Is the air fried pan or the air fried oven? Share the self -use air fried oven (attached principle and recipe)

As a happy fat house, the days of fried chicken, cola and beer are simply a happy paradise on earth. But with long -term takeaway and frying food outside, the decline in the health index also panic. The repeated oil of the merchant also kept me relieved, and the fat house could not leave my happy source of happiness, so I have been paying attention to the various news of the air fryer recently. The air fryer was really hot in the near future. I also looked for it for a long time and learned why the air fryer was hot.


working principle:


Air fryer:


The principle is to replace the thermal oil in the original frying pan with air, heating the current of the heat of the solar heat, and forming a rapid circulation of heat flow in the closed pot with the hot air, plus the special texture inside the fryer, which can ensure the flow of thermal air air flow flow. Uniform, make food cooked. at the same time

hot air

It also blows away the water on the surface of the food, so that the ingredients can achieve the effect of approximate fried without rolling oil.


: By heating in a closed space by heating pipe, it can produce high temperature to bake food, which can also ensure a good barbecue flavor. The current mainstream oven has the function of hot air, which can ensure the uniformity of baking.

Air fried oven


: The air exploding oven is different from the traditional oven and uses high -speed hot air circulation technology. Four stainless steel pipes on the top of the top, high -speed electricity, fan fan, forming a three -dimensional wind curtain, rapid warming, concentrated temperature, heat transmitting the ingredients instantly, baking out of the ingredients for barbecue, and taking away the surface water of the ingredients. Crispy and tender taste. Say goodbye to the characteristics of traditional fried oil fume, large taste, and unhealthy characteristics. Use hot air instead of heat oil (oil -free air fried), and the low -calorie diet is healthier

If the current oven now has the function of air fried, I must choose an oven with air fried function, not an oven with only a single function. Is it tangled or choosing an air fryer or an air fried oven. For this reason, I also chose the representative Philips air fryer and the Hai’s K5 multifunctional air fryer. I analyzed these two products.


1. Capacity and inner linery material:

Philips Air Fried Pot: 6L, Enamel

Hai’s K5 multifunctional air fryer: 25L, enamel+non -stick oil

The capacity of the air fryer is too small, which is not suitable for the use of a family or friends. 25L is a golden capacity, which meets the needs of friends and family gatherings. And when a small -capacity machine is baked, it is easy to cause explosive phenomenon. The degree of cleaning of a oven is also an important criterion for me to judge a oven. Enamel must be the first choice. It is like a benefit that is accompanied by oil.


2. Heating tube:

Philips Air Fried Pot: 1 ring tube at the bottom

Hai’s K5 multifunctional air fryer: upper 4 direct pipe+2 direct tube

The more the theoretical heating pipes, the more uniform distribution of the heat, the more uniform thermal field in the oven will be, which will benefit the baking of food without semi -ripening or uneven color. But only the bottom 1 ring tube is the heating tube ~ a bit worried about the uneven heat distribution.

3. Temperature control method:


Philips Air Fried Pot: Computer CNC+Digital Display Control mode, Starfish chassis+7 times speed hot air circulating design.

Hai’s K5 multifunctional air fryer: Double NTC temperature probe with PID precise temperature control algorithm to last the temperature in the constant cavity body to ensure the uniformity of baking. Independent temperature control technology to meet the baking temperature of different ingredients.

In fact, the temperature of the upper and lower tubes can be better based on different ingredients.


4. Fine material material:


Philips Air Fried Pot: Plastic body

Hai’s K5 multifunctional air fryer: metal color steel

The choice of the body material above sees the wisdom. But using high -temperature baking items, I still hope that he can be more durable and durable. Maintain a long high temperature operation when baking food, fearing that the body of the plastic shell cannot withstand.

After so many in -depth analysis, I also compared the Philips air fryer and Hai’s K5 air fried oven. Because Hai’s K5 has a large capacity, the enamel inner bile is not stained with oil, and the upper and lower tube controls the temperature control independently, so I still prefer Hai’s K5 multifunctional air fried oven. Want to know why? Then let me talk to the big guy! After all, he has so many functions, you can earn it!


At first I still doubted that there were so many functions, would it be so worse? Later, I found out that I am worried. It is indeed a all -round player. If you have it like me, I believe you will like it too.


The overall color of this air -fried oven is just right. It only uses black and white colors to match the simple lifestyle of contemporary young people. Ivory white is very different from ordinary pure white. The value -worthless kitchen appliances, with this beauty, will inevitably stimulate the potential of infinite kitchen.

I didn’t like to use the oven barbecue before, so I was afraid of cleaning the problem. Therefore, when choosing an air fryer or oven, I had to consider good oil and cleaning.

This Haishi K5 multifunctional air fried oven is the inside of the whole enamel anti -dipping oil inner linery. It can be bold and rest assured that the barbecue is everywhere. love it!

Food -grade enamel inner linery can also reflect the heat, so that the internal baking temperature is uniform, and it can make the food beautifully color. The so -called color and fragrance will have good appetite. It’s a pity on the issue of coloring.

Let’s talk about the oven mode and air frying mode.


