Every year to winter, no matter how much clothes are wearing in the closet, they always want to add some beautiful new clothes to wear. After all, everyone loves beauty. The point is that women always unconsciously feel that the clothes of the previous year are not worthy of this year, so there are still no clothes to wear after the season change. Not to mention that the update in the fashion industry is fast, and the coats that are necessary for every winter will be ended in the winter. The new layers are endless. Girls naturally feel that the best looks will always appear in the next appearance. Of course, this is indeed the case. Every time, the version and color of the coat will be adjusted. In the process of selection, girls are dazzling and dizzying. I often worry about how to choose.


Then the content here today is to look at the demonstrations of some wet coats this winter. Walking in winter woolen coats, wearing it is fashionable and elegant, and temperament is generous. Try it!

Under normal circumstances, the coat style that we often choose should be a straight version, which will not be too loose or too tight. Such a version of the body’s body will be relatively small. Even the little fat girls can easily control, wearing the ideal effect of wearing a slim flesh, and the texture of the texture of the texture, it looks more high -level and expensive. It is a good choice. It can be paired with black basic items, which can be thin and warm is a combination of practical and beautiful. No wonder everyone likes it.


Of course, some girls are worried that the dressing of a long coat makes them look shorter, so you can choose a coat style of the waist tie, which can not only outline the proportion of small waist and good -looking figure, but also it is also a proportion of small waist and good -looking figure. Put the coat as a dress to bring your shape to bring a possibility. Just like the green coat in the picture above, there is a French romantic style with the waist of the belt with the same color. This is not stressful even if the small children wear it.


When you want the coat to wear it open, you must choose some compared versions, so you don’t worry about wearing a bloated and fat sense, so that women with slightly fat bodies are also more friendly. After all, it is also a landscape in winter. Open wear makes your matching details full of details and more generous.

I do n’t know if I feel cold winter. Women will choose a darker coat without consciousness, so the thin black naturally becomes the color of heaven, but wearing more black coats will also have shortcomings, so that they will have disadvantages. You seem to have no look, dull and monotonous, and less fresh. Therefore, we recommend the gray woolen coat with a temperament here. They do not worry about errors than neutral colors. They are very versatile and are well -worn, and there is a kind of intellectual and elegant aura.

The coat can also be young and more energetic, such as bright orange coat, which is very young and beautiful, bringing more enthusiasm and warmth to your cold winter. The eye -catching tone can create a strong gorgeous sense inadvertently, with the restrained apricot knitted dress, highlighting the charm and elegance of women!

Of course, there are some small shortcomings in woolen coats. For example, in the general situation of the style of the woolen coat, most of them have no hats, and most of the collars are neat suit collars. Then, like hats, scarves, etc., can be a must -have, to ensure enough warmth and rest assured that you can choose according to your actual needs.


There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can find a dress that suits them and create our own charm.

Thank you for such an excellent you, you can also read the articles of the small tailor. I hope that some of the insights of the small tailor can add bricks to your dressing, making you get closer and closer to beauty.


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