is trying to choose a style with a shoulder design.

And the degree of looseness is slightly greater than in the suit, and the shoulder line can also improve the warm effect in winter.


Not a down vest is not fashionable, but you didn’t choose the style and paying. Hope 4, 50, male compatriots, through this article, can find a way to wear the down vest to wear, refuse to wear a grandfather!

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