Model: 2022 new Mercedes-Benz C-class


Original car black body black interior!

Customized bright orange special car seat with the original car interiors of the official website, even better!

Ready to enter a car in your life, wait and see for a long time, want to buy Mercedes-Benz C, but I have to go to new, so I have been waiting! ! ! After we have a car after our 4S store, horses don’t stop. I know when I see it, it should belong to me.


I saw bright orange color matching in the official website of the car before, I like it very much. [Picture is behind] Asked this color to wait for a long time, black will be a little faster. Because I really like it, I am afraid that I will have a few months, so I will directly fix the black interior.


Because I like the original bright orange interior, so I am crazy to start searching for a customized cushion at home. After a lot of days, I asked the 5 custom shops, and I said that the new Mercedes-Benz C version is currently not yet, I can’t find the car.

Tb [Fali, Chess Shipping Store] is given to me! ! And I said that I have a version, their own factory’s version of the company just made a version. I also said that I want to be the original color of the factory, they give me a reference, I think the car seat [black + bright orange] I like it very much.


Then I learned about the basic situation of their version, because I just made a version, the transferred test version took a week to be similar, the car seat cushion was customized according to the original car seat line, so after the order, the store is a small sister. I w, and I verified the seat line. I sent me a photo of the cushion before shipping. At that time, I was very moving.

Original car black interior, black body!

Because their car cushions are installed, the little sister of their family will help me make an appointment store. The next day, I received it the next day, I received it immediately to install it. The master said that this cortical workmanship is very good, so it feels more than two thousand values. The installation master is very professional and has been installed for nearly 3 hours. [Effects can be referred to, the individual like this color match, don’t like it ~~]


The latest Mercedes-Benz C-class official website original car bright orange interior!

The size of the car cushion is really standard. Sure enough, the real car is not the same,. The girlfriend saw it very much, watching Martha, hahaha. The value is very online.

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