How realistic is domestic silicone doll?

At present, the silicone dolls on the market in my country are two major camps: domestic brands and Japanese European and American brands. The price of imported brands is mostly tens of thousands of yuan, which is much more expensive than domestic brands. Whether it is domestic or imported dolls, the price of all silicon glue exceeds 10,000 yuan.

Silicone doll, a simulated adult product, is made according to the proportion of women 1: 1.


The silicone doll is relatively soft and elastic, and the skin is similar to the real girl, which is easy to carry and clean.


The whole silicone doll is except for the outer skeletal of the bones, which is a solid doll. The shape of the whole silicone doll is more realistic and soft, but the relatively high price is higher.


The earliest doll originated in the 17th century. When Dutch businessmen went to sea alone, they used bamboo and rattan pillows to solve the dutch wife.


As the birthplace of sex products, the silicone dolls produced are also benchmarks in the industry, but the price is expensive. Domestic silicone dolls are much affordable.

At present, domestic word -of -mouth and quality brands include EXDOLL, IDOLL, WMDOLL, Beileqing, Pinzi, Jydoll, etc., which are exquisitely like a large hand -made.


You can even see the looming blood vessels, as well as nearly real pores and hair.

It is estimated that China’s sex toys account for more than 80%of the world’s. Among China’s 66 billion US dollars, more than 1 million people are engaged in the sex toy industry.

The staff puts on the dolls of Su Yan like a beautiful makeup artist, and they are getting more and more realistic.


The hottest Xiaoqian in the market is made by a Korean actress as a template.

Customers can also match different figures according to different preferences and needs.

These dolls have exquisite faces, full of chest, and slender waist.


Even body temperature and sound can be customized on demand.

These dolls are also exported to the United States, Canada and other countries.

Skin touch and body curve are easy to solve, and the face is the core asset of a doll company. It requires the joint efforts of the model, sculptor and makeup artist.

In the workshop, the skeleton and glue are completed by the male workers. Most of the hair and repair makeup are used as female workers.


The doll is just an object here. It was carefully made and then put into the carton and sent to all parts of the country.

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