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Teana, Accord, Camry, this is a hurdle that every B -class car user can’t cross. Naturally, the market has greatly gaze. When I often understand the car of the car, I always want to write an article embarrassingly after I am unwilling.

Toyota Camry

At the level of appearance, based on the characteristics of the medium -term modified model, the new car has not been innovated in the appearance design, and it has only been adjusted to a certain extent on the interval of the air intake network and underneath.


As far as the luxurious appearance model is concerned, the new car adds a set of bright chrome trim at the bottom of the surround, and adjusts the front grille -shaped system to a certain extent. The overall luxury sense is quite obvious compared to the current model.

The sports models have been adjusted through the adjustment of decorative parts such as hexagonal mesh grille, surrounding, and two -color body decoration to successfully reconcile the unique fresh charm. At the same time, the new blackened headlight group of the sports version has also added some evil charm of the vehicle.


Like the changes in the appearance style, the interior changes in Camry’s interior style have not changed, and through changes in the details, some freshness of orientation technology is displayed.


At the power level, the new Camry model provides 2.0L naturally inhale, 2.5L naturally aspirated, 2.5L hybrid three -sets of power architecture

For consumers who value cost -effectiveness, the official guidance price of 179,800 yuan is also good. It is also good. Road rescue calls, Bluetooth, dual -zone automatic air conditioning, rear air outlet, knee airbags, tire pressure monitoring, electronic brakes, automatic parking, LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, automatic headlights, headlight height adjustment can be complete. Can meet daily needs.


For consumers who value the sense of sports, the 2.0S Feng Shang version of 205,800 yuan is also very good. Reversing images, original navigation, car networking, full -speed self -adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, Alcantara material sports seats, sports appearance kit, 18 -inch sports wheels and other configurations can be called pretty good.

Nissan Teana


The design of VMotion 2.0 is obviously mature and good -looking, and it is similar to the evolutionary logic of old opponents Camry and Accord, and the new Tianyan is also sporty at the shape level. Second, the interior design uses a lot of straight lines, especially the horizontal lines. The decoration style of the “Furniture Factory” has changed. In general, it is also matched with the appearance of the appearance.


The interior Tianya supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay, but whether it is an 8 -inch central control touch screen or the 7 -inch screen in the center of the instrument panel, the sense of technology of the neonagram is just keeping up with the trend of the times.

The biggest highlight of the technology is the latest 2.0T engine of Nissan. This engine has advanced technologies such as a transformer (from 8: 1 to 14: 1), dual -cycle (Alto cycle/Atkinson cycle), and dual injection (direct injection in the cylinder) and other advanced technologies. Matching it is Nissan’s CVT gearbox.

It is more meaningful that this car is equipped with Nissan’s latest Propilot Assist auxiliary driving technology, including lane keeping, front collision warning, emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, rear danger early warning, etc.


Honda Accord Hybrid

With the fumes of “Super Running Net Red”, we can finally talk calmly and talk about Honda’s car factory. All the exaggerated and unscrupulous provocations are never the values ​​represented by Honda products. The application of new technologies and the pursuit of uncompromising fun of driving is what Honda should have.

At the level of shape, the younger design is the most obvious change in the ten generations of the Accord compared to the previous generation. At first glance, it has become a young and lively and dignified business administrative model from a steady and dignified business administrative model to a young and lively intermediate car. The overall perception of large Civic will still cause trouble for some consumers; but Honda’s control of this degree is smart and even savvy. Although the roof line uses a coupe design, the position and degree of the falling back fall is cleverly clever, and it will not have obviously occupied the riding space. In the overall space, the Accord and even the B -class car have the relative advantage.

The interior style of the Accord shows Honda’s accurate grasp of the “sports to the home car”. The materials and craftsmanship of this car are meticulous, and the feel of the key knob is quite Audi, and it has a click-copy-like firmness. The knob -type shifting mechanism on the hybrid models is also enough to explain the differences in the relative Pavilion of the Accord, but the overall design that is relatively straight and deeper. Compared with the “consistent advanced” Volkswagen, it always feels that it lacks some of the lack of some. Grade.


At the level of space, the overall perception of large Civic seems to make consumers feel uneasy about the space of Accord models; but Honda’s grasp of the degree is smart and even savvy. Although the roof line uses a coupe design, the position and degree of the falling back fall is cleverly clever, and it will not have obviously occupied the riding space. In the overall space, the Accord and even the B -class car have a relative advantage. Although the center of the back row is also a bit raised, it is undoubtedly restrained than Magotan.


At the dynamic level, 40.6%of thermal efficiency internal combustion engines, and electric motors with a total power of 184 horsepower all expounded the good level of the ten -generation Accord hybrid system. From the product name of Honda’s I-MMD (Chinese literal translation: intelligent multi-mode drive system), we can also understand its work logic.

Compared with the two motors that are connected by Toyota at all times, Honda uses the simpler and straightforward clutch to give the engine, motor and hybrid system a higher degree of freedom, so that they all work in the highest efficiency range of their respective efficiency range Inside. In short, at low and medium speed it is a pure electric driver extended electric vehicle; medium and high -speed cruise range is directly driven by internal combustion engines. The power output is refreshing and sharp.

At the driving level, Accord is a car with enough “sports”, but it is not a real “sports car”. When you start with your start, you will feel that its skills are more agile than the vast majority of B -class cars on the previous generation and the market. The standard variable steering ratio system also provides a sufficient foundation for this agile. But with the more full contact with it, you will find the troops of the Accord for home. Simply put, exercise is seasoning, and comfort is the tone. It is light enough and good enough, which may be the emphasis on driving in the Accord model.

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