In the oven mode, the upper and lower heating pipes can be controlled independently, which is also particularly concerned when I choose the oven. I tested it with a special thermometer for the oven. The temperature difference was less than 10 degrees. The performance of the Hai’s K5 was really excellent! After reading the instructions, I learned that it was used to use the inner side of the upper and lower NTC temperature probes with the PID temperature control algorithm. Although the professional term is a little bit unknown, it is really high -tech!

In addition, the width temperature can be adjusted from 28 ° C to 230 ° C. It is very suitable to ferment bread or thaw meat with 28 ° C.


When you start the empty frying mode, the four heating pipes above will work with the top high -speed fan to form a 360 ° full three -dimensional hot air, without dead angles to contact the ingredients, and instantly force the meat to instead of thermal oil instead of thermal oil. The hot air circulation can quickly take away water and gas, and the meat of meat is still juicy under the crispy epidermis. This is not achieved by ordinary oven. Even if the hot air is turned on, the baked epidermis will not be so crispy.


The two models of oven and empty frying are dependent on each other but used independently. I want to have the fun of baking and fried chicken at the same time, and now I do n’t have to worry about choosing.

What can be put down with a large capacity of 25 liters? Two 450G toasts, 1 eight -inch Qifeng, 2 6 -inch Qifeng, the 28cm gold disk often used by the bakers can also be properly put down, not to mention the whole grilled chicken. This size is really great to use this size! You don’t have to be restrained by space. Cake barbecue grilled vegetables, any recipes.


Nowadays, people’s eating habits are gradually eating well to eating healthy. In addition to using air fried instead of fried, we also tend to tend to add dried fruit, tea, and sugar -free yogurt. Broken meat and so on. The dried fruit function in the operation area can satisfy all this. The temperature adjustment range is 30 ° C-90 ° C, which saves the money of a dried machine.

Hai’s K5 is very intimately equipped with a variety of components to change more snacks. Turning cages, frying baskets, baking trays, baking sheets, you can make too many foods!

What I look forward to most is to turn the cage. I immediately made popcorn when I received it. I chose the empty frying mode 230 ° C. It took only 5 minutes to burst away. It was too powerful! Compared with the practice of traditional home oil pot popcorn, the use of air frying is more time -saving and safer. I also like to use the cage to make fries. It can be heated more evenly with the fork. Turning cages is also suitable for food that needs to be stir -fried.

Let me share the two foods made with the Hai’s K5 air oven, which are Madeleine cakes and barbecue.

This little cake of Lemon Madeleine is what I like to eat. It is simple and the materials are not complicated. It is a afternoon tea snack that can be made at any time when I want to eat.

1. Materials: 2 eggs, 100g of sugar powder, 100g of low -gluten flour, 3g of bubble powder, 100g butter, one lemon.

2. Stir well with eggs and sugar, until the sugar powder is completely melted.

3. Sieve in low -gluten flour and baking powder, and mix with eggs.

4. Add a lemon dander and melted butter and stir well. The batter is completed.

5. The mold is screamed with oil and squeezed the mold 8-9 points.

6. The middle layer of the oven is 180 degrees and 18 minutes. (The mold is small or thin, and the time is appropriately reduced)

The process of the cake gradually expanded in the oven is cured. I often like to squat and watch it. The Hai’s K5 air oven uses a thickest insulation cotton. Don’t worry about being hot when you encounter the outer wall.

As soon as I received this air oven, I immediately wanted to try the frying function. I made this toothpick barbecue, used beef and mutton, and ate two kinds of barbecue at a time, which was very satisfied.

1. Soak the meat first, remove the blood water and cut the small pieces, use ginger, shredded onion, and cook the wine for half an hour to fish.

2. Sibling on each toothpick with 1-2 pieces of meat and evenly placed on the baking net.

3. Choose empty frying, 180 ° C, 15 minutes. Turn the noodles in the middle, sprinkle cumin powder and chili noodles, and sprinkle white sesame seeds after the bakery.

The air -frying function is very powerful. I put the baking sheet under the baking net to pick up the oil. I can clearly see that the oil is forced out. The roasted meat is still tender and juicy, and it is very time -saving. Bake.

Hai’s K5 multifunctional air -fried oven’s enamel anti -dipping oil inner bile is cleaned hard. After the meat is grilled, the oil stains splattered on the inner wall are cleaned with a rag, which is super labor -saving.




1. High face value, simple and generous in line with young people’s aesthetics.


2. The operation mode is simple and easy to understand, and the electronic screen is clear at a glance.


3. 25L large capacity, the home baking is just right, and it does not take up space in the small kitchen.


4. Adopt high -tech temperature control methods, and independent temperature control up and down.

5. Fried baked multifunctional multifunctional, can stimulate the desire of cooking, easily do any recipes, not idle.

6. There are many accessories, playing more snacks, not boring.



1. The machine is relatively bulky, and sometimes I want to move to the living room to make food with everyone, which is more troublesome.


2. The oven covers a large space, and people with small kitchen are not recommended to start.

This is the endless surprise that smart kitchen appliances can bring us. Hai’s K5 multifunctional air fried oven will definitely help you on the road of advanced cooking. I also believe that you will not be in love with it. I look forward to unlocking more delicious recipes.


In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about oil-free air circulation 9l air fryer oven digital air fryer 10L oven and dehydrator, hope it can help you.

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