Recently, the leaves have received too much feedback, spit,

“It’s too cold, it’s not suitable.”



“I don’t try it in the North”

Such this.

I always blame the weather in winter, there is no way to wear clothes. Now I am cold, and I can’t “good” clothes.

In addition to “”, it is also necessary to “ask warm”.


In any case, in the cold weather, everyone is holding a preliminary or keep warm to prevent colds.


However, on the basis of doing well, we can also wear “”.


Of course, this is said that there is a bit of a little wall, “waist is not hurt”.

So the following leaves are ready to say how this winter can be made to keep warm while keeping warm.


Note that it is not only a small partner in the South, even if it is the north of Snow and jade, this Raiders are equally suitable for you.

Please hardle!

Talking about the cold-keeping accessories, everyone thinks, all of the hats, scarves are common.


But I want to say, the freeze foot is more destined.

So in winter, a good glove is very important. This northern partner should be very experienced.

Gloves want to fit with wear, look at it, don’t be too bloated, the first push is

leather gloves


A good leather suit is intimate, but it will not be too thick, the leather texture can be adapted to the style.

If you are a gentleman who is biased towards the gentleman, it is better, when people “shake”, a leather glove can show your etiquette style.

The leather gloves generally have leather, sheepskin, pigs, and the quality of the deer skin.

But the leather glove is more important.

Needle fluffy


It is the choice of in the middle and used, the surface texture is rich, and it is also comfortable to warm.

And silky, although it looks more noble, but the warmth is not good, it is not practical in the cold weather.

The young man can wear it in a knitted body.

Knitting gloves

The first push is a wool material, and the heat preservation of wool is better than the general cotton fabric, and the elasticity is also more durable, and it is not easy to haze the contraction deformation.

However, any knitted gloves are often very easy to be unknown, and those who are “labor insurance gloves” becomes a “defeat point” in the winter style.

At this time, the leaf suggests that you can take a sweater, or wearing a hail, which is a knitting, and can echo each other, and the overall shape is visually equilibrated with the knitting gloves.

Next is the problem of feet.


I want to be so frozen, compared to the ball shoes, leather shoes, naturally the thick boots will be better.


But the leaves believe that even the friends in the north, it will not be too willing to put on “snow boots”, nothing, because of ugly.


How to do it?

If you have a point, you must keep warm and type, the leaves are more recommended

Danner’s Mountain Light hiking boots

Compare ordinary tooling boots, Mountain Light is more thick, reducing the joint of the joint of the seam is not easy, waterproof Gore-Tex liner, and the vibram Kletterlift anti-slip bottom, which makes it a certain “snow “Function, but also satisfy the more types of needs.


This is not blowing, in fact, there are many people to take Danner Mountain Light as snow boots.


For example, in the movie “007 Ghost Party”, Daniel Craig is wearing in the snow is Danner’s mountain light.

If it is a place where it is not snowing, a pair of common tooling boots believes in meeting the needs of the feet on the foot.

If you really want to think, then

Suede will be better than ordinary oils

Suede fibers, more voids, which make it a good heat insulation and water resistance.


Especially in wet, cold, rain, suede can better keep your feet dry, and can also act as a delicate quality show, the only shortcoming is difficult to maintain.

After finishing the accessories, let’s enter the wearing link, which is fraudulent into ordinary regions above 0 ° C, and below 0 ° C.

A small partner at 0 ° C, in fact, you can choose a down jacket without having a bin.

Of course, the leaves know that the down jacket can solve the needs of everyone who is warm and warm.

However, if you are not a lazy, you will have a pleasure.


In the face of zero-tempered weather, people are common in a common sleeve,

Thick coat

It can also be great.

I don’t need how complicated skills, put it in the inside, and then do it in accordance with the details of the above details, gloves boots, contrast the down style, coats with boots, you can keep warm models. .



Parker coat

It is also a good choice.


Don’t underestimate Parker coats, a good Pike coat, which will not lose to the down jacket.

In addition to having a quilted liner maintains body temperature, the surface material sometimes excellent wind-resistant performance, when the rain and snow weather or in the wind, it is very “modified” to protect you from being devastated.

Don’t say it in style, the standard military green type is more vivid, the gas field is full, and there is a military trendy feeling, and it is more like a similar coat, ensuring the temperature of the man. The style.

Of course, it may be more troublesome than the choice of jackets.


It is “conservative” to have a temperature, or “frozen” has a destination, a large extent is the relationship between the internal.


Overhaulished, the leaves recommended men can take into account the demand of the wind, choose




But note that it is not recommended that you open your door and open your “bottom card” directly.

I have more recommended men to choose the superimposed creation, for example:

Shirt + tie + vest + jacket



High collar + jacket

These superimposed portals are relatively closed, and there is a certain wind-resistant warmth.

Unlock the door of the outermost jacket, but also reveal a fine, with rich hierarchical changes, avoiding the roundness of being round, enough and free.

If it is too stimulated too much, I am afraid that it is not good, and I may wish to favor it.


The hoodie is actually a very good line, it is the same as high-neck knit, there is a good package, but the hoodie can be wearing a few pieces, such as suits, bottoming shirt, etc., And “hide” it.

Also put the jacket, others are just a simple two-layer structure, create a dynamic style, the model performance is also over, but you can understand “spring blossoms”.


In only a few days of weather, there is a single item worth recommending, it is the leaf.



(← _ ← Click to view)


Compared to the current popular shake felt, in addition to being thick and warm, it is also domineering, rich in texture, after wearing, wet weather “magic attack” also takes you no choice.

However, the fur is in the same way may not be stacked, and only the one-to-face is placed.

If there is only a few degrees, the ordinary coat can be able to stand up. At this time, you can try it to be stacked.

But in order to more important warm demand, the superimposed, the leaves are more recommended

Down vest + hood

The combination.


This is a practical and desired structure combination, and the down vest will be more warm than ordinary jackets, while the hood is attached to the skin. reflect.

It’s a twice or twenty degree.

Try to wear a down jacket as much as possible, there is a hat glove, if necessary, or wear it.

Contrast short duvet jacket, the leaves are more recommended for long dules, which is not only a better problem with warm parcels, longer and more, and let the down can have a certain heat, wearing the upper body can create A slight hand is coming.

This is also one of the numbers of temperature and demeanors in extreme cold weather.

If you have to open down, you should choose a picture.

Coach jacket

Such wind-resistant performance is strong jacket.

Because the general windshield jacket is relatively thin, you can allow you to wear a few pieces in the bottom.

In this way, the wind is done, and the door to open the down jacket is also simple and free, and there is a practicing attitude in the cold frozen.

In fact, in addition to the down jacket, there is also a piece of item to be able to pay ice and snow.


It is

Teddy Bear Coat

“Teddy Bear Coat”.

Whether it is made of lamb, or lamb hair, they all have excellent warmth.


Compared to the expansion structure of the down jacket, the tacker touch of the Teddy Bear Coat will not be too exaggerated. On the contrary, it can also make a bit of a cute breath, highlighting the tenderness of men.

A pair of shoes, that is, it is both mature and elegant, while meeting the warm effect, it also wears a different style of style with the down jacket, there is more interesting options.

Finally, I have to talk about it.

long johns

If you want to make your autumn pants to hide, you don’t stuff, the key is that you put on your trousers outside.

Is the trousers be wide enough? Is it hard enough?

Wide little and fabric hard pants can have a problem of colored trousers, and can also keep the appearance of relatively clean and tidy.

Ok, the above is the warm trendy Raiders in this issue.

The space is limited, can only pick the wonderful few words, the type of man who wants to try, must also make bold conversion on the basis of keep warm.









